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Bladegrass Badge

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Gladiator Bladegrass.jpg


You have the respect of the natural world.

Gladiator Classification

This Gladiator is classed as a minion.

How to Get

The Bladegrass gladiator badge is earned by defeating 300 Devouring Earth tree-minions (Bladegrass, Razorvine, Blackrose, or Deathblossom).

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
25-27 Talos Island Eleusis, Scylla Island, Serpent's Teeth
25-27 Independence Port Power Island
25-27 Terra Volta Challenger Technology, Raysun Petroleum, Rogers Industries
27-29 Terra Volta Carter Engineering, Terra Volta Reactor
27-29 Croatoa The Misty Wood
29-31 Croatoa Sunset Ridge
31-40 Founders' Falls Hutchinson Park
37-40 Founders' Falls Blackstone Hills
33-36 Eden Arcadia, The Pit, Adeva Towers
34-35 Eden The Utopia Complex
34-39 Eden The Cascades, The Hive
35-39 Eden The Serpentine
41-43 Peregrine Island Bayside Docks, north of Portal Court
44-47 Peregrine Island Curry Cove
43-44 Rikti War Zone Bloody Lane

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
32-33 Nerva Archipelago Agincourt
31-37 Nerva Archipelago Primeva
37-40 Nerva Archipelago Thorn Isle
31-33 St. Martial Black Mariah
35-37 St. Martial The Flop, Jackpot
43-44 Rikti War Zone Bloody Lane

Villain Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
40 Ian the Shark, Isabel the Knife Founders' Falls Mayhem
40-45 Wiggy the Brit Founders' Falls Mayhem

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