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Critical Mass

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Critical Mass


Critical Mass belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains. He can be found during the Safeguard Missions in Founders' Falls and Peregrine Island, where he will try to rob the bank. Besides, a villain group may be trying to take him out of the jail during these missions as well. It is possible to find him twice in the same mission, first at bank and then in the jail.


A giant of a man, Critical Mass likes to take on his opponents in close combat. He dons a heavy suit of armor and unleashes a torrent of energy with every strike.


During the Peregrine Island Safeguard mission:

During the Bank heist:

Robbing the bank: Them heroes covered Founders Falls well, but they won't expect us here!

Combat start: +++ Missing Information +++

In the jail:

Before combat:

Critical Mass: It's not like I could run! I'm a big guy!
PPD minion: Shut it!
PPD Boss: You're never getting out. Ever.

Combat start:

Critical Mass: I'm going to snap your neck like a twig!
PPD minion: Take him down!
PPD Boss: Don't let him escape!

Freed from his cell: Thanks! Payback time! Let's use a little maneuver I like to call "bar fight"!

If lost: Hold it, where am I?
If refound: Where were you?

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