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There were few things in City of Heroes that set the mood more than the short pieces of music that played as you moved about the city. Nearly every neighborhood in every zone had unique music that clearly identified where you were, even without seeing what was on the screen.

The styles of music used varied widely, and ranged from soft pop and techno to hard rock and full orchestra. The music used for the original release of the game through Issue 5 consisted of fairly generic synthesized instruments and percussion, which made it more difficult to maintain uniqueness without sounding amateurish.

With the release of City of Villains and Issue 6, the palette of instruments and percussion was completely overhauled which allowed for more realistic and lush arrangements. All zones added or revamped since then (such as Faultline and Rikti War Zone) made use of those updated sounds.

The new music for the Praetorian zones in Going Rogue, and that which was added after Issue 18, was written by award-winning composer Jason Graves. It had a high level of thematic unity, with both melodic and rhythmic motives providing a more coherent immersion while playing through that content. One potential drawback to this composition method, however, was that it could be difficult to discern differences between pieces because they did all sound very similar.

After the shutdown of City of Heroes, a member of the Titan Forums converted the .ogg music files into MP3 format and made an archive available for download.

Neighborhood Listings

Hero Zones

This is a consolidated listing of each zone's neighborhoods and the music associated with them. Neighborhoods marked with an asterisk (*) were duplicated or modified from music elsewhere in the game. See the following section for details.

Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood
Outbreak Hot Zone (unused) Atlas Park
(Pre-Issue 21)
Atlas Plaza *
Prometheus Park *
Chiron Medical Center *
The Promenade
Argosy Industrial Park
Downside * (Unused)
Atlas Park Atlas Plaza
Prometheus Park
Chiron Medical Center
The Promenade
Hyperion Way
Argosy Industrial Park
Echo: Galaxy City Freedom Court *
Cygnus Medical Center *
Orion Beltway
Nebula District
Constellation Row *
Gemini Park *
Sewer Network Atlas Park Sector *
Kings Row Sector *
Skyway City Sector *
Underworld *
Steel Canyon Sector *
Boomtown Sector *
Kings Row Freedom Plaza
Crowne Memorial *
Aqueduct *
The Gish
Industrial Avenue *
King Garment Works *
Royal Refinery *
High Park
The Hollows Cherry Hills *
Four Seasons (No Music)
Red River *
Eastgate Park *
Grendel's Gulch *
Eastgate Heights *
Perez Park Boneyard
Hell's Highway *
Perez Park *
Everett Lake
Bettis Hills *
Gaiman Woods *
Steel Canyon Bronze Way *
Copper District
Gimry Ridge *
Steel Canyon Medical Center *
Platinum Lake *
Blyde Square
The Fools Gold District * (Unused)
Silver Lake
Royal Overlook *
Skyway City Aeria Plaza (No Music)
Lagrange Medical Center *
Astral District
Vista Plaza (No Music)
The Gruff (No Music)
Hide Park
Land of the Lost *
Boomtown The Fuse
The Cannonade
Grenadier Village *
Faultline (Pre-Issue 8) Subduction
Dark Canyons
Faultline New Overbrook
Overbrook Medical Center *
Aftershock *
Overflow *
Arachnos Dig Site *
Overbrook Dam *
Independence Port Bell Point *
Bell Medical Center *
Wave Landing
Crey Cove *
Steel Pier *
Industry Pier *
Patriot Wharf
Valor Bridge
Power Island *
Liberty Quay *
Justice Quay *
Talos Island Phoenix Medical Center *
Helen Point
New Thebes *
Ithaca Island *
Argo Highway
New Corinth
New Troy
Circe Island *
New Sparta
The Serpent's Teeth *
Eleusis *
Scylla Island
Striga Isle Port Noble *
The Maw *
Bonny Morass *
The Bog *
The Wolf's Throat *
Council Base *
Dark Astoria
(Pre-Issue 22)
St. Elegius (Unused)
Romero Heights *
Raimi Arcade
Toffet Terrace *
Barca Plaza *
Dido's View *
Moth Cemetery (Unused)
Echo: Dark Astoria St. Elegius (No Music)
Romero Heights *
Raimi Arcade *
Toffet Terrace *
Barca Plaza *
Dido's View *
Moth Cemetery (No Music)
Terra Volta Coroman Manufacturing *
Challenger Technology *
Raysun Petroleum *
Rogers Industries *
Walker Energy *
Gordon Trench *
Carter Engineering
Savage Waste Disposal
Terra Volta Reactor
Croatoa Salamanca *
New Connaught *
The Misty Wood *
The Broken Teeth
Sunset Ridge *
The Grim Vale *
Brickstown The Mashu Bridge *
The Crescent
Prison Power Station *
Seven Gates *
Brickstown Infirmary
The Abyss Towers
The Chasm *
Dark Waters *
The Ziggurat *
Founders' Falls Williams Square
Harvey Medical Center *
Louis Forest *
Liberty Town
The Red River *
Hutchinson Park *
The Gaspee
Blackstone Hills (No Music)
Crey's Folly Crey Factories *
Paragon Water Works *
The Blight *
Tangle Town
Portal Industries
The Circus
Carnival Town *
Eden Arcadia *
The Pit
The Utopia Complex
The Serpentine
Adeva Towers *
The Cascades
The Hive
Abandoned Sewer Network Atlas Park Sector *
Kings Row Sector *
Skyway City Sector *
Underworld *
Steel Canyon Sector *
Boomtown Sector *
Peregrine Island Bayside Docks *
Curry Cove *
Nelson Borough *
Aquarius Medical Center *
Mera Heights *
Poseidon Square *
Portal Court
Cutlass Isles *
Tempest Quay *
Firebase Zulu Firebase Zulu
Tempest Sector (No Music)
Point Alpha
Point Bravo
Point Charlie *
Point Echo
Point Foxtrot *
Point Sierra *
Point Tango (No Music)
Point Victor *
Point X-Ray *
Firebase November *
Cascade Archipelago The Marooned Shores
The Air Shoals
The One-Way Path
Tyrant's Rock *
The Chanting Islands *
Crimson Falls
The Chantry Path of Tears
Bastion of Pain *
Bastion of Denial *
Bastion of Guilt
Bastion of Regret (Unused)
Bastion of Sorrow (Unused)
Chantry *
Bastion of Shame *
Path of Rage *
The Storm Palace Path of Madness *
Lock of Anger *
Lock of Malice
Lock of Torment
Lock of Hatred *
Lock of Fury *
Lock of Destruction *
Storm Palace

Villain Zones

Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood
Breakout The Yard * (unused)
Drop Zone (unused)
Mercy Island
{Pre-Issue 21)
Fort Darwin
Darwin's Landing
Mercy *
Fort Cerberus *
Mercy Island Fort Darwin
Darwin's Landing
Fort Cerberus
Port Oakes Arena District *
Dockside *
Marconeville *
Oil Spill *
Fort Hades *
Villa Montrose *
Cap au Diable Devil's Coat Tails
Haven *
Aeon City
New Haven
Vagabond Hills
Mount Diable *
Bloody Bay Freedom Base *
Arachnos Base *
Water Street *
Green Nugget
Dead Coast
Forgotten Forest *
Ground Zero
Sharkhead Isle Port Recluse
The Crush *
Hell Forge *
The Pit *
Villa Requin
Potter's Field
Siren's Call Buildville *
Talos Park
Randall's Ruins
Nerva Archipelago Crimson Cove
Agincourt *
Primeva *
Thorn Isle *
St. Martial Double Down
Black Mariah *
Fortune's Wheel (No Music)
The Flop *
The Hard Way
Warburg Hero Base *
Villain Base *
Warburg *
The WEB (No Music)
Grandville Spider City *
The Gutter *
The Tangle *
The Fab *
Recluse's Victory Sector 1
Sector 2 *
Sector 3
Sector 4 *
Sector 5
Monster Island Cutlass Isles *
Tempest Quay *

Co-op / Shared Zones

Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood
Rikti War Zone Vanguard Compound
The Bulge *
Pavia *
The Thin Red Line
Pork Chop Hill
Little Round Top
Bloody Lane *
Heartbreak Ridge
The Sunken Road *
Point du Hoc *
The Crash Site
Pocket D Hero Lobby *
Hero Club Side
Villain Lobby *
Villain Club Side
Central Dance Floor
Arena Lounge
Tiki Room
Ski Chalet
Ski Slopes
Ouroboros Whole Zone Cimerora Entrance Cave
Cimerora City
Castellum Bridge
Midnighter Club Entrance Dark Astoria Barca Plaza *
Dido's View *
Moth Cemetery
Raimi Arcade *
Romero Heights *
Toffet Terrace *

Praetorian Zones

Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood Zone Neighborhood
Nova Praetoria Magisterium
Elyssian Avenue
North Aetna
South Aetna
Imperial City People's Park
Industry Avenue
Four Gables
Tiberian Bluff
Behavioral Adjustment Facility (unused)
Neutropolis Neuron's Reach
Lambda Sector
Keyes Island
Underground Nova Sector A
Sector B
Sector C
Underground Imperial Sector A
Sector B
Sector C
Underground Neutropolis Sector A
Sector B
Sector C
First Ward Eltentown
Free-Fire Zone
Sunken City
Forbidden Crags
Mother of Mercy Hospital
Night Ward The Arcane Quarter
Lamplight Junction
The Digs
City of Souls
The Howling Vale
The Sleeping Beast

Reused Music

Although there was a large amount of unique music found throughout the game, there were several neighborhoods that used musical cues which had slight differences from, or were exact duplicates of, those used elsewhere. Listed below are examples of the neighborhoods that used identical or similar music. They are sorted by the earliest zone/neighborhood in which the music was used, or by the first zone that used the most complete version. If there are no notes after a secondary listing then it used the identical version as the primary one.

Atlas Park (Pre-Issue 21) / Atlas Plaza

Echo: Galaxy City / Freedom Court -- longer version

Atlas Park (Pre-Issue 21) / Chiron Medical Center

Skyway City / LaGrange Medical Center -- longer version

Atlas Park (Pre-Issue 21) / Prometheus Park

Echo: Galaxy City / Gemini Park
Steel Canyon / Silver Lake -- similar version

Echo: Galaxy City / Constellation Row

Firebase Zulu / Point X-Ray -- longer version

Echo: Galaxy City / Cygnus Medical Center

Kings Row / Crowne Memorial
Steel Canyon / Steel Canyon Medical Center
Faultline / Overbrook Medical Center
Independence Port / Bell Medical Center -- shorter, similar version
Talos Island / Phoenix Medical Center
Founders' Falls / Harvey Medical Center -- similar version
Peregrine Island / Aquarius Medical Center

Sewer Network / Atlas Park Sector

Eden / The Utopia Complex
Abandoned Sewer Network / Atlas Park Sector

Sewer Network / Boomtown Sector

The Hollows / Grendel's Gulch
Rikti War Zone / The Sunken Road
Abandoned Sewer Network / Boomtown Sector
St. Martial / The Flush -- unused longer version

Sewer Network / Skyway City Sector

Abandoned Sewer Network / Skyway City Sector
Port Oakes / Villa Montrose -- unused extended version

Sewer Network / Steel Canyon Sector

Independence Port / Steel Pier
Abandoned Sewer Network / Steel Canyon Sector

Sewer Network / Underworld

Perez Park / Hell's Highway
Crey's Folly / The Blight
Rikti War Zone / Bloody Lane
Abandoned Sewer Network / Underworld
The Chantry / Bastion of Pain

Kings Row / Aqueduct

Atlas Park (Pre-Issue 21) / Downside -- longer unused version

Kings Row / Industrial Avenue

Independence Port / Justice Quay

Kings Row / King Garment Works

Terra Volta / Gordon Trench

Kings Row / Royal Refinery

Rikti War Zone / The Bulge
Firebase Zulu / Point Victor -- similar version 1, added intro
St. Martial / Turtle Spit -- unused similar version 2, added intro

Perez Park / Bettis Hills

The Hollows / Eastgate Park
Talos Island / The Serpent's Teeth -- similar, shorter version
Striga Isle / The Bog -- same as Talos Island version

Perez Park / Perez Park

Croatoa / The Misty Wood -- extended version
Eden / The Pit -- similar version

Steel Canyon / Bronze Way

Eden / Adeva Towers
Peregrine Island / Curry Cove
Firebase Zulu / Point Sierra
Port Oakes / Villa Montrose -- extended version

Steel Canyon / Copper District

Cascade Archipelago / The Marooned Shores -- extended version
Pocket D / Central Dance Floor -- similar extended version

Steel Canyon / Platinum Lake

Dark Astoria (Pre-Issue 22) / Romero Heights -- omit rhythm, added animal sounds
Founders' Falls / Louis Forest -- similar to Dark Astoria version

Steel Canyon / Royal Overlook

Striga Isle / The Maw

Skyway City / Land of the Lost

Striga Isle / The Wolf's Throat
Terra Volta / Raysun Petroleum
Sharkhead Isle / The Crush -- similar, longer version

Boomtown / Grenadier Village

The Storm Palace / Lock of Hatred -- similar extended version

Faultline (Pre-Issue 8) / Downfall

Firebase Zulu / Point Alpha -- similar extended version

Independence Port / Bell Point

The Hollows / Eastgate Heights
Peregrine Island / Poseidon Square
The Storm Palace / Lock of Fury

Independence Port / Crey Cove

Perez Park / Gaiman Woods -- added animal sounds
Dark Astoria (Pre-Issue 22) / Barca Plaza -- longer, added background effects
Brickstown / Dark Waters
Founders' Falls / Hutchinson Park -- longer, added bird sounds
The Chantry / Bastion of Shame -- same as Dark Astoria version

Independence Port / Industry Pier

Brickstown / Prison Power Station
Sewer Network / Kings Row Sector -- added atmosphere
Abandoned Sewer Network / Kings Row Sector -- same as Sewer Network version
The Chantry / Path of Rage -- longer version with intro

Independence Port / Liberty Quay

Striga Isle / Council Base -- extended version
Firebase Zulu / Firebase November
Nerva Archipelago / Agincourt -- longer version

Talos Island / Circe Island

Nerva Archipelago / Primeva -- longer version

Talos Island / Eleusis

Nerva Archipelago / Thorn Isle -- longer version
Dark Astoria (Pre-Issue 22) / St. Elegius -- unused similar version

Talos Island / Ithaca Island

Croatoa / Salamanca -- extended version

Talos Island / New Thebes

Croatoa / Sunset Ridge -- extended version with intro

Dark Astoria (Pre-Issue 22) / Dido's View

Eden / Arcadia

Dark Astoria (Pre-Issue 22) / Toffet Terrace

Cascade Archipelago / The Chanting Islands
The Chantry / Chantry

Terra Volta / Challenger Technology

Firebase Zulu / Point Foxtrot -- added intro

Terra Volta / Coroman Manufacturing

Cap au Diable / Mount Diable -- similar, longer version

Terra Volta / Rogers Industries

Sharkhead Isle / The Pit -- unused longer version

Terra Volta / Savage Waste Disposal

Firebase Zulu / Point Charlie -- longer version
Rikti War Zone / Point du Hoc

Terra Volta / Walker Energy

The Hollows / Cherry Hills
Independence Port / Power Island -- slower, shorter version
Peregrine Island / Nelson Borough

Croatoa / New Connaught

Bloody Bay / Freedom Base -- different intro
Warburg / Hero Base -- same as Bloody Bay version

Croatoa / The Grim Vale

Bloody Bay / Forgotten Forest

Brickstown / The Chasm

Striga Isle / Port Noble
Peregrine Island / Bayside Docks

Brickstown / The Mashu Bridge

Port Oakes / Arena District -- longer version

Brickstown / Seven Gates

Striga Isle / Bonny Morass -- longer, added animal sounds
Peregrine Island / Mera Heights
The Storm Palace / Path of Madness -- longer version

Brickstown / The Ziggurat

Rikti War Zone / Pavia -- added intro effect
Cascade Archipelago / Tyrant's Rock -- slightly longer version
The Storm Palace / Lock of Destruction -- extended version
Breakout / The Yard -- longer version
Pocket D / Hero Lobby 1 -- longer version
Pocket D / Hero Lobby 2 -- muffled version of Hero Lobby 1

Founders' Falls / The Red River

The Hollows / The Red River

Founders' Falls / Williams Square

Cap au Diable / Aeon City -- omit bells, extended slower version

Crey's Folly / Crey Factories

Port Oakes / Dockside -- unused version, added intro
Sharkhead Isle / Hell Forge -- unused longer version

Crey's Folly / Paragon Water Works

Peregrine Island / Cutlass Isles
Monster Island / Cutlass Isles

Crey's Folly / Carnival Town

The Storm Palace / Lock of Anger -- longer version
St. Martial / The Flop -- extended version

Firebase Zulu / Firebase Zulu

Cap au Diable / New Haven -- unused longer version

Peregrine Island / Tempest Quay

The Chantry / Bastion of Denial
Monster Island / Tempest Quay
Steel Canyon / The Fools Gold District -- shorter, unused version

Mercy Island (Pre-Issue 21) / Mercy

Faultline / Overflow

Mercy Island (Pre-Issue 21) / Fort Cerberus

Bloody Bay / Arachnos Base
Recluse's Victory / Sector 2

Port Oakes / Dockside

Pocket D / Villain Lobby 1 -- similar version
Pocket D / Villain Lobby 2 -- muffled version of Villain Lobby 1

Port Oakes / Fort Hades

Warburg / Warburg

Port Oakes / Oil Spill

Siren's Call / Buildville

Port Oakes / Oil Spill -- unused version

Bloody Bay / Water Street -- unused version

Port Oakes / Marconeville

St. Martial / Black Mariah -- shorter version
Faultline / Overbrook Dam

Cap au Diable / Haven

Bloody Bay / Water Street
Grandville / The Fab

Cap au Diable / Vagabond Hills

Port Oakes / Marconeville -- unused longer version

Bloody Bay / Boardwalk

Cap au Diable / Haven -- unused similar version

Sharkhead Isle / Hell Forge

Faultline / Aftershock

Sharkhead Isle / The Pit

Faultline / Arachnos Dig Site
Grandville / The Gutter -- shorter version

Warburg / Villain Base

Grandville / Spider City

Grandville / The Tangle

Recluse's Victory / Sector 4

Dark Astoria / Barca Plaza

Echo: Dark Astoria / Barca Plaza

Dark Astoria / Dido's View

Echo: Dark Astoria / Dido's View

Dark Astoria / Raimi Arcade

Echo: Dark Astoria / Raimi Arcade

Dark Astoria / Romero Heights

Echo: Dark Astoria / Romero Heights

Dark Astoria / Toffet Terrace

Echo: Dark Astoria / Toffet Terrace

Unused and Alternate Music

Some neighborhood music cues had alternate unused versions or were omitted completely from the game. The list below highlights some of these.

Atlas Park

Downside -- unused

Steel Canyon

Fool's Gold District -- unused

Faultline (Pre-Issue 8)

Aftershock -- removed in Issue 8
Dark Canyons -- removed in Issue 8
Downfall -- removed in Issue 8
Precipice -- removed in Issue 8
Reservoir -- removed in Issue 8
Subduction -- removed in Issue 8

Faultline (Issue 8)

New Overbrook -- extended version
New Overbrook -- unused alternate version
New Overbrook -- unused New Age version
New Overbrook -- longer Oriental version looped in Mr. Yin's store

Dark Astoria (Pre-Issue 22)

Moth Cemetery -- unused loop
St. Elegius -- unused

The Chantry

Bastion of Regret -- unused
Bastion of Sorrow -- unused

Bloody Bay

Green Nugget -- unused alternate version
Water Street -- unused alternate version


Arachnos Pilot -- unused
Searching -- unused

Mercy Island

Fort Darwin -- unused alternate version
Mercy -- unused alternate version

Port Oakes

Dockside -- unused alternate version
Fort Blood -- unused
Oil Spill -- unused alternate version
Marconeville -- unused alternate version
Villa Montrose -- unused alternate version

Cap au Diable

Devil's Coat Tails -- unused alternate version
Haven -- unused alternate version
New Haven -- unused alternate version

Sharkhead Isle

Hell Forge -- unused alternate version
The Pit -- unused alternate version

St. Martial

Double Down -- unused longer version
The Flush -- unused
Turtle Spit -- unused

Imperial City

Behavorial Adjustment Facility -- unused
Mercy Hospital -- unused
TPN Theme Music -- unused

Pocket D

Rave Music -- used in missions
Rave Music -- muffled version of above

Miscellaneous Unused Music

BoomBox Propaganda

BoomBox Tracks

This list includes the different tracks that could be selected when using the BoomBox emote. Lo-Fi versions of the tracks were implemented in Issue 17 to more accuractely simulate the sound quality from a real boombox.

Altitude  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Beat  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Catch Me  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Dance  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
ElectroVibe  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Disco Freak  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Dog Walk  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Heavy Dude  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Info Overload  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Jumpy  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Kick It  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Looker  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Meaty  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Notorious  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Move On  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Peace  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Quickie  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Raver  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Shuffle  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Spaz  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Technoid  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Venus  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Wah Wah  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Wind It Up  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Yellow  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi

Mission Music

Going Rogue and Combat

These tracks were first introduced in Issue 18 and continued to be used through sunset. They typically were featured during boss fights in missions, or accompanied with tense storytelling moments. The zone name for each file does not imply that it was used exclusively for content in that area. For example, Who Will Die Episode 5 used Underground4_D during the fight after the cutscene.

Zone General Combat Other Mission Use
Nova Praetoria Combat 1
Combat 2
Combat 3
Combat 4
2A (loop)
2C (loop)
4A (loop)
Imperial City Combat 1
Combat 2
Combat 3
Combat 4
Misc. Mission
1B (loop)
2A (loop)
2B (loop)
3B (loop)
4B (loop)
Neutropolis Combat 1
Combat 2
Combat 3
Combat 4
1B (loop)
2A (loop)
3B (loop)
4C (loop)
The Underground Combat 1
Combat 2
Combat 3
Combat 4

Incarnate Trials

These looped tracks were introduced in Issue 20 for use as background music during Incarnate Trials. The "A" and "B" tracks were released first, while the "C" tracks were added with Issue 21.5.

"High" Loops 1A
"Low" Loops 1A

Mood Music

These tracks were used in missions, usually just inside the opening area to set the mood. The first wave of them were introduced in Issue 6, while more came in Issue 18. Many of the Issue 6 tracks were looped versions of other music previously used for city zones, but most of them were unused overall.

Issue 6 Issue 18
Cave 1 Loop
Cave 2 Loop
Cave 3 Loop
Cave 4 Loop
Cave Music 1
Cave Music 1 Loop
Crazy Mission Loop
J Mission 1 Loop
J Mission 2b Loop
J Mission 3 Loop
J Mission 4 Loop
J Mission 5 Loop
J Mission 6 Loop
J Mission 7 Loop
J Mission 8 Loop
M Mission 1 Loop
M Mission 2 Loop
Mission 1 Loop
Mission 2 Loop
Mission 3b Loop
Mission 3c Loop
Mission 6 Loop
Mission 8b Loop
Mission 10 Loop
Mission 11 Loop
Mission 15 Loop
Mission 16 Loop
Mission Spookiness 1
Smooth Cave 1 Loop
Spooky Office 1 Loop
Mission Mood 1
Mission Mood 2
Mission Mood 3
Mission Mood 4
Mission Mood 5
Mission Mood 6
Mission Mood 7
Mission Mood 8
Mission Mood 9
Mission Mood 10
Mission Mood 11
Mission Mood 12
Mission Mood 13
Mission Mood 14
Mission Mood 15


Cutscene Music

These tracks were used in the various cutscenes which played in missions, task forces, and trials later in the game. They were generally first started to be used in Issue 18, and continued up to the last Issue 24 beta.

Incarnate Trials

Death Incarnate (Music only) (SFX only) (Combined)
Keyes Island
Minds of Mayhem
Underground Avatar Intro
Underground Final

Signature Story Arcs

Sig Story Arc 01
Sig Story Arc 03
Sig Story Arc 04
Sig Story Arc 05 (Music only) (SFX only) (Combined)
Sig Story Arc 06 (Music only) (SFX only) (Combined)
Sig Arc 2 Episode 1: Clamor Reveal
Sig Arc 2 Episode 1: Pandora Warning - Hero
Sig Arc 2 Episode 1: Pandora Warning - Villain
Sig Arc 2 Episode 1: Phalanx Meeting

Task Forces

Dr. Vahzilok Speech
Mortimer Kal 01
Mortimer Kal 02
Sutter 01
Sutter 02

Morality Choices

Imperial Crusader
Imperial Power
Imperial Responsibility
Imperial Warden

Story Arcs

Anti-Matter Rift Enclosure
Atlas Park
Calvin Scott
Calvin Scott Death
Clone Death (Music only) (SFX only) (Combined)
Clone Lab Escape
Dark Watcher
Emperor Cole
Fixodine Stash
Hero Walk
No Man's Lady
Protean (Music only) (SFX only) (Combined)
Rage Quit (Music only) (SFX only) (Combined)
The Strong Survive
Villain Walk

Special Events

Summer Event - Casino A
Summer Event - Casino B
Summer Event - Gladiator

Easter Eggs and Obscure Music

This final list includes music cues which a player would typically have to go to a specific spot to be able to hear.


Bianco's Italian Cuisine -- Stand outside the restaurant door at (881, 31, -1830) in New Overbrook to hear this music.
Cryptic Lounge -- Stand near the jukebox in the Cryptic Lounge to hear this music.
El Super Mexicano -- Stand outside the restaurant door at (1088, 31, -1537) in New Overbrook to hear this music.


Lord Recluse Voice-over -- This was the speech that looped in the main entrance to Grandville.
Dev Prison -- This music could be heard coming from the restrooms in the Dev Prison room hidden in the tunnels of Grandville. It is an altered version of the old standard Moon River, with some PG-rated sound effects added.
Purgatory -- This music could also be heard in the Dev Prison.

Imperial City

C.D.E.C. Lobby -- This music could be heard while inside the C.D.E.C. building.
TPN Newscaster -- This "spoken" loop could sometimes be heard outside the TPN building.
Studio 55 -- This music could be heard while inside Studio 55.

First Ward

Seed of Hamidon -- This was the "breathing" noise made by The Seed of Hamidon as it flew around First Ward.


Title Screen Music
City of Heroes (ver. 1) -- Used from launch through Issue 16.
City of Heroes (ver. 2) -- Used from Issue 17 through Issue 20.
City of Villains -- Used from Issue 6 through Issue 20.
Going Rogue (Praetorians) -- Used from Issue 18 through Issue 20.
City of Heroes Freedom -- Unified music used from Issue 21 through sunset. (Also used during character creation.)
Character Creation Screen Music
Hero Characters (ver. 1) -- Used from launch through Issue 16.
Hero Characters (ver. 2) -- Used from Issue 17 through Issue 20.
Villain Characters (ver. 1) -- Used from Issue 6 through Issue 16. (Music file is 12MB and too large to upload - a link is provided in the Discussion Page.)
Villain Characters (ver. 2) -- Used from Issue 17 through Issue 20.
Praetorian Characters -- Used from Issue 18 through Issue 20.
Mission Completion Music
Hero Mission Complete
Villain Mission Complete
Praetorian Mission Complete
Battle Loop -- This music was never used in-game, but was frequently used as background music for early promotional videos.
Holiday Rocket Pack -- This music looped while you used the "Jingle Jet" temp power during a Winter Event.
Carnival of Shadows -- This music looped in the area of the Carnival of Shadows tent setup on mission and zone maps.
Zombie Stinger -- This music was heard when a Zombie invasion began in a zone.
Deadly Apocalypse -- This music was heard when a Deadly Apocalypse began in a zone.
Deadly Apocalypse Cleanup -- This was heard when a Deadly Apocalypse ended.
Sonic Barrier -- This was heard when approaching the sonic barrier surrounding the Praetorian zones.