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Venomous Badge

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You've taken down so many Toxic Tarantulas people call you Venomous.

How to Get

Defeat 50 Toxic Tarantulas in the Arachnos faction. Rogue Toxic Tarantulas belonging to Rogue Arachnos do not count toward this badge.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
30 Siren's Call Fossburg
50 Recluse's Victory Sector 3, Sector 4

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
45-50 Statesman Statesman's Task Force (first mission)

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
40-43 Grandville Spider City
46-47 Grandville The Tangle

Gladiator Badge Unlocked

When you earn this badge, you will unlock the Tarantula Gladiator badge.


  • This badge unlocks Number 204 for villains levels 40-44.


Prior to Issue 16, Venomous required defeating 200 Toxic Tarantulas.

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