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Ink Man Badge

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Gladiator Serpent Blue Ink Man.jpg


You have allowed these Tsoo to fight for you.

Gladiator Classification

This Gladiator is classed as a minion.

How to Get

The Ink Man Gladiator Badge is earned by defeating 125 Blue Ink Men.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
30 Siren's Call Talos Park
30-32 Siren's Call Fossburg, Randall's Ruins

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
30 Detective Davids, Detective Hutchinson,
Detective Basinns, Detective Croquette
Talos Island Safeguard
30-35 Detective Fish, Detective Miller,
Detective Junkers, Detective Murwell
Talos Island Safeguard

Villain Zones

Level Contact Neighborhoods
31-33 St. Martial Black Mariah
35-37 St. Martial The Flop, Jackpot

Co-op Zones

Level Contact Neighborhoods
50+ Dark Astoria ?


This gladiator is listed on the Arena kiosk as Serpent Blue Ink Man.

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