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Patch Notes/2010-06-08

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06.08.2010 Version 1800.201005212331.2T




  • Fixed a bug that caused many critters with ranged attacks to change behavior and prefer melee range, including Rikti Drones and most Mastermind pets. Critters should behave as they used to again.
  • Fixed a bug with the Blackwand power drawing from the ground and planting the player vs. just drawing the weapon normally.
  • Players may once again choose to not accept or decline the Mystic Fortune buff power.
  • Shield Defense (all) - characters will no longer walk on air when jumping with a shield drawn.



  • The Backup Radio temp power now has only 5 charges as intended.

Mission Architect

  • Fixed an issue with enemies disappearing when using "The Fab" unique map.
  • Fixed a bug where pets would malfunction when using "The Fab " and "Grandville" unique maps.
  • Fixed pathing problems in the first room in the Vanguard Base (Interior) map.
  • Guest Author: Quest for Magic: The last objective map icon will now work.
  • It is no longer possible to create an un-completable mission with defendable objects.
  • Guest Author: Stolen Legacy Part 2 and Part 3: Correct some typos in the contact text.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to get mission completion awards multiple times.


  • Lady Grey Task Force: Reduced the Green Mitos' hold protection from magnitude 53 to magnitude 10.
  • Fixed a bug where the last objective of a mission will still be marked if the player resets the mission and starts over.



  • Put back the Braided Buns hairstyle option from the Martial Arts pack, which had temporarily gone missing.

City Zones

  • Midnighter Club - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused characters to get stuck in the ground when moving between the Midnighter Club and Cimerora. The previous fix stopped working as soon as a player took a pet through the portal, and would not start working again until the shard was restarted.


  • Some players using the "chat hidden" setting were getting chat banned without knowing it when auto-replies to other players were sent out too rapidly. Players with the "chat hidden" setting turned on will no longer auto-reply to other players.


  • The Observer camera now properly flies again.


  • The drink emote will no longer cause female characters to slide back and forth.


  • Fixed a rare crash bug in Supergroup bases.




  • Dispersion Bubble inadvertently set to affect a maximum of 16 targets. Corrected to a max of 255.


  • Dispersion Bubble inadvertently set to affect a maximum of 16 targets. Corrected to a max of 255.



  • Faultline - The Safeguard mission in this zone now correctly starts at a PPD van instead of a cave entrance.
  • Positron Task Force Part 1: The final mission door is now located in trams instead of an office building.
  • Katie Hannon Task Force - in the "Defeat Mary MacComber" mission, the successive waves attacks did not increase in difficulty as intended. This has been fixed.





  • Good Villains Never Die (Part 2): Fixed a bug where the name for the final boss in the task, "Find Thomas Mane" was labeled incorrectly.
  • Good Villains Never Die: Adjusted Leonard's location to make him slightly easier to get to.