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Coldhearted Badge

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File:V badge IceDemonBadge.png


You've defeated 100 cold demons, making you Coldhearted.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Circle of Thorns cold demons, including Hordelings, Hellfrosts and Blade Princes.

Where to Find

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
15-17 Cap au Diable New Haven
16-19 Cap au Diable Vagabond Hills
16-20 Cap au Diable Mount Diable
25-27 Sharkhead Isle Villa Requin
27-30 Sharkhead Isle Potter's Field
31-37 Nerva Archipelago Primeva
Note: The badge completion bar will state that you need to Defeat the cold demons on Thorn Isle to earn this badge. Hordelings, Hellfrosts and Blade Princes do not actually spawn on Thorn Isle. They are available in the largest numbers on the coastlines of Sharkhead Isle.

Gladiator Badge Unlocked

When you earn this badge, you will unlock the Hellfrost Gladiator badge.


V badge Demonic.png  Demonic Badge        


The Coldhearted badge is awarded to characters of the villain and rogue alignments. The same badge on heroes and vigilantes is called Coldblooded.


Prior to Issue 16, Coldhearted required defeating 200 cold demons.

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