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Personal Info


When I'm not logged into City of, I'm typically either at work designing software, surfing the CoH boards, or both.

Typically I play on Triumph, but our SG organization has satellite branches on Justice and Pinnacle, as well.

I'm sometimes found over on Champion, running up my prestige total in The Paragon Wiki super group.

In-Game Contact

Via global: @B Samson

Characters and SG Affiliations


th_OSI_seal_80.gif OSI SG Net Gain Net Gain 50 Technology Blaster Energy Blast Devices Munitions Mastery Fitness Flight
Sum Sing Wong Sum Sing Wong 50 Natural Scrapper Katana Regeneration Weapon Mastery Fitness
Outage Outage 50 Science Warshade Umbral Blast Umbral Aura
Net Result Net Result 50 Technology Tanker Invulnerability Energy Melee Energy Mastery Fitness Leaping
Backwater Backwater 31 Magic Tanker Shield Defense War Mace Fighting
Smorgasborg Smorgasborg 18 Technology Blaster Dual Pistols Mental Manipulation
Acutance Acutance 4 Technology Controller Illusion Control unknown Flight
th_OSI_CO_seal_80.gif OSI Covert Ops SG B. Samson B. Samson 50 Natural Tanker Super Strength Invulnerability Energy Mastery Fitness
Husky Husky 50 Science Scrapper Martial Arts Super Reflexes Body Mastery Fitness Speed
Daemor Daemor 50 Magic Defender Dark Miasma Dark Blast Dark Mastery Fitness Teleportation
Mawsitsit Mawsitsit 50 Mutation Controller Earth Control Empathy Stone Mastery Fitness Leaping
The Self-Immolator The Self-Immolator 34 Mutation Tanker Fiery Aura Fiery Melee Fitness Leaping
th_ISO_seal_80.gif ISO VG Oni Kingyo Oni Kingyo 50 Magic Mastermind Ninjas Force Field Leviathan Mastery Fitness Flight Leadership
Briquette Briquette 50 Mutation Brute Fiery Melee Dark Armor Soul Mastery Fitness Leaping
Mesquite Mesquite 50 Science Dominator Plant Control Thorny Assault Mace Mastery Fitness Speed
Manic Infinity Ball Manic Infinity Ball 50 Natural Stalker Claws Ninjitsu Mu Mastery Fitness Teleportation
Micrathena Micrathena 50 Natural Arachnos Soldier Crap Spider Soldier Crab Spider Training Mace Mastery Fitness
Muffetsbane Muffetsbane 25 Natural Arachnos Soldier Arachnos Soldier Training and Gadgets
Phonon Exchange Phonon Exchange 20 Technology Corruptor Electrical Blast Cold Domination
Elevated Threat Elevated Threat 15 Mutation Mastermind Mercenaries Pain Domination
Tomas de Mendoza Tomas de Mendoza 10 Technology Mastermind Demon Summoning Traps
I. Scream I. Scream 3 Technology Corruptor Sonic Attack Sonic Resonance
unaffiliated characters Piezon Piezon 10 Science Dominator Electric Control Earth Assault
Sharur Ninurta Sharur Ninurta 5 Mutation Tanker Stone Armor Dark Melee
Laika Laika 5 Science Blaster Ice Blast Ice Manipulation
Conservator Conservator 2 Technology Brute Kinetic Melee Energy Aura


th_OSI_RD_seal_80.gif OSI Research and Development SG Randulfr Asbjornson Randulfr Asbjornson 50 Magic Tanker Ice Armor Battle Axe Arctic Mastery Fitness Leaping
Sagittaire Sagittaire 50 Natural Defender Trick Arrow Archery Teleportation Concealment Medicine
Neurasthenia Neurasthenia 40 Mutation Blaster Assault Rifle Energy Manipulation Fitness Flight
Jianyu Wei Jianyu Wei 35 Magic Controller Gravity Control Kinetics Fitness
Deposition Deposition 30 Magic Tanker Fiery Aura Ice Melee Leaping
Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis 20 Natural Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura


th_ISO_RO_seal_80.gif ISO Repeat Offenders VG Heikki Lunta Heikki Lunta 50 Science Dominator Ice Control Icy Assault Soul Mastery Fitness Speed
Dingus Khan Dingus Khan 50 Natural Brute Dual Blades Willpower Soul Mastery Fitness Presence
No Ma'am No Ma'am 50 Natural Mastermind Thugs Poison Heat Mastery Fitness Leadership
The Tainter The Tainter 45 Mutation Corruptor Radiation Blast Thermal Radiation Fitness Flight
Raining Bodies Raining Bodies 40 Magic Mastermind Necromancy Storm Summoning Fitness Leaping
Triboelectric Effect Triboelectric Effect 35 Technology Brute Electrical Melee Electric Armor Fitness Teleportation Flight
Barking Widow Barking Widow 30 Natural Arachnos Widow Fortunata Training Fortunata Teamwork Fitness Leaping


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