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Super Booster IV: Martial Arts

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Badge time.png This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
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Super Booster IV: Martial Arts offers up a stealthy new costume set, emotes, ninja inspired costume-change techniques and the exclusive Ninja Run travel power so you can embrace your inner shinobi! This purchase enables these features for all characters on the game account. It is available in the NC Store for $9.99.

Players who purchase the Architect Edition box set get a free code good for either Super Booster I: Cyborg or Super Booster II: Magic only. Super Booster III: Superscience, Super Booster IV: Martial Arts, and Super Booster V: Mutant are not available.

As of City of Heroes Freedom/Issue 21, this booster pack is no longer available. The costume pieces, emotes, costume change emotes, and movement power are now only available through the Paragon Market.

Costume Pieces

The Martial Arts themed male, female and huge costume parts include robes, shoulders, legs, gloves, footwear, mask, belt and head pieces, as well as new hair styles, chest emblems, and weapons. Male and huge characters also have the option to select the top knot hair style, while females will have the option for braided buns!


Upper Body

Lower Body


All three weapons are available for Broadsword and Dual Blades. Only Chinese Broadsword is available for Katana and Ninja Blade.

Ninja Run Power

Temporary JumpPack.png
Dash through the city with the agility of a ninja! The Ninja Run power is a travel power enabled through the purchase of Super Booster IV: Martial Arts and is available for use at level 4. Use Ninja Run to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies as you increase your run speed and leaping abilities, and the best part? It doesn't use one of your power selections!


  • This power cannot be used with (and will detoggle) any Pool Travel Powers such as Super Speed, Super Jump, or Combat Jumping. However, it can be combined with Sprint (and Sprint variants like Prestige Power Slide), the Jump Pack and passive Movement Powers such as Swift and Hurdle.
  • This power will appear in your Enhancement options, but is not actually slottable.
  • While toggled on, Ninja Run replaces your normal at-ease posture with a crouch, but does not interfere with emotes.
  • To distinguish it visually from other leaping powers, you perform a flip at the top of your arc when jumping. There are three different jumping/flipping animations: jumping forward, jumping backward, and jumping diagonally.
  • To distinguish it visually from other running powers, the forward and backward running animations are an anime running style, stereotypical for anime ninja type characters. Additionally, when running backward, the character turns to face the camera and looks over their shoulder instead of actually running backward.


Regular Emotes

This pack unlocks two emotes:

Costume Change Emotes

Main Article: /cce

Also unlocked are two costume change emotes, which function like the /cc slash command with additional particle and sound effects. These emotes can be tied to a costume slot, or used with keybinds, macros, or directly input in the chat command line.

  • /cce # CCSmokeBomb: Character throws smoke bomb at own feet, producing a large white cloud of smoke
  • /cce # CCNinjaLeap: Character leaps into the air and disappears, lands in a crouch, stands (This was originally CCNinjaJump, but was changed as of I18)


  • This item was made available for purchase through on November 12, 2009.

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