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Patch Notes/2009-07-15

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07.14.2009 Version 19.20090702.4T




  • Fixed a bug that would cause some players to earn nonexistent Arena badges and immediately have them revoked.


Invention System

Mission Architect

  • Removed powers from Destructible Object mission objectives that harmed or affected players in some way. These objects should simply explode upon reaching 0 health and have no secondary effects like buffing or debuffing players or causing damage to either enemies or players.
    • These changes will not affect on Mission Arcs that are marked as Dev Choice.
    • These changes will not affect on Mission Arcs that are marked as Guest Author
  • Destructible Objects that didn't have a "glow" and sound pulse should now correctly have these effects
  • Fixed a bug where some players would receive an error message when entering an Architect mission (this error did not prevent players from actually entering the mission)
  • The Story Contact & "Contact Group" field will no longer reset to empty when editing a local or published arc.
  • When creating a Custom Boss and choosing the "Same as Boss" setting, the accompanying mobs will be the default Villain group of the mission in general. To circumvent this issue, you can use the Custom Tab for the accompanying mobs, and select the Custom group that the Custom Boss is in.
  • Removed Mending Mitochondria from Devouring Earth enemy group.
  • Custom Critters - Mercenaries summoning set - Attacks from this set should deal damage versus players now.

PVP Changes

  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes attack a player as they respawn in an Arena match
  • Changed Dominator PVP damage bonus to compensate for the improved base damage.
  • Fixed a bug where mez powers in PvP zones that were affecting NPCs were being limited to four seconds in duration.
  • Fixed PvP rewards to function once again. Now, influence, inspirations, and other normal rewards occur on every PvP kill, while PvP IO recipes can only be rewarded on rep-valid kills.
  • Fixed rep-validation to function in arenas, even though it doesn't give you any reputation in arenas.
  • Also lowering the rep timer from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Dominator - Energy Assault - Power Push now deals damage versus players correctly.


  • Fixed a bug where some recipes wouldn't display tooltips when you moused over them


  • Ranks 4 and higher can now invite Supergroups to chat channels

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where enhancements in the Auction House wouldn't display tooltips when you mouse over them




  • Kheldians in Dwarf form should be able to utilize emotes again.


  • Tankers in Granite Armor should be able to utilize emotes again.

Hero Task Force - "Return of the Reichsman"

  • Changed Task Force version of Reichsman's Unbreakable power so it no longer requires a To Hit check on an opponent to make him phased.
  • Fixed the Dimensional Grounding Ray so that it can hit Reichsman while he is Phased.
  • Now using the correct (unkillable) version of Reichsman in mission 2 of the Reichsman Task Force





  • Brutes in Granite Armor should be able to utilize emotes again.


  • The visual FX for Robotics - Pulse Rifle Burst should now sync with the attack animation
  • Power of Black Scorpion (Mastermind Version) now has the correct targeting information and help text. It also now works correctly when used on Reichsman. This power prevents Reichsman from using his Unbreakable power. If it is used while Reichsman is Unbreakable, it will prevent Reichsman from using it again.
  • Necromancy and Robotics Mastermind pets should be able to utilize emotes again.
  • Fixed punctuation issues in Mastermind Pet Response text strings.