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Coldblooded Badge

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File:V badge IceDemonBadge.png


You've defeated 100 cold demons, making you Coldblooded.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Circle of Thorns cold demons, including Hordelings, Hellfrosts and Blade Princes.

Where to Find

Villain Story Arcs and Missions

Only available during Valentine's Day Events.

Level Zone Neighborhoods
20-30 Scratch "Find out where Arachnos has the cauldron and report back here"

Gladiator Badge Unlocked

When you earn this badge, you will unlock the Hellfrost Gladiator badge.


V badge Demonic.png  Exorcised Badge        


The Coldblooded badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Coldhearted.


Prior to Issue 16, Coldblooded required defeating 200 cold demons.

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