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Number Six

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This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.


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Number Six
Number Six.jpg
Super Heroic Computer Expert
Zone Rikti War Zone
Coordinates (490, -1192, -2279)
Level Range 50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers
Badges Badge i24 Incarnate Arc.png Civilization's Savior
Badge i24 Incarnate Challenge.png Avatar Smasher
Badge i24 Incarnate Challenge.png Dimensional Investigator
Badge i24 Incarnate Personal Story.png Proud Scientist
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Number Six is a hero and villain contact in Rikti War Zone at coordinates (490, -1192, -2279). His level range is 50.


Contact Introduced By

  • None

Contact Introduces

  • None


Super Heroic Computer Expert

Dr. Michael Orts, known as Number Six, has a unique ability; he can turn himself into pixilated data and insert himself into any computer in the world, no matter how high tech it is. This power has a downside however; Number Six has a tough time coming back, and his body was permanently turned into metal. Number Six was recently lost for years in a Crey facility until he was recovered with the help of Gaussian and a woman called the Doctor.

Since then, Vanguard has been employing Number Six to help with their portal technology and with the evacuation of Praetoria.

Contact Unlocked

Doctor Orts of Vanguard has an urgent message for you.

One of Vanguard's head dimensional scientists is requesting your help..

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window. This contact's storyline takes place after Night Ward and Dark Astoria

Initial Contact

When Number Six speaks, his voice has a sort of echo to it, as if it is reverberating against something.

Hello, Character! I'm glad you got my memo. I'm Dr. Michael Orts, but you can just call me Number Six! It's sort of my professional nickname.

Before you ask, yes, I am very... pixellated! It's due to a power I have, where I can turn myself into pixels and enter into computers!

Isn't it fascinating?

  • Wasn't there a reason you called me, Number Six?

Oh, yes! Sorry, my mind sometimes has a hard time focusing, what with the pixels.

Yes, Vanguard is currently working on the evacuation of what we're calling the Final Bastion in Praetoria. This was a place that several rogue IDF troops set up to be an outpost from Emperor Cole. The outpost was quite impressive, really! They had sonic fences to keep the Hamidon back, along with turret schematics stolen from Lambda sector to serve as their defense.

The civilization is falling, however; it was going to be our last outpost in Praetoria, but I don't think it's possible for us to recover it. We need you to help with the final evacuation, Character!

You think things over for a moment. You've fought a god of death in Dark Astoria and helped push back the forces of Praetoria in Imperial City. You have the power to do more than help in an evacuation, you have the power to turn the tide and save this place and establish one last outpost in Praetoria!

  • I'll help, but we're not going to abandon that civilization.


  • Let's go, Character! I know you can do it!

Too Busy

You've got a lot on your plate, don't forget them! I know I've forgotten plenty of stuff before. I think...

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

Missing No More Missions Dialogue

Story Arc

Praetoria's Last Gasp

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Hologram of Yourself

Number Six sent you a small hologram of yourself. You can push the button at the bottom of the device to have your image appear. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Praetoria's Last Gasp

You were asked by Vanguard to help evacuate the last civilization in Praetoria. Vanguard called it the Last Bastion. You decided that there was no need for evacuation; you were going to take the fight to Hamidon and help keep the civilization from collapsing. You helped push Hamidon's forces back and collected the parts required to rebuild the sonic fences needed to protect the area.

You eventually came face to face with Hamidon, or at least, an aspect of it. Hamidon warned you that there would be no end to its cleanse on the Earth. The monster then attacked you with one of its Avatars.

You made your way back to the Last Bastion for the last push to save the civilization. You stopped the Hamidon and even fought off multiple Avatars of Hamidon.

Now, Last Bastion is saved, and you are considered the savior of civilization.

Part One: Defy the Odds


Huh? You don't want to evacuate?

You want to SAVE this place?! That's crazy! Why, you'd have to be...

... A super powered incarnate to begin to think that's feasible. OK, so, maybe it's possible. Okay, okay, think Orts... There's got to be a way we can make this work.

Well, okay, here's the situation we have right now. There's a Seed of Hamidon making its way to way to code-name Last Bastion. The Lambda turrets have all stopped working, along with the sonic fences. The entire place is crawling with Devouring Earth. Vanguard and well, the good IDF, are doing their best to rescue any remaining civilians and get them out using our new Portal Corp tech, courtesy of Emil Christie.

But... oh, OH! I have an idea! Yes, I think I know how we could pull this off!

  • I'm all ears, Dr. Orts.

Okay, so, you know how Emperor Cole was able to give his Praetors greater powers? What if... And this is a big if... you were able to do that to the Lambda turrets? Maybe you could use your Incarnate powers to temporarily reboot them with Incarnate energy!

It's possible that turrets firing energy of that magnitude could repel something as massive as the Seed of Hamidon! Because, to be frank, Character, if the Seed of Hamidon makes it there, that place is doomed, and we'll need to close the portal ASAP.

I would suggest that's your main goal, after you've secured the area! Serpent Drummer is leading the evacuation, so I would talk to him once you're through. Good luck, Character!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Oh! Did you need something else? Did I forget something? I don't think I did...

Mission Objective(s)


You're ejected out of the smaller, sleeker portal into what remains of the area known as Last Bastion.

  • Secure the Last Bastion
    • Speak with Serpent Drummer
    • 25 Devouring Earth to defeat
    • 3 Engineers to rescue
    • Power up the Turrets
    • Speak with Serpent Drummer

You've saved Last Bastion and established a defensive position!


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested

Notable NPCs

  • Serpent Drummer


Character, Dr. Orts said that you would be coming here to help with an evacuation. I just received an odd message, however, that you intend to try to save this place instead of give it up to the Hamidon.

That's admirable. I would help you, but I'm unfortunately spent. I've done everything I can to protect the last refugees that are here.

  • Alright. What's the situation?

We've got Vanguard engineers that are out missing in the field, along with civilians trapped in those crumbling buildings.

We can't get them out with all the Devouring Earth around here, however. We need the Vanguard engineers back here to power up the portal - it'll take forever to evacuate everyone one by one. Well, I guess that is if we're going to evacuate.

Vanguard and the IDF can recover the civilians trapped in the buildings once the numbers of the Devouring Earth are thinned.

You see the ground starting to rumble somewhat - the Devouring Earth are moving in on the portal!

  • Here they come!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You are ambushed by one wave of Devouring Earth

You use your Incarnate power to power up the turrets...
You've rebooted the turrets with your Incarnate powers!


Alright, Character, the Vanguard engineers were able to get the Lambda turrets back online. They're reporting huge spikes in their energy after your infusion.

The Seed of Hamidon is coming in fast - are you ready to face it down?

  • I am, let's get this started.


Character: Fire!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At coords (-1520, 254, 3092) is a broken down Warhulk.
You see a broken down Warhulk. It looks like it was dismantled by the Devouring Earth. Why would Nemesis be here in Praetoria? Was he trying to defend this area, too?


Talk about your last minute saves, Character! We've got several super strength heroes on the scene now to position the powered up Lambda turrets around the area.

Serpent Drummer has set up a base inside the main building of Last Bastion; that's where all the civilians are currently staying. We're not out of the woods yet, however. Well, technically, you're about to go into the woods! Let me explain...

Part Two: Hamidon's Territory


The IDF managed to build and power up the previous sonic fences in the area thanks to a facility nearby.

Right now, those sonic fences are down and missing crucial parts. I analyzed the data - not even your Incarnate powers could reboot them. It's like... ah... trying to use your powers to make a car work when there's no engine for the car to actually use.

You saving Last Bastion won't mean much if we can't get those sonic fences up and running. Hamidon's forces are vast and you can't be in this place all the time to fight them off.

We need to get the supplies from the facility nearby to rebuild the sonic fences and activate them.

  • Alright, do you have the location of the facility?

I do... er, sort of. Kind of. Well, not really. Here's the problem. The facility is in the Hamidon's forest. There's all sorts of things crawling around in there, and it's not just Hamidon.

Scouts reported seeing Spirit Stalkers there. I know Shadow Hunter was the head of that pack... maybe it means he's been taken over by Hamidon? I don't know.

What you'll have to do is try to thin the numbers of the Spirit Stalkers and Devouring Earth there, and get a beacon to locate where the facility is.

You don't need to track down Shadow Hunter, if he's there, but if he's not taken down, he could cause more harm in the future. Also, there are three IDF generals who went out to find the warehouse, but they never returned. The forest is a maze, so I wouldn't recommend trying to find them... but if you did find them, they could potentially help out in the defense of Last Bastion.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The entire forest creeps me out, I'm glad I'm not the one going in there! ... Sorry.

Mission Objective(s)


You're brought deep into the forest by a Vanguard escort. You can hear multiple Seeds of Hamidon flying overhead - you'll have to stay beneath the forest canopy to avoid them.

  • Locate the Sonic Fence Warehouse
    • Locate the tracking beacon
    • 3 Generals to rescue (Optional)
    • Track down Shadow Hunter (Optional)
    • 20 Spirit Stalkers
    • 20 Devouring Earth to defeat

You've located the warehouse for the sonic fence technology!


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested
V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This mission map is reminiscent of the tree mazes in Perez Park and Eden.

Icon clue generic.png
General Lapton Rescued
You recovered General Lapton, who swore to help in the defense of Last Bastion.
Icon clue generic.png
General Maywer Rescued
You recovered General Maywer, who swore to help in the defense of Last Bastion.
Icon clue generic.png
General Riom Rescued
You recovered General Riom, who swore to help in the defense of Last Bastion.
Icon clue generic.png
Shadow Hunter Defeated
You fought Shadow Hunter in Hamidon's forest and defeated him. The predator ran off after being badly defeated.

It's surprising that Shadow Hunter is even alive after the Magisterium. You have to wonder how much of Shadow Hunter is truly left, and how much is merely the Hamidon controlling his forces.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating Shadow Hunter, you are ambushed by three waves of Spirit Stalkers.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At coords (-2106, -23, 2219) is Praetorian Infernal's axe?
You found what appears to be an axe that belongs to Praetorian Infernal. The air smells of cinder, as if he was recently here.


Great work, Character! Vanguard is sending in a crew as we speak to recover the sonic fence technology and bring it back to Last Bastion.

They'll be moving quick, of course; there's only so long that Hamidon's forest will actually be safe.

We just received word that there was a huge explosion over in what's left of Neutropolis. It looks like Anti-Matter's reactors all went off - it was massive! I bet that put a huge dent in Hamidon, or at least, I hope it does.

In the meantime we should take advantage of this and- er. Uh oh.

We've got a problem, Character. I don't think that should surprise you at this point, right?

Part Three: The Last Top Dog


The Vanguard team has pulled out of the warehouse. They say there's too many Devouring Earth in there. It looks like the Hamidon knows how important this place is. They also reported something odd, which was a signature of another super-powered individual in there. This person might be with the Hamidon, or they might be some poor soul that's trapped down there.

I hate to ask more of you, but...

  • It's up to me to get the sonic fence technology.

You read my mind! ... Wait, did you really? I hope not, I never liked mind readers. Ah... not that I don't like mind readers, but, well, you get what I'm trying to say.

If you can recover the sonic fence equipment, the Vanguard truck outside of the warehouse will bring it back and assemble it all to get Last Bastion.

I'd also try to investigate what that power signature is down there. It could be another ally we could use in this whole thing. Well, it could also be a super that Hamidon has infested, which means that we'll take down another agent of Hamidon! Good news, right?

In the meantime, I'm going to be using my abilities to scan the area near Last Bastion for any large gatherings of Devouring Earth; the attack that you stopped came from underground nearby. I think we can make things safer if we can take more of the fight to this creature!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good luck in the warehouse!

Mission Objective(s)


You're dropped off by a Vanguard caravan, who is now waiting outside of the warehouse to receive the sonic fence technology.

  • Recover the Sonic Fence Technology
    • 5 pieces of sonic fence technology to recover
    • 4 sonic fence triggers to recover
    • Find the super-powered individual
    • Speak with Reese

You've recovered the final pieces of the sonic fence technology!


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested

Notable NPCs


You must be Character, I've heard about you, kind of hard not to when you're throwing around all that power. Name's Reese, I used to be a Top Dog around Praetoria. That doesn't matter much, though, since there's nothing much left of the place.

I heard the cities in Praetoria were nuked by Cole. Good riddance, I say, the place was too small time.

I was trying to help out these people in Last Bastion. Anyway, I guess you probably have some questions about things, don't you?

  • Why are you here?

I've been roaming the world, trying to fight off the Hamidon. Figured going up against that thing was true Top Dog material, not like the amateurs that were running around like chickens with their heads cut off in Praetoria.

I heard over some transmissions about Last Bastion and figured I'd try to find the sonic fence facility myself and recover it. You... ah... well, let's just say there were more Devouring Earth here than I thought.

Look, we can talk about this all day, or you can help me get out of here. I'm willing to share some of the spotlight for now if it means keeping Praetoria one last chance.

  • Alright, Reese, you're with me. (Activate Reese's teleporter)

Icon clue generic.png
Reese Saved
You found Reese at the bottom of the sonic fence warehouse and chose to save him. He's now in Last Bastion to support the defense efforts.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At coords (572, -40, -548) is an Arachnos soldier's combat armor.
You've found a suit of combat armor belonging to an Arachnos soldier. You remember hearing that Arachnos had operatives hidden in Praetoria. Perhaps this belongs to one; his fate could not have been a pleasant one, judging by the inhabitants of the warehouse.


Vanguard and the IDF are working on getting the sonic fences up as we speak, Character. The Vanguard have been fighting off the occasional attack by the Devouring Earth. Serpent Drummer is concerned, though, that the Hamidon is merely toying with us, making us think that we have the upperhand.

I hope he's wrong, but... well... the guy is usually right. I'm starting to have my doubts about how good of an idea this was, especially with this latest order handed down directly from Lady Grey.

She says that if the situation gets to a point where the civilization is going to fall, then I need to shut off the portal to Praetoria. Anyone left there will be considered KIA. Pretty bad, right? I mean, why do I have to do that? I was never up for this! Things were so much simpler when I was just Executable Number 6 on the tech sphere and helping out that woman in the computer...

Part Four: The New Champion


Sorry, Character, I sort of went to a weird place there. We need to focus, right? Right! So, here's the deal.

It's going to take a while to get the sonic fencing back up to snuff. In the meantime, I've managed to locate a huge area underground where the Devouring Earth's forces are located. Not just that, but I even located, get this, an Avatar of Hamidon! Crazy!

Were you there when the first Avatar was found? It was terrifying, from what I heard! Luckily for us, that one was actually a bit of an anomaly; it had been there for a very long time.

Your average Avatar isn't as strong as that... well, we hope. At least, the one I found isn't that bad!

  • You're suggesting I destroy this Avatar of Hamidon.

That's it precisely! The Devouring Earth tend to flock around these Avatars. They're leader figures in a sense.

Plus, well, to be honest, we kind of need to focus Hamidon's attention away from Last Bastion, and the best way to do that is throw a buffed up Incarnate like you straight at one of its prized possessions!

I'm sorry that I'm asking you to do such a dangerous thing, Character, but, well, it kind of comes with the territory of fighting to save a civilization from a giant earth monster.

Just make sure you're prepared, ok? The Avatar of Hamidon is no joke, so if you're going to go against it, you need to bring all the firepower you can muster!

In the meantime, I'm going to investigate some odd readings I'm getting from Anti-Matter's space station. I don't know what it could be, but someone turned something on in there. It could be him!

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm kind of glad my only super power is to jump into computers. I could never be brave enough to do what you're about to do!

Mission Objective(s)


Vanguard's caravan once again brings you to the location of these old tunnels. You slip in quickly enough and find yourself within the belly of the beast.
Hopefully in a figurative sense.

  • Attack an Avatar of Hamidon
    • 4 spore pods to destroy
    • 3 Master Devoured creatures to defeat
    • 4 Hamidon Seeds to destroy
    • Go deeper into the tunnels
    • Speak with Hamidon
    • Defeat the Avatar of Hamidon

You defeated the Avatar of Hamidon!


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested

Notable NPCs

  • Hamidon?
  • Avatar of Hamidon (Devouring Earth Elite Boss)
Contact Small Hamidon.jpg


Hello, Character. I believe it's time you and I talk. I am the Hamidon. I have taken this form to interact with you.

The heart of man is evil, Character. At its core, humans are creatures who cannot help but descend into sin, into evil, into destruction. I have seen it, I was once like that, until I ascended, became something more.

You are here now, trying to stop me, trying to stop the Good from remaking the world, from taking it back. You are fully aware of what humanity has done to the planet, to this gift that they have. It is ignored, it is used, it is destroyed... something so massive as this planet, destroyed by something so... finite.

You claim to be a hero of the people, but how can you stand to serve such a limited cause? Your actions do nothing but prolong their doom. Why do you continue, Character, when you stand for something so meaningless?

  • I continue because there's hope in humanity, Hamidon.
Hope? In your humanity? There was never any hope, Character. Even the strongest humans give in to their weaknesses, to their vices. You are all ruled by them. I have seen this in Emperor Cole and all the others who begged for humanity to be given 'one last chance'.
In my mercy, I gave them one last chance, and they proved me right. When he was given the chance, Marcus Cole gave into his vice: pride. It was in his pride that he sought control, and through that, he eventually did an evil that was once done onto him; releasing a nuclear bomb on his own beloved city.
Don't you see how telling that act was? How it shows how self-destructive you all are? But I am different, Character. Where you all destroy, I create.
  • You call this creation? You're killing everyone!
I am purging a problem, Character. I shall try to put it in a way you understand.
I am removing the criminal so they never have the chance to commit the crime. Humanity as a whole has proven lacking, they do not deserve the Earth, the beauty that I have seen. I must save this beauty, save this Earth. In order to do that, the problem must be removed.
You will not get in my way, Character, not any further. You represent humanity's new Cole, the one who says they can be saved. But I will not give you the same mercy I gave Cole. As we speak, my new life is consuming your last diseased humanity.
You cannot save them, Character, for you too will be consumed and become part of something greater, something more beautiful than yourself.
  • Others have tried, Hamidon. You'll find I'm hard to kill!
  • I don't need to explain myself to you, Hamidon.
You do not talk as much as Emperor Cole. Interesting.
Your efforts, however, are meaningless, Character. As we speak, my new life is consuming the civilization you thought you could preserve. Your immense power is nothing compared to mine, and it never will be able to stand against it.
I will take the rest of this planet into myself and form a new, perfect world. You, Character, will become part of that.
  • (Fight the Avatar of Hamidon!)

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At coords (707, -160, 710) is a Rikti bomb.
You see what appears to be a Rikti bomb, though it's a dud. Vanguard probably tried to use this to flush out the Devouring Earth from these tunnels. It would appear that the Rikti Traditionalists are providing Vanguard with more support these days.


Character, we've got no time to talk! Last Bastion's under attack, there's a Seed of Hamidon floating right above it!

Finale: New Earth


You've got to hurry, Character, Vanguard is going to close the portal to Last Bastion!

The forces there are being overrun, but if you can get in there, you could do something! Just... just you need to know one thing before you go in...

  • What is it?

The portal will not take you back once you go in. The only way to get back is if you can get the area secured. But... The only way to do that is to somehow get a message back to here.

That's where I come in! I'll be splitting a part of myself to monitor your activities. If things go well, I'll send the message to reactivate the portal. If they don't... well, then you're going to become really good friends with a part of me!

The reports we received from Serpent Drummer indicate that the force that's attacking is massive. You'll have to give it everything you've got to repel them!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Doctor Orts is concentrating on maintaining a connection for you.

Mission Objective(s)


You're flung through the portal, which promptly shuts off.
This is going to be a one-way trip unless you can clear the Hamidon's forces

  • Face Hamidon's Fury
    • Speak with Serpent Drummer
    • 6 machines to reboot
    • 4 groups of Devouring Earth to defeat
    • Defeat the Hamidon Seeds
    • Return to prepare for battle
    • Defeat incoming ambushes
    • Defeat Shadow Hunter (if you didn't defeat him earlier)
    • Speak with Serpent Drummer
    • Defeat the Avatars of Hamidon
    • Speak with Serpent Drummer
    • Confront Reese


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers

Notable NPCs


Character. It looks like we're in this together. I had a feeling the portal will close. I'm sure we'll get through this.

This would normally be when one of us would say we've been through worse. However, being trapped on a planet with an entity that controls all of the Earth that is trying to consume my life is, coincidentally, the worst situation I believe I've been in.

  • Understood. What's the situation?

We've got groups of Devouring Earth swarming outside of the building. However, Reese was able to take down a number of them before being forced to retreat. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop them from shutting down the Lambda turrets.

If you can activate those turrets, they'll blast the Seed of Hamidon away. You'll also need to clear the Devouring Earth and the Hamidon seeds from outside.

That should give us some breathing room, but we won't be out of the woods just yet. We'll stay in here to monitor your progress, good luck.

  • Alright.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating the Devouring Earth groups and reactivating the turrets, you are ambushed by six waves of Devouring Earth.


We've got reports that there are three Avatars of Hamidon scaling the city's walls, Character.

We've never seen three of them together like this. Three IDF soldiers who were hurt in the initial attack are feeling confident enough that they can provide you support, if you need it.

Our engineers are almost done powering up the sonic fences. Once they're on, we're safe... but only if you can take care of those Avatars.

  • Alright, tell the soldiers to follow my lead.
  • Tell the soldiers to stay behind, I'll handle this.
Are you sure, Character? Three Avatars of Hamidon are incredibly powerful, and should not be handled lightly.
  • On second thought, tell them to gear up, they're with me.
  • I'm positive.



You think you're the new Top Dog around here, Character? Let me tell you something. My name is Reese, and I am the Top Dog here, I am the last hope of Praetoria, NOT you! Not just some random Incarnate who walked in and thinks they can just do what they want!

I challenge you, here and now, to a fight, to prove who Praetoria's final Top Dog is!

  • (Fight Reese)
  • No, Reese. No more fighting, we're done.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At coords (-1577, 253, 3580) is a Sky Raider shield generator.
It's a deactivated Sky Raider shield generator. Perhaps a rogue member of the Sky Raiders gave Vanguard their support in securing this area.


You are awarded the Dimensional Investigator Badge if you find the easter eggs in each of Number Six's missions.

File:Badge i24 Incarnate Challenge.png Dimensional Investigator

You found a lot of odd things during your fight to hold the last area of Praetoria. Some make sense, while others leave you with more questions than answers.

You are awarded the Avatar Smasher Badge if you defeated the three Avatars of Hamidon without any help from the IDF.

File:Badge i24 Incarnate Challenge.png Avatar Smasher

You faced off against the Avatars of Hamidon by yourself, showing the Hamidon that you are a force to be reckoned with.

You are awarded the Civilization's Savior Badge upon completing the mission.

File:Badge i24 Incarnate Arc.png Civilization's Savior

You held the line in the last bastion for civilization in Praetoria. You're considered a hero now to these people, who can now establish the beginnings of a new civilization in Praetoria.


You held the line in the last bastion for civilization in Praetoria. You're considered a hero now to these people, who can now establish the beginnings of a new civilization in Praetoria. All according to your plan, of course.


Character, I'm amazed! You did it!

We've got reports that Metronome is in Anti-Matter's space station now. He's going to be providing support from there against the Hamidon while we rebuild what's left of Last Bastion.

It's going to take a long time for anything significant to happen, but we have a beacon of hope now in Praetoria, and that's something to be proud of. The people are always going to remember you as their savior, Character, it's something you deserve. You ARE the reason why they made it.

You said that Hamidon mentioned thinking he was better than humanity, right? That we're all flawed? I was thinking about it while you were gone. Maybe he's right. We are all flawed, you know? But I think, that's what makes us strong. Hamidon, at the end of the day, is alone with everything. But with all our flaws, we know that we have to band together to do things, to make a life!

We'll show the Hamidon that there is hope in humanity, and that we can even see his dream fulfilled of keeping the Earth a beautiful place - but not at the cost of human lives.

Thank you, Character, for everything. Let's grab some coffee one day and see if we can chat about some tech stuff!

It looks like the day is saved

Personal Story


Anti-Matter's Personal Story

Anti-Matter discovered that Metronome was trying to access a launch pad to reach Anti-Matter's space station. Metronome's goal was to use the space station to fight Hamidon. However, the Hamidon's forces were moving in to destroy Metronome and the launch pad.

Anti-Matter's armor was badly damaged from fighting at the reactor and the Hamidon. He made a choice that few, if any, of the other Praetors would make: Anti-Matter would use the last of his life to hold off the Devouring Earth and save Metronome. He forsaked the chance of survival in his space station for this one moment.

Even in his last moments, Anti-Matter felt unappreciated, knowing that not one person would know what he had done, that he had given his life to send what may be the savior of Praetoria in space.

Metronome contacted Anti-Matter seconds before the self-destruct, urging him not to go through with this.

It was then, in his last moments, that Anti-Matter received something he was always looking for all of his life: recognition. No one would ever know that his face was smiling wide a second before the explosion.

Unavoidable Fate


While Character was in the forests outside of Last Bastion, Anti-Matter, the former Praetor Keyes, returned to Neutropolis. He was horrified at what had become... of his beautiful reactors. He could care less about Neutropolis - it was built by that idiot, Praetor Berry. Anti-Matter knew it would never last.

Anti-Matter returned in order to reach his space station via a shuttle that was in an underground hangar near the reactors. His armor had been badly damaged in the fight for his reactors, forcing him to flee. He did not fare any better in the wilds, where he was forced to fight off Hamidon's forces.

Anti-Matter knew that he could use all the power in his space station to reseal his suit. He would have to escape from the station at that point, as it would lose all power and crash into the Earth. There was just one problem...

This is a personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of Anti-Matter. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Anti-Matter's Personal Story)

There was someone else trying to get to the shuttle. The scanners on Anti-Matter's suit indicated it was Metronome. The thought caused Anti-Matter to twitch. Metronome was one of his greatest failures - a brilliant scientist who died on his watch. He had been too focused on his role of a Praetor to care for what happened... and it created the monstrosity of Metronome that went on to cause chaos in Neutropolis and Imperial City with some of Anti-Matter's clockwork. Well, at the very least, Metronome also made Berry look bad.

Anti-Matter realized that Metronome was also trying to get to the space station. He deduced that Metronome's actions were to reach the space station and use it to fight the Hamidon. Of course, the space station could fight Hamidon. It was the creation of the great Anti-Matter, the great Raymond Keyes!

Anti-Matter's suit indicated that the shuttle and Metronome would be lost - there were too many Devouring Earth heading towards the position. Anti-Matter, with a heavy heart, knew what had to be done. If he went to the station, he would be saved, and the station destroyed, along with Metronome. If he could stop the Devouring Earth and get Metronome to the station... then the legacy of Dr. Raymond Keyes would live on in the two.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Anti-Matter knew what had to be done.

Mission Objective(s)


Anti-Matter's suit was already at a critical setting. At the very least, it meant he no longer had to worry about releasing too much energy.

  • Anti-Matter's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • 50 Devouring Earth to defeat
    • Defeat the Avatar of Hamidon


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested

Notable NPCs

  • Avatar of Hamidon (Devouring Earth Elite Boss)

First group of Devouring Earth defeated.

Second group of Devouring Earth defeated.

Third group of Devouring Earth defeated.

Fourth group of Devouring Earth defeated.

50 Devouring Earth defeated.

Upon defeat of Avatar of Hamidon


Anti-Matter: Urgh... get me a status update... on Metronome...!

Anti-Matter: Alright... get me the... reactor... controls... force... force the self-destruct...!

Anti-Matter: Alright... Hamidon... You remember me... you... REMEMBER... ME!
Anti-Matter: I... AM... DOCTOR... RAYMOND... KEYES!!!


Anti-Matter: Hah... finally... recognition...!
Anti-Matter self-destructs!


Completion of this mission awards the Proud Scientist Badge.

File:Badge i24 Incarnate Personal Story.png Proud Scientist

You played Anti-Matter's personal story and witnessed his last moments.