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Patch Notes/2008-03-05

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Version 16.20080122.10T4


Task Force/Strike Force and Trial Missions

  • The size of spawns in Task Force/Strike Force missions will always be based on the number of players in a Strike Force/Task Force, regardless of whether they are logged on or not.
  • Spawns for Task Forces/Strike Forces no longer have a minimum size that they will not scale below.

8 Person Task Force Example:

  • 8 players begin an 8 player Task Force and then 7 people LOG OFF. The spawns in the Task Force will still scale to the 8 players attached to the Task Force (regardless of whether they are logged on or not).
  • If instead of logging off, 6 of the players QUIT the 8 person Task Force, then the Spawns will scale down to the remaining 2 players on the Task Force.




  • Blaster PVP Damage for some attacks was still off after the fix in the previous build. They are now corrected. This includes Explosive Arrow, Havoc Punch, Ice Bolt, and Fireball.


  • Rikti Homeworld Portal should no longer be targetable via pet exploitation