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Resistance Is Futile Badge

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The Resistance considers you an obstacle to accomplishing their goal of overthrowing Emperor Cole. You defeated a number of Resistance members to earn this badge.

How to Get

Defeat 100 points of Resistance enemies to earn this badge. Each minion counts as 1 point, lieutenants as 2 points, and bosses as 5 points.

CreateSymbol Praetorian.png Requires Going Rogue.

Where to Find

Praetorian Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
2-4 Nova Praetoria Elyssian Avenue
5-6 Nova Praetoria North Aetna
7-8 Nova Praetoria South Aetna
4-5 Underground Nova Sector A
5-6 Underground Nova Sector B
6-8 Underground Nova Sector C
9-10 Imperial City People's Park, Logos
11-12 Imperial City Industry Avenue
13-15 Imperial City Four Gables, BAF
9-11 Underground Imperial Sector A
11-13 Underground Imperial Sector B
13-15 Underground Imperial Sector C
18-19 Neutropolis Lambda Sector
19-20 Neutropolis Keyes Island
15-17 Underground Neutropolis Sector A
17-19 Underground Neutropolis Sector B
19-20 Underground Neutropolis Sector C
20-22 First Ward Eltentown
22-24 First Ward Free-Fire Zone

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
45-50 Maria Jenkins A Hero's Epic

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