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Issue 21

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Issue 21, Convergence, was a major revision to City of Heroes and City of Villains. The title references the Praetorian Earth and Primal Earth heroes and villains coming together to assist First Ward, the new co-op Galaxy City tutorial, and the newest co-op Incarnate Trial, The Underground Trial.

This article summarizes some of the major features in Issue 21. For more complete details, see the release date's patch notes.

  • Closed Beta testing on the Training Room for Issue 21 started on June 6, 2011.
  • On August 9, 2011, the Training Room was opened up for Issue 21 Open Beta.
  • Issue 21 was released to the Live Servers on September 13, 2011 for the VIP Headstart.
  • Issue 21 was released to the Live Servers on September 27, 2011 for the public, including new free players.

Confirmed Content

Main Article: Power Set Proliferation
Archetype Primary Secondary
Blaster Dark Blast Darkness Manipulation
Controller None Poison
Defender Thermal Radiation Fire Blast
Scrapper War Mace, Battle Axe Energy Aura
Tanker Super Reflexes Martial Arts
Brute Katana, Broadsword Regeneration
Corruptor Psychic Blast Poison
Dominator None None
Mastermind None Sonic Resonance
Stalker None Ice Armor

Quality of Life Improvements


  • Starting with Issue 21, City of Heroes will be known as City of Heroes Freedom and change from a Pay-to-Play system to a hybrid system. Current City of Heroes subscribers will continue as VIP Players, and may accrue 400 Paragon Points per month starting on their first billing cycle after July 1, 2011. At the launch of City of Heroes Freedom, you will be able to use Paragon Points to purchase new costumes, Power Sets, and hundreds of new items from the in-game Paragon Market. The new Paragon Rewards Program also rewards all levels of loyal players with new bonus content that you select, including exclusive rewards for VIP players.
  • A short story entitled Divided We Fall was released prior to Issue 21's release. It can be found on the discussion page here: Talk:Issue 21.

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