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Clockwork Secretary
Zone Neutropolis
Coordinates (1943, -51, -499)
Level Range 14-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Provost Marchand
Introduces == Level 15 ==
Mother Mayhem
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Anti-Matter's Clockwork
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Neuron's Clockwork
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IVy is a Praetorian contact in Neutropolis at coordinates (1943, -51, -499).  Her level range is 14-20.


Contact Introduced By

  • Provost Marchand
  • Resistance aligned players will not be introduced to IVy, but may take her missions by speaking to her, if at appropriate level.

Contact Introduces

You feel something prod your mind and see an image of Praetor Tilman flash back and forth in front of your eyes.

Praetor Tilman is the head of the Seer program within Praetoria. She rarely makes appearances in person, though she has been known to use her psychic powers to contact those who she seeks help from. The people of Praetoria consider it one of the highest honors to be contacted directly by Praetor Tilman when she needs their aid.

Mother will miss you, Character. Let's never forget the time that you and I spent with each other.


Clockwork Secretary

Praetor Berry created IVy some time ago to act as a buffer between him and the citizens of Neutropolis. The people would go to Ivy with any issues they may have, be it Resistance attacks, attacks by the Devouring Earth, any general emergency that needed to be handled. IVy would then send reports to the PPD and Praetor Berry to handle. As of late, IVy has been malfunctioning, causing many of her reports to go missing or never reach their intended destination. Praetor Berry has not yet fixed her

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Hello! As you may or may not know, my designated name, given to me by the great Praetor Berry, is Ivy! I am here assisting the great people of P-Praetoria with whatever they need!

However, my systems detect that you are far and beyond that of a normal person here in Praetoria! I have finished loading the list of tasks that I have been given by the good people here in Praetoria. I am showing delight at working with you to clear this list!


I am welcoming you to Praetor Berry's office, for I am his secretary tasked with that function. My identification has been given to your person. Now I pause as I await you to respond with your identification.

Too Busy

The number of tasks that your person is currently assigned is greater than the value I can delegate tasks at. Reduce the number and I will be able to delegate tasks to your person.

Too Low Level

Your Security Level does not meet the minimum required by the tasks I am to delegate. Return when the value is 14 or greater.

No More Missions

I have no remaining tasks that require delegation. Return to me after passage of time to see if I have been uploaded any more.


Story Arc

The Old Robot, the New Body

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


IVy's Old Drive

This drive contains Ivy's old programming. You replaced it with a new one made by Praetor Berry after an experience you call...

The Old Robot, the New Body

It all started with a simple task. You were going to investigate all of the problems that were logged in the android IVy within Neutropolis. You went to save some civilians from monsters resembling ghouls in the tunnels, only to receive word from IVy herself that she was kidnapped.

You reported the information to Praetor Berry, who deflected you off to a man named Casey Chen, who was one of Berry's top scientists. Chen reluctantly helped you to look for IVy, though not before using your abilities to satisfy a vendetta he had against the Syndicate.

Afterwards, Chen explained that IVy was kidnapped by Metronome. The only way to find where IVy was taken would be to analyze data from Clockwork that Metronome had taken over. Luckily for you, Metronome just so happened to be doing so at a nearby facility.

You retrieved several Clockwork parts and brought them back to Chen, who easily discovered the location of IVy, as well as Metronome's motivation. Metronome was planning on transplanting the soul of a Seer named Penelope Yin into the body of IVy, believing the woman would have a better life that way. You rushed to the warehouse where IVy was kept and rescued her from Metronome.

You went back to Praetor Berry and requested that IVy be allowed to help the citizens of Neutropolis on her own. Berry reluctantly agreed to help, making new hardware that would allow IVy to have the impulse to help citizens with tasks that they brought to her.

Now, IVy is known as a sort of android hero to the people of Neutropolis, rushing to save them from any threats that might loom. And it's all thanks to your efforts.

Part One: Old Tasks

Hello! I have finished retrieving the task list that you have requested from me! I am very happy and very pleased to give this to you. I have gone through all of the reports given to me and arranged them from most important to least important. The great Praetor Berry has programmed me to focus on the most important tasks first!

A citizen has reported that three of his friends have gone missing in the tunnels beneath Neutropolis! This citizen reported this an hour ago. The probability that his friends are still alive is quite high, according to the calculations instilled in me by Praetor Berry. I have used my programming to calculate the expected area that these citizens should be in! Do you want this location now, or should I move on to the next task? If you are curious, it involves an -


Hello Character! I have an issue -

I know! I need the location of those people!

Affirmative! Here is the location in the tunnels where these people are located. I can - ERROR! ERROR!

Two large blades shoot out from IVy's arms for a moment. Her head twitches, causing the blades to sink back in.

I apologize for that scene! Rest assured, I have been programmed only to use the weapons on direct orders from Praetor Berry!

Unsolicited Contact

If you require assistance, please see one of the many PPD that patrol the fine streets of Neutropolis!

Mission Objective(s)

Somewhere in these tunnels, three civilians are fighting for their lives.

  • Rescue the trapped civilians
    • 3 citizens to rescue

You've rescued the citizens, but it appears that IVy has been kidnapped!


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments

Notable NPCs

  • 3 x Stranded Citizens (non-escort hostages)
  • 3 x (Failed Experiments Type 90) (Boss) (One guarding each Stranded Citizen)
  • Proximity Bomb (Object)

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!
Intruders! Kill them!
Follow the sounds!
Keep in the planned formation!

Setting off the Proximity Bombs (which explode when approached) will result in waves of Failed Experiments and may also draw Failed Experiments from further away. The bombs can easily be avoided if desired.

Icon clue generic.png
Advanced Ghouls?
You defeated a group of advanced-looking ghouls in the tunnels. They were dressed in some sort of experimental outfit and seemed cleaner than the ghouls you are used to facing. Are the ghouls evolving?

(At the end of the mission)

Part Two: The Great Praetor Berry

Icon clue generic.png
IVy Kidnapped!
You received a transmission from IVy after you rescued the citizens from the underground, stating that she was in the process of being kidnapped! The transmission was cut short afterwards. You'll have to go speak with Praetor Berry to see if he knows a way to recue her; every moment IVy is gone, more citizens could be in trouble, much like the ones you saved in this tunnel.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Praetor Berry


Part Two: The Great Praetor Berry.

Eh? Who're you? Look, I've got a thousand things to do in the next two minutes, talking to you makes it a thousand and one.

1 - This is important, Praetor Berry. IVy has gone missing. I need to find her.
2 - I'll cut to the chase, Berry. IVy is missing, and you're going to help me find her.
3 - Abandon Mission Test

1 - This is important, Praetor Berry. IVy has gone missing. I need to find her.

IVy? Who is that? A plant?
Ah... The robot I designed a while back. She's missing? Hrm, hrmm... I really don't have time to deal with this, Character. I've got a ton of projects that need to get done. I've got something you could use though. Well, someone. Kind of a mix between a something and a someone. It's all I can spare right now, way too many important things that people are relying on me to do.
Alright. Who is it?
Man named Casey Chen. Intelligent guy, not smarter than me, of course. I hired him onto my team of scientists after Anti-Matter's Praetorship was revoked; Chen was on his old team. He'll help you find IVy. Tell him I sent you, what was it again, the whole ideal of orders straight from a Praetor.
You should let me know when she's found. I've already crossed that off my list of things to worry about, but you know, just to be formal about it. Just don't talk to me if I look busy. Which I always am, given what I have to do. So keep it short when you see me again.

2 - I'll cut to the chase, Berry. IVy is missing, and you're going to help me find her.

Help you find who? IVy? I'm not into plants. In case you didn't know, we fought a war against them.
Oh, yeah. That android I built a while back. Hrmhrmm... well, that's not good if she's gone missing. I don't have time right now to bother looking for her. Why don't you do it yourself?
What I mean to say is, you're doing it yourself. I've got a thousand important things to get done by the end of today, Character. I didn't schecule the recovery of some old android as one of them.
I don't have any leads on where she might be, Berry.
You know you need to call me Praetor Berry, right? We're not all chummy. You'll remember that next time, I'm sure.
Here, speak with this guy named Casey Chen. He's a smart guy, worked for Anti-Matter before his praetorship was revoked. That's when I hired him onto my team of scientists. Go to him and he'll give you the help you need. Well, he'll have to help you if you help him I'm giving the order to do so.
When you've got my robot back, let me know. I should schedule in some sort of ceremony for her return, or something. We'll see.
...alright Berry.

3 - Abandon Mission Test

missing text

Part Three: Berry's Finest Creation

Speak with Casey Chen

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Casey Chen

Contact Small Administrator Chen.jpg
Administrator Chen


Part Three: Berry's Finest Creation

Who are you? One of the Powers Division, working for Cole? Or for yourself? In the end, it doesn't matter who you're working for now. Eventually, you'll have to face the reality of working under someone who has no idea what they're doing.

What do you want from me?

I need your help in finding IVy. Berry said you would help me.

Berry sent you over to me? It figures. I'm sure he could try to come up with something to find the robot, but it wouldn't work.

Casey Chen lets out a sigh.

It pains me to know that my brilliance is going to forever be shadowed by people like you and Berry, people who are 'special'. Maybe I don't have a suit of power armor, or run at the speed of sound, but I'm just as good as any of you. That's why Berry sent you to me, because deep down inside, he knows I'm better than him. At least Praetor Keyes respected what I had to offer to his team...

Look, do you know where IVy is?

Casey Chen takes out a handheld pad and begins fiddling with it.

This device of mine can help us track down Berry's lost little robot. Let's see...

Hrm, there we go. It looks like the Syndicate have kidnapped the robot and have it stashed away in a secret location. There's a group of Syndicate in an office nearby, led by a woman named Elia Thompson. They probably have IVy somewhere in that office building. If you can take down Elia, we can find out where exactly Berry's toy is. I'll send one of Berry's Clockwork up ahead to help you. I routinely use the Clockwork to get actual work done in Neutropolis, unlike Berry.

Syndicate... of course. Alright, I'm on it.

Save IVy from the Syndicate
The PPD Officer

Mission Objective(s)

You can see a PPD Officer up ahead. It seems the others may have retreated already.

  • Save IVy from the Syndicate
    • Speak with the PPD Officer

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Praetorian Officer.jpg
Praetorian Officer


Character! Thank goodness you're here. Don't worry, I for one welcome the help of Powers Division.

The squad I was with had to pull back from the scene. We're trying to capture some members of the Syndicate, mainly Elia Thompson and Bernard Brown. Are you here to give us a hand?

Yes, sort of. Have you seen the android, IVy?

IVy? The android from Neuron's tower? I haven't seen it! It definitely isn't here in this building, I'll tell you that for sure. So look, we need to split up on this one! Do you want to get Elia, or do you want to go after Brown?

It would appear that Casey Chen lied to you. You could either go after Elia Thompson to see why he wants her brought in, or spite him by going after Bernard Brown.

1 - I'm going after Elia Thompson
2 - I'm going after Bernard Brown

1 - I'm going after Elia Thompson

Alright, I'll call in the others so we can focus on bringing in Brown!

2 - I'm going after Bernard Brown

Alright, I'll call in the others so we can focus on bringing in Thompson!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Characters are given the choice of going after Elia Thompson or Bernard Brown.

Option A: Arrest Elia Thompson

Mission Objective(s)

  • Save IVy from the Syndicate
    • Arrest Elia Thompson
    • Rescue Officer McLawrence (optional)

IVy isn't here. Can Casey Chen really be trusted?


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

  • Officer McLawrence (PPD non-escort hostage)
  • Elia Thompson (Syndicate Suit) (Boss)
  • Dismantler (Neuron's Clockwork, Ally)

Option B: Arrest Bernard Brown

Mission Objective(s)

  • Save IVy from the Syndicate
    • Arrest Bernard Brown

IVy isn't here. Can Casey Chen really be trusted?


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Bernard Brown
You found a picture in Bernard Brown's pocket. It's a picture of him and three other sword masters in the Syndicate. A note at the bottom reads 'Never give up, not until we've risen to power.'

Part Four: Vendetta

Deal with Casey Chen

Mission Objective(s)

  • Deal with Casey Chen

Option A: If you went after Elia Thompson
Contact Small Administrator Chen.jpg
Administrator Chen


Part Four: Vendetta

Hello again, Character. You didn't find IVy, did you?

No. What did you want with Elia?

I think you and I are going to be friends, Character. You care about what the people want. You saw that Elia was a member of the Syndicate within Berry's organization, correct? They've managed to sneak into nearly every corporation that this city has. I've known for a while, of course; no one is smart enough to get around my intellect. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do anything about it until you came along.

I've got the information you need on Berry's robot. IVy was kidnapped by a being that calls himself Metronome. He goes around inhabiting Clockwork bodies. You may have heard of him.

Do you know where he took IVy?

That's the thing. Metronome, he's a mix of tech and something else, meaning I can't really track him very well. What I can tell you is that a bunch of Clockwork in a nearby facility just went haywire. This is a classic sign that Metronome is jumping around in them, gathering them up for whatever he wants with IVy. I just went and sent a Clockwork down there to help you with the situation. If you can dismantle the Clockwork in there and stop Metronome from using them, I can hack their data and find out what exactly is going on.

Option B: If you went after Bernard Brown
Contact Small Administrator Chen.jpg
Administrator Chen


Part Four: Vendetta

Hello again, Character. You didn't find IVy, did you?

No. And I didn't go after Elia, Chen. I need you to help me find IVy, -now-.

Just calm down, Character. Good was done, wasn't it? You brought down a group of Syndicate who were threatening the safety of Praetoria. Is that so bad? Maybe my goal didn't match what you were after, but we helped the people of Praetoria in the end. That's something that Praetor Berry doesen't understand, which is why he'll never be half as good as Praetor Keyes.

Anyway, IVy is not too hard to track. Not for someone of my stature. Have you heard of an entity that calls himself Metronome? It takes over Clockwork bodies, among other twisted things.

What about Metronome?

I did some digging, and I believe he's behind the kidnapping of IVy. Unfortunately, I can't hack into his database, given that he's just some entity possessing Clockwork. I won't be able to figure out why or where he brought IVy. What I can tell you is that a group of Clockwork in a nearby facility just short-circuited. It's a sign that Metronome guy is hoping around in them. There's a very simple way to fix this, but Berry refuses to modify old Clockwork, instead preferring to just make new and improved ones in the future.

If you can dismantle the Clockwork in the facility, I can hack into their data as it's deleted and see what exactly is going on. So, run along now, Character, you have to go help protect Berry's little investment, don't you? I'll send one of Berry's robots down there to help you again, just so you see that there are people in Praetoria who can fend for themselves.

I protect -Praetoria-, not Berry. We'll talk about this later.

Retrieve the Clockwork Data

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the sound of something whispering in the Clockwork.

  • Retrieve the Clockwork Data
    • Defeat all Clockwork in the facility to retrieve the data

You've retrieved enough Clockwork data for Casey Chen to use - hopefully.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Anti-Matter's Clockwork

Notable NPCs

Part Five: Ascension

Icon clue generic.png
Clockwork Data
You were able to recover variuos bits of data from the Clockwork that Metronome possessed. With this, Casey Chen should be able to find IVy's location.

Bring Clockwork data to Casey Chen

Mission Objective(s)

  • Bring Clockwork data to Casey Chen

Contact Small Administrator Chen.jpg
Administrator Chen


You've retrieved the Clockwork data? Good, good. Let's take a look at it...

Chen takes some of the data and begins comparing it with something on his handheld datapad.

Uh-huh... okay. That's interesting. Fixing the Clockwork is even simpler than I had first proposed. It would just be a matter of fixing a few of their protocols, it could easily be done. But Berry feels that our efforts are better put to making new 'shinier' Clockwork rather than fixing the old ones.

Anyway, I've figured out the location of Berry's robot and why Metronome has kidnapped it.

What did you find?

Metronome kidnapped IVy in order to do some sort of process on it. He believes he can transplant the souls of Seers into the bodies of Clockwork. He's on a crusade about how Praetor Tilman is killing them and society and believes they'll live forever in the bodies of Clockwork. It's very disturbing, especially when you consider how flawed the current Clockwork are. Metronome is planning on using IVy to put one of his favorite Seers in there. Well, I say favorite, but that's putting the term loosely.

Who is he putting into IVy's body?

Some Seer in training, her name is Penelope Yin. I've heard about her, she's supposed to be a powerful psychic. She's in Tilman's hospital right now, in First Ward, so I have no idea how this Metronome plans on getting her into IVy. But I can tell you that he's planning on tearing out all that precious data in IVy to give Yin a clean start in her fresh new body.

Alright, I need to know where IVy is being kept.

Of course, I'll upload the data to you right now. You should be careful, however. Metronome is probably taking direct control of Ivy, meaning he has access to all her combat abilities. This is a point I've argued with Berry about countless times. IVy is programmed to store issues that the people of Praetoria have, yet she was built with combat abilities that can easily solve most situations that are brought to her. It's impractical and doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, I've done my part in all this. If Berry wants my help again, you can tell him that I earned my keep with you.

Resistance working undercover for Calvin Scott should call him now to discuss events with IVy.


Resistance members:

Character, word on the street is that you're in Neutropolis now. I hope you can see just where Cole's rule will eventually bring us. It is an impressive city, yes, but it is falling apart from the inside. Imperial, Nova, all of it will eventually fall into that state.

What are you currently working on?

Tell Calvin about the case on IVy

We've lost a lot of good men and women because of the information that robot has given, Character. But I know of a way we can use this to our advantage, especially given the situation you're in.

What's your idea?

Plant a tracking device on IVy, then convince Neuron to activate its combat systems and allow it to handle all the tasks that the citizens have. It'll be mundane for the most part, I'm sure. But eventually it will be sent down to deal with us in the Resistance.

And then?

We'll know that it's coming with the tracking beacon. We'll be prepared to take it for ourselves. With that android in our hands, we can figure out just how exactly Neuron built it. From what I've heard, it's more advanced than your average Clockwork, tougher too. I'd ask you now to just bring it back down with you, but it sounds like that might draw too much attention. Which is fine. We could use an operative to test out IVy's combat skills anyway.

If there's a moment where IVy is prone, take that chance to plant that bug on her.

I'll see what I can do

Retrieve IVy from Metronome!

Mission Objective(s)

This warehouse is empty, save for the sound of Clockwork moving in the distance.

  • Retrieve IVy from Metronome!
    • Force Metronome out of IVy's System
    • Fend off the incoming Clockwork
    • Withstand IVy' assault, don't damage her systems any further

You've saved IVy!

'... Berry's pet will finally be put to use...'


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Neuron's Clockwork

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

During this mission, you need to defeat IVy without actually destroying her. To do so, spawn the ambushes and then destroy the Clockwork, leaving IVy alone. She will be automatically defeated once you destroy the last Clockwork.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

When IVy's lifebar is at 50% you will be ambushed by three waves of Neuron's Clockwork

Inform Praetor Berry that IVy is safe

Mission Objective(s)

  • Inform Praetor Berry that IVy is safe


You again? Look, what do you want? I've got enough to do today, I can't be slowed down chatting with someone who isn't a Praetor.

IVy is back at her post. I retrieved her from Metronome.

What? IVy? Oh, that's right, the android I built. That's good, I'll deal with Metronome or whoever it is when I get a spare second. Is there anything else? Because I've got a lot of things to take care of. I mentioned that, right?

You have no idea how many tasks IVy must have in her database after all this time. It would be impossible for you to track all of them down, but that fight with Metronome proved IVy is highly capable of handling situations, if she were allowed to. Having her combat systems activated and her priorities set to helping the people that come to her would help the people of Neutropolis a great deal.

Explain to Praetor Berry the benefits of activating IVy's systems.

What? Ugh, what a pain. But I guess that'll save me time later on. It's a good thing I can do these things so fast. But don't think I just stop what I'm doing all day to do side projects like this. I have to always be on the move, Character.

Here, take this, just made it. Had to put aside another project to do it, I'll get that one done in a few minutes, but it'll cost me. Put this into the side of her head to re-route her systems. Just keep in mind if anything goes wrong, I'll be bringing up your name.

Good to know


You install Praetor Berry's device into IVy.

Hello! I am IVy, and I am capable of assisting you in all tasks! I recognize you as Character, the member of POWERS DIVISION who saved me during the state in which I was kidnapped! I have been programmed to express gratitude from the great Praetor Berry for ensuring the safety of his creation. Know that Praetor Berry cares for each and every one of the citizens in Neutropolis, even his very own creation, IVy! He would do whatever it takes to ensure that no harm comes to any of his fine citizens or creations!

My new programming requires me to run through my task list and clear out all known issues as quickly as possible. If you require any more assistance, please let me know!