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Patch Notes/2010-07-15

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07.15.2010 Version 1800.201006040036.8T.


Mission Architect

  • In Mission Architect, the rewards granted for defeating Archvillain class enemies has been changed as follows: Any Archvillains of level 25 or less will grant the same rewards as a Boss.
    • The restriction against putting existing AVs into missions at below their minimum level has been removed. Any existing AV that appears in a mission at below their minimum level will grant the same rewards as a Boss.

Mutant Pack Fixes

  • The costume change emotes Dimensional Shift, Rapid Boil and Energy Morph were not playing correctly for characters that were running some toggle powers. This has been fixed.
  • Changed the slash command of the Energy Morph costume change emote from "/cce # podperson" to "/cce # energymorph".

Global Email

  • Fixed an issue with global emails expiring before the 60 day limit.


  • Fixed several rare crash bugs.


  • None.


  • None.