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Hunt Target Macros / Binds

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To help people target specific enemies for badge hunting.

At the bottom is a few other uses for the two commands.

Guide: /Target_Name <string> and /Target_Custom_Next <string> will both get the job done. You can put in the underscores or not, as the game is blind to them. Both will attempt to match visible (on screen) targets with the <string> parameter. The problem is that there are differences you should be aware of.

/Target_Name <string> will match anything that qualifies. "Capo" will get Mook Capos as well as Marcone Capos, however "/Target_name Marcone Capo" will get the right ones. The bad is that if the search string is not correct or there is nothing that the command can "lock onto", you will start filling up your chat window with error spam.

/Target_Custom_Next (or _Prev, _Near, _Far) will generally target ANY of the terms, and defeated things as well. You can add additonal parameters for this class of slash commands, such as alive, enemy, notmypet, etc. If you use something along the lines of /target_custom_next alive "marcone capo" you should get the "right crowd". The problem comes with nested quotes. If you make a macro you can first make it without the quotes, and then edit them back in after. It is a bit more hassle, but as a personal opinion, it is worth it.

Important for making a macro: you can only have 1 parameter. Type the following: /macro Capo "targetcustomnext alive Marcone Capo$$targetcustomnext alive Marcone Consigliere"

Right click on the resulting macro button, and edit the above to: targetcustomnext alive "Marcone Capo"$$targetcustomnext alive "Marcone Consigliere"

Here is a list of "target" strings that should be able to get most, I wouldn't care about false positives as you can look and just move on if it isn't the right target.

"Regular" enemies:

V badge FamilyBadge.png Gangbuster: Consigliere, Capo

V badge ConsortiumDefeatBadge.png Goon Squad: Consortium

V badge ShivanBadge.png Man / Woman in Black: shivan

V badge ArachnosBadge.png Spider Smasher: Wolf

V badge IceDemonBadge.png Coldblooded/Coldhearted: Hellfrost, Hordeling

V badge CircleOfThornsBadge.png Weed Whacker: Succubus, Hellfrost

V badge ArachnosBadge.png Venomous: Toxic

Badge villain magmite.png Volcanic: Magmite

Badge villain rularru.png Visionary: Overseer

Badge villain banished.png Banisher: Spirit

Badge villain freakshow.png Tank Buster: Tank

Badge villain skulls.png Bonecrusher: Daddy

Badge villain lost.png Finder: Aberrant, Pariah

Badge villain clockwork.png Gearsmasher: Gear, Prince

Badge villain vahzilok.png Gravedigger: Embalmed

Badge villain hellions.png Hellspawned: Damned

Badge villain carnival.png Illusionist: Illusionist

Badge villain crey.png Infiltrator: Paragon

Badge villain warriors.png Legionnaire: Elite

Badge villain malta.png Monkeywrencher: Zeus

Badge villain skyraiders.png Privateer: Skiff

Badge villain contaminated.png Isolator: Contaminated

Badge villain trolls.png Regenerator: Caliban, Ogre

Badge villain council.png The Silver Bullet: Nightwolf, Darkwolf, Warwolf

Badge villain council.png The Slayer: Equinox

Badge villain cot.png Soul Binder: mage

Badge villain tsoo.png Tracer: Sorcerer

Badge villain family.png Untouchable: Underboss, Consigliere

Badge villain nemesis.png Unveiler: Fake, Rex

Badge villain outcasts.png Weatherman / Weathergirl: Lead

Badge villain rikti.png Zookeeper: Monkey

Event Enemies:

Badge troll supasmasher.png Dee Jay: Supa

Badge villain new rikti.png Chief: Suit

Badge villain new rikti.png Bomb Specialist (should also work for demolitionist): Bomb

Badges Iron Warrior.png Iron Warrior: Jack, Irons

Badge event hallowspirit.png Hallow Spirit: Eochai

Badges ghost touched.png Ghost Touched: Unseelie, Horde, Rider

Badge event malleus.png Malleus: Witch, Sorceress, Crone

Badge event buster.png Buster: Spirit

Badge event hunter.png Hunter: Vampire

Badge event shifter.png Shifter: Werewolf

Badge event deadhead.png Dead Head: Zombie

Badge holiday05 presentbig.png Toy Collector: gift

Badge winter event 01.png Cold Warrior: Frostling, Blight, Snow, Winter (for Baby new year missions )


V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Bladegrass: Bladegrass/Razorvine/Blackrose

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Coralax Blue Hybrid: Blue (Lt.), Red (boss)

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Fortunata Seer: Fortunata

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Raider Engineer: Generator

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Ink Man: Blue Ink Man

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Hordeling Lasher: Hordeling

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Ember Legacy of Flame: Pledged, Lambent, Ember, Kaolin

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Lucent Legacy of Light: Adamant, Lucent, Blaze, Terran

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Mob Specialist: (Prisoner Bosses - too many to individually name.)

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Mu Guardian: Guardian

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Crey Power Tank: Tank

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Swift Steel: Ancestor or Spirit

Giant Monster "finders":

V badge ScrapyarderBadge.png Hammer Down: Scrapyard

V Badge Deathsurge.png Surging: Deathsurge

V badge CircleOfThornsBadge.png HellBane: Caleb

Badge arachnosflier.png Heat Seeker: Flyer

Badge vanguard 003.png Master at Arms: kon

Badge paladin.png Knight Errant: Construction (for the badge)

For the GM afterwards (no badge): Paladin

Badge giant octopus.png Devilfish: Lusca

Badge villain clockwork.png Clockstopper: Babbage

Badge villain banished.png Keeper of Secrets: Adamastor

Badge villain malta.png Master / Mistress of Olympus: Kronos

Badge villain hydra.png Unleasher: Kraken

Badge villain devouring.png The Solution: Jurassik

Badge croatoa giant killer.png Giant Killer: Jack, Irons

Badge croatoa pumpkin king.png Pumpkin King / Queen: Eochai

Badge croatoa believer.png Believer: Sally

Note: I've ignored badges in cases like goldbrickers (V badge GoldbrickersBadge.png Fort Knox) or Longbow (V badge LongbowBadge.png Villain/Reformed) where the entire faction is badge-worthy.

Not directly for a badge: pylon


To hunt Banished Pantheon Spirits you would use:

"/target_custom_next Spirit" or "/target_next Spirit".

Other uses:

This started with the following setup:

/bind g "targetcustomnext alive enemy$$targetcustomnext alive void$$targetcustomnext alive quantum$$targetcustomnext alive cyst"

What it does is:

Targets any Shadow Cyst Crystals (my top priority in any situation, puffballs can be ignored).

Then Quantums of any type.

Then Voids of any type.

Then cycles through any remaining alive targets.

The reason for the "alive" in it is because of another quirk of the /targetcustomnext command: it will target defeated sappers/cysts/quantums/voids and get stuck until they "fade out".

The Target_custom_next command has a few other interesting uses:

To cycle through enemies "on screen":

/bind <key> "targetcustomnext alive enemy"

To target a friendly pet (on screen one) and speed boost it:

/bind <key> "powexecname Speed Boost$$targetcustomnext friend notteammate notmypet"

To find everything not on your team (including doors, and glowies):

/bind <key> "targetcustomnext notteammate notmypet"

--Snow Globe 05:17, 2 July 2009 (UTC)