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Dean MacArthur

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Dean MacArthur
Dean MacArthur.jpg
Zone Sharkhead Isle
Coordinates (255, 32, -762)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By None
Introduces Leonard
Enemy Groups Badge villain family.png The Family
Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
V badge Security.png Security Guards
V badge ConsortiumDefeatBadge.png Cage Consortium
V badge Wyvern.png Wyvern
Badges Badge I11VillainStoryArc1Complete.png Bane of Ajax
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Dean MacArthur is a villain contact in the Port Recluse neighborhood of Sharkhead Isle at coordinates (255, 32, -762). He is about 43 yards to the right of the Vault Reserve marker on the map. He was first introduced in Issue 17.


EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Some of Dean's dialogue will vary depending on the gender of your character. Female characters can expect a certain amount of crude flirting.

Contact Introduced By

Dean MacArthur will be automatically unlocked for villains at level 20, and will contact villains himself if they reach level 20 and have not visited him in Sharkhead Isle yet.

Contact Introduces

Remember that guy Leonard? I totally got the 411 if you're looking to do some business with him.

So that Leonard guy, I gave him a ring. He said he's waiting to talk to you now in Sharkhead, something about a real big deal.

I'd check it out, especially if he can get that whole cloning thing up and running, yeah? Just don't forget old D-Mac when the time comes!

You ain't gonna regret this, trust me.



Dean MacArthur is a man who doesn't exactly look like he belongs in the Rogue Isles.

Speaking with him for more than a few minutes quickly reveals why he is here - to hobnob with 'supervillains' and feel important by giving them prime information that he retains.

Despite how irritating Dean may be, he has a talent for setting things up for villains to knock them down, and he has no moral problems with whatever people do with his information.

In Leonard's arc, if you find information on Dean in the PPD's files, you will discover that he was a member of the PPD, and is wanted for murder. When asked, he reveals that his father was murdered, but the killer got away with it due to a legal loophole. Dean killed his father's murderer, and fled to the Rogue Isles.

Too Low Level

Hey! What's up Diamond Dazzler Destroy? Eh? You're not the triple D?

Maybe Eruptor the Volcanic Lizard? you don't look like that.

So hey, I'm drawing a blank on who you are, but you look like you're going places.

You should totally hit me up when you're at that golden Security Level, I think it's 20. Yeah, I mean I know when someone is at 20.

Outlevelled Contact

What's up bro / babe! Look, me, I'm not a guy who splits hairs, but I gotta in this situation. What I wanna do is way too small time for you, I'm even kinda nervous just thinking about asking you to do this stuff. You got bigger fish to fry amigo / beautiful!

Contact Unlocked

Dean MacArthur has been seen in Sharkhead...

A man named Dean MacArthur is rumored to be looking for you in Sharkhead Isle. People have overheard him saying that he wants to help out 'a bro / beautiful flower like Character.'

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact Window.

Initial Contact


  • Hey! What's up Character?
  • You up for something crazy?

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

No More Missions

Our time together was beautiful Character, like a rosebud blossoming, then being torn apart. You need me for anything though, you just call, you hear?


Dean MacArthur does not sell inspirations or enhancements.

Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.

Me, Myself, and My Other Selves (20-29)


Dean MacArthur's Business Card

You kept this business card in case you ever need to contact the man known as Dean MacArthur. He's somewhat eccentric, but he proved to you that he is a man who can get you information and supplies. This happened during a time you remember as...

Me, Myself, and My Other Selves

It all began when you met Dean MacArthur, a man who supposedly was a good source of information. He told you that Ajax, a survivor from the Omega Team, was on a rampage in the Isles, tearing up any super powered beings who were operating within it. It was also rumored that Ajax's invulnerability was fading after all these years. You and Dean set up a plan to ambush Ajax during a jewelry store robbery. While you were there, you ran into a clone of yourself, who quickly ran away. Adding to your problems even more, Ajax turned out to still be completely invulnerable!

You weren't too interested in tracking down Ajax - the clone of yourself was far more of a problem. Dean put in some calls to his friends and tracked down where your clone ran off to. Dean also mentioned a party interested in taking Ajax off of your hands. You followed the clone, stumbling into a cloning facility run by the 5th Column! All the major factions in Sharkhead were battling it out within the factory, trying to either destroy the facility or take it for themselves. You fought your way to the bottom of the facility and destroyed your clone, then took direct control over operations. It would just be a matter of finding the right resources to get this place up and running.

That's where Crey would come in. Dean's friend in Wyvern tipped him off to a raid they were doing on a Crey office in Sharkhead. You broke up the raid and recruited three Crey scientists to your cause. You also found some interesting information about Project Revenant and a method to disable supers who were completely invulnerable. All of this could be used to get your facility up and running and to put down Ajax, once and for all.

Dean arranged everything that you needed. The Sky Raiders provided the psionic devices to put down Ajax, and Dean tricked Ajax into searching for you in Nerva. You arrived at Nerva with a clone of yours - flawed, but still somewhat useful - to deal with Ajax. Wyvern came prepared to back up Ajax, disabling the trigger for your device, but that didn't stop you from manually using them to assault Ajax's mind with intense psionic powers. Ajax, the hero attempting to reform the Rogue Isles, fell that day in Nerva. You tagged him with a device given to Dean by your mutual friend, who promised to keep Ajax out of your hair.

When you returned to Dean, you asked him who exactly took Ajax away. Dean admitted that he didn't know the man's name. He was only given a letter, which he had been told to give to you. There was no name on the letter, but it was written as if this person knew you. He spoke of time travel, a group called 'Ouroboros', a man named 'Mender Silos', and of a storm on the horizon.

Regardless of this man's true purposes, he proved to to be a valuable tool that you used to get Ajax out of the Isles.

Part One: Ajax and Me


Hey man / babe, you wanted info? I GOT you some info. So check this juicy stuff out.

There's this hero, goes by the name of Ajax. Guy was the last surviving member of the Omega Team. Crazy stuff right? Omega Team, they're the guys that went on that suicide mission to stop the Rikti in the first Rikti War.

So this guy, Ajax, yeah? Totally starts getting all depressed that he's the last one left on the team, the whole, 'Boo hoo, I watched all my friends die, it's all my fault.' What a wimp, right? / Now I'm a sensitive guy, if you're into that, but this guy was a wimp on an epic scale.

Years later, that whole time capsule left by the Omega Team is opened, and BAM! Juicy info flows out of it, like nectar out of a nectar-flowing machine!

Turns out Ajax was just a thug who killed the REAL Ajax and somehow got his powers of invulnerability! Man, if that's not juicy, I don't know what is. Can you believe all that?

  • Dean can you get to the point sometimes today?

Yeah! Totally, I'm getting there! (no flavor dialogue) / I like to take things slowly babe, you know?

So this news spills out that Ajax is a good for nothing thug, yeah? PPD puts out a warrant for his arrest in Paragon, but Ajax, he's smart, he hops over to chill in the Isles. But here's the problem. Now he's all about getting in people's business here, trying to lay down his law all up in this place.

Word on the street is that Ajax is after folks like you supers, you dig?

Me though, I think his invulnerability can't still be all that. Gotta be all rusted and stuff by now, you dig?

I know for a fact, for a FACT, that he loves swooping in to stop robberies. And I also happen to be having the info that a local jewelry store is pretty light on security right now.

So I think you see what's gotta be done, yeah?

If this Ajax guy ain't taken care of, you can be sure he's gonna be piling down on your business at the exact wrong time.

Unnecessary Solicitation

How's that whole shindig with Ajax going?

Mission Objective(s)

The jewelry store is quiet as you step inside. The security cameras in the corners turn slowly, still unaware of your presence.

  • Lure out Ajax
    • Rob the jewelry store to lure out Ajax!
    • Defeat Ajax!
    • Find Mission Exit

Ajax turned out to be completely invulnerable - still. But what's more concerning was that you saw another version of yourself in that jewelry store!


V badge Security.png Security Guards
Badge Defeat8ClonesChallenge.png Doppelgangers

Notable NPCs

You've gotten the items from the store, causing the alarm to go off. Ajax should be here at any moment!

Icon clue generic.png
Your Own Self
While you were robbing the jewelry store, you came across an odd sight - you! But this you was there to defend the store instead of rob it.

Unlike yourself, however, it didn't seem too keen on starting a fight.

Icon clue generic.png
The Invulnerable Ajax
Despite the rumors that Dean heard, Ajax was in fact quite impervious to harm. If he's going to persist in being a problem towards you in the Isles, you'll have to figure out some sort of way around this.


Hey bro / beautiful, how'd it go with taking down that Ajax guy? Is he out for the count?

  • He was completely invulnerable Dean - and I encountered a clone of myself.
Whoah, totally invulnerable? STILL?, I thought that magic wore off by now! Geez, I feel awful about that.
Let me make it up to you huh? Me and you, drinks later on, yeah? It's on me! / How about a nice romantic dinner for two later?
But we've got a problem to handle huh? Let's see...I mean, there's gotta be something we can do about a guy who's totally invulnerable...maybe tie him down?
  • Ajax isn't an issue at the moment. My CLONE is.
...oh! Right!
Yeah. Oh man, totally, that's a problem. For sure! Two of you walking around, going against each other, that could be vicious. / ...hold on. Need to imagine two of you first. ...okay. What? Okay, okay.
Yeah, I can see how this can be a problem.
  • That's why you're going to get me some information about this.
Oh, yeah. Yeah! For sure. It's you and the Dean-man / D-Mac on this, all the way!
So okay, this clone of yours, what did he / she look like?
  • .....
H-haha, just kidding! know, just a little humor there.
Let me do some digging, see what I can find out, yeah?
  • Alright Dean. I'm still not sure what we're gonna do about this. I mean, how the heck is there another version of you running around?
That's not one of your secret powers, is it? Playing a trick here on old Dean?
...yeah, I guess not.

Part Two: My Own Factory

Briefing I'm gonna wrap my mind around this. I'm gonna get you what you need, Dean-style! That's what I do, you know?

Dean takes out his cellphone and sends a flurry of text messages out.

I'm a texting king Character! You gotta be one to impress the ladies. / You like a man who can text 100 words a minute?

So I dunno what could be causing this - I heard the Circle of Thorns did some of that weird stuff over in Paragon. But I mean, why'd they do that with -

Dean's cellphone rings to the tune of a pop song popular with teenage girls.


Okay Character, guess who you're high-fiving! THIS guy, right here! I got you what you need!

  • Why am I high-fiving you?

Okay so check it out. One of my contacts, he said that he saw you leaping into some sewers here in Sharkhead.

But that can't be right, you know? Cause you're right here!

So that means that's GOTTA be where your other you went!

Now I don't know what you're gonna find in there, but I can tell you for sure, 100 percent D-Mac sure, that your man / woman is down there doing something!

Unnecessary Solicitation

How's the clone thing going? Or wait, are you the real Character?

Mission Objective(s)

You followed the trail of yourself through the sewers and into this laboratory. You can hear the sound of a fierce battle going on up ahead!
It looks like Dean's contact told
every other group in Sharkhead about this place!

  • Track Down Your Clone
    • Find your clone in the facility!
    • Defeat your clone
    • Interrogate a 5th Column Scientist!

You put down your clone - it must've been a faulty version of you.
You've taken the 5th Column cloning facility for yourself! Now to figure out what exactly to do with it...


Badge Defeat8ClonesChallenge.png Doppelgangers
Badge villain family.png The Family
Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
V badge ConsortiumDefeatBadge.png Cage Consortium

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Two 5th Column ambushes will appear after entering the cloning room, followed by a Doppelganger.

5th Column Soldier: Kill the intruder! They won't survive past here!

5th Column Soldier: Character won't take control, not here, not now!

Icon clue generic.png
The Clone Factory
Your lead took you down into an old clone factory run by the 5th Column. You put down your clone and 'recruited' a 5th Column scientist to your cause.

Even if this factory doesn't fit into your plans, it's best that it's in your hands and someone else's within the isles. It'll only cause problems down the line if the heroes or a rival within the Isles gets their hands on this factory.


Hey Character. so did you find that clone of yours?



Whaaaaat! Get outta here! Seriously?!

A cloning FACTORY?! And you got it?!

Man I knew you were the right sorta guy / babe to support! So what're we waiting for? You tell D-Mac what you need, and I'll get it for you!

Oh yeah, remember that Ajax dude? Yeah, I spoke to this weird guy today, said that if we could figure out a way to disable Ajax, he'd 'be happy to get him out of our hair'.

Good times keep on rolling, huh?

Part Three: Minding Myself


Alright so, I've been doing some digging Character, you know me! You need something, I get you the info on it.

This Crey Revenant project, man it's all sorts of deep and covered up. But one of my boys, he's in Wyvern, yeah?

Don't worry, he's cool, he's just in it for the money. I get drinks with him on the weekends, guy knows how to throw a party. You should come one day, you know?

Anyway, I ask him about this, and he tells me, 'D-Mac, be honest with you, me and my boys, we got a call to raid this Crey office today. We might find some stuff there.'

So I totally bet that if you can follow Wyvern in there you could get yourself some of them scientists or whatever to help you out!

  • And what about your friend?


Nah, we were never that close. Not like you and me, that is. He's in Wyvern, but man, he ain't as powerful as YOU!

You though, you're going places. Him, He's just a guy with arrows.

Anyway, so check it out, here's the route that they're using to get into the Crey offices, it's through some sort of sewer.

Broham told me that there's three head Crey scientists there and a database full of secrets.

All I gotta say is that I'd push it if I were you, cause Wyvern, they're hitting that base right now!

Also, not to be soundin' all concernicus on you, but them Wyvern, they usually have a front team to check for any folks like you trying to disrupt operations. I bet if you can avoid beating down the group guardin' the sewers, you could catch the rest of them by surprise. That's just me though, I'm not down for fighting a buncha guys at once. Maybe that's your thing.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You see my guy in Wyvern, you uh, you mind not telling him I tipped you off about this? It might look bad.

Mission Objective(s)

Wyvern already has made their way through these sewers. Time to catch up to them and get yourself some Crey scientists.

  • Interrupt Wyvern's raid on Crey
    • 3 Scientists to recover
    • Access Crey's Computer!

The Crey Scientists will be heading towards your cloning facility now. Time to speak to Dean about setting things up to take down Ajax - once and for all.


V badge Wyvern.png Wyvern

Notable NPCs

  • Dr. Higgins
Dr. Higgins is one of the top Crey Scientists within this office.
  • Dr. Zeist
Dr. Zeist is a young and ambitious doctor, willing to do whatever it takes to make a name for himself.
  • Dr. Largs
Dr. Largs is known for his amoral researches within Crey - meaning that he has risen quite high in the company as of late.
  • Sting Agent (Boss) x3 (One guarding each doctor)

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

It is unknown whether the enemies within the mission have different dialogue if the sewer guards are not attacked.


Hey Character, how'd it go down?

Yeah? Three scientists and intense info huh? ROCK!

So now they're gonna get that clone place up and running for you, right? That's awesome! We can totally use that to take down that Ajax guy.

While you were gone he tried roughing me up for info. Can you believe that?! Going after D-Mac?!

I told him some fake info though, that you'd be in Nerva.

I can totally set you up with those psionic thing-a-majigs to put him down though!

Part Four: My Worst Enemy


Man, this is gonna be so intense Character! My hands are shaking in anticipation!

So okay, I did some legwork and talked to some people. D-Mac really put in the extra hours for this one.

I got in touch with those scientists of yours, they said they're gonna have a clone of you all ready to ship out pretty soon. Which is awesome.

And Ajax, he's all in Nerva, trying to see where your face is so he can punch it.

Now, this is the part where you give me a wicked high-five, or at least a fist bump. I got a contact here in Sharkhead, said he could hook you up with those psionic projectors! I know, whaaaaat!

AND, I got that other guy to agree to lug Ajax away once you're all done with him! Even gave me a device to do it! High five time for Dean!

  • Alright Dean, tell me who your contact is in Sharkhead.

Well...okay. So the dude you're going to is called Lt. Chalmers. Guy is former SAS and in the Sky Raiders now, crazy story right?

I got another pal who is in the Sky Raiders, he's OK, kind of uptight and idealistic, but whatever. Real mook that guy is, I think that's what they say.

I figure you can go talk to Chalmers and he'll hook you up with what you gotta do. Your science boys told me they'll send your clone over when you give them the word.

Oh yeah, that guy? You know, the guy. The one who is gonna truck off Ajax. Told me to give you this weird looking device.

He said when Ajax is down, tag him with this and it'll 'keep Ajax out of your hair for a very long time'. Nice huh?

Meet with Lt. Chalmers

Unnecessary Solicitation

You meet up with that guy yet?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Meet with Lt. Chalmers


Character. Good to see you. You're here for the devices, correct?

I've got men delivering them now, you just name the place.

  • Liberty Island. Ajax should be there now.

Liberty Island? Understood. Dean has handled all the payments for you.

Take this device. When Ajax is in sight, just hit the button and the psionic devices will activate, assaulting Ajax's mind.

  • And if the device doesn't work?

The device will work.

  • And if it doesn't?


If it doesn't work, the second option is to just destroy them. The psionics are set up to target Ajax when they're released - destroying the machines will do that. Though, it will also destroy the machines. Obviously.

  • Good to know.

Confront Ajax!

Unnecessary Solicitation

So that Chalmers guy was all cool huh? Told you he was down with this!

Mission Objective(s)

You arrive on Liberty Island with your clone beside you on the boat. Time to go find Ajax and put him down for good.

  • Confront Ajax!
    • Destroy the first Psionic Projector!
    • Destroy the second Psionic Projector!
    • Destroy the third Psionic Projector!
    • Destroy the last projector!
    • Defeat Ajax!

Ajax is whisked away in a bright flash by the device you received. That'll keep him out of your hair - for now. You had better talk with Dean to make sure everything else has gone according to plan.



V badge Wyvern.png Wyvern

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! A Wyvern ambush will appear after the conclusion of your conversation with Ajax, and more will spawn as you destroy projectors.

First Wyvern Ambush: Multiple Characters are confirmed! Call in everyone in Nerva!

Visit Dean MacArthur

Unnecessary Solicitation

We should make this face to face broham / babe, I've got something give you from our mutual friend.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Confirm everything with Dean

Contact Small Dean MacArthur.jpg
Dean MacArthur


Character! What's uuuup! High five on taking down Ajax!

  • Where is he now?
Oh, I have no idea. They guy that I was talking to didn't say, just that he promised to keep Ajax outta our hair for good.
  • ...who is this guy?
Continues as below.
  • I'm never going to high five you Dean. Tell me who took Ajax.

Well, to be honest, the guy's face and all was concealed. BUT, here's the weird thing. Straight up, he told me he figured you'd be curious about him. So he said in the event that you were looking into who he was and what happened to give you this letter to read over.

Dean hands you an unopened envelope with a letter inside of it.

  • (High-five Dean)
You and Dean share an intense high-five together.
  • Now tell me where Ajax is.
Oh, I have no idea. They guy that I was talking to didn't say, just that he promised to keep Ajax outta our hair for good.
  • ...who is this guy?
Well, to be honest, the guy's face and all was concealed. BUT, here's there weird thing.
Straight up, he told me he figured you'd be curious about him. So he said in the event you were looking into who he was and what happened to give you this letter to read over.
Dean hands you an unopened envelope with a letter inside of it.
  • (Read the letter)
You read over the letter...
Dear Character...
This may be the first letter of mine that you're receiving, or the last. Have you visited Ouroboros yet? I suppose that question does not matter - if you have, then you know to be wary. If not, then you have been warned.
You are no doubt wondering what has happened to Ajax. I assure you that you have not been double-crossed - I respect you far too much to do something as banal as 'lie' to you. Yes, I used you to get to Ajax, much like you used Dean to get what you wanted. However, both of us have benefited from this, as Ajax is now where he needs to be.
There is a storm on the horizon - one that you are either all too familiar with, or one that you will soon come to know. I am gathering a team of sorts to deal with this - properly.
Mender Silos of Ouroboros has his followers who do his dirty work for him. Ajax shall be one of the few who will be on my team I do not use the term 'follower', as that implies I believe myself to be higher than those who aid me - much like Mender Silos does.
The time is coming soon when sides must be taken, Character. I would ask that you choose to side with myself when that day arrives. Silos will use you for his own ends - I, however, will do everything I can to work with you, to aid you.
As I mentioned earlier, this may be the first letter of mine you received, or the very last. Regardless of that, I shall see you in the pillar of fire and ice, when the time comes. I hope that you will make the right, and informed, choice of who you will support.
  • Dean, you don't know who gave you this letter?
No idea bro / babe, like I said, dude was all mysterious-like, I couldn't see his face or anything.
But I know he was a guy! If there's one thing D-Mac knows, it's what gender someone is.
Hey so did your clones work out ok?
  • Not exactly. Why?
There's this guy, name's Leonard, weird kinda guy. He was looking around for you before.
He said that he was really interested in helping out with getting your cloning factory up and running.
I figure if you're interested, I can give him a ring and hook you up, yeah?
  • That sounds like a plan Dean, make it so.


Character, I have to say, me and you working together, side by side, it's been great. A pleasure, and an honor. If you ever need someone to get you info on what's good in the isles, I'm your go to guy. Or if you want to just chill out, / Or if you want to go out on a nice romantic dinner in Aeon City, you just let me know, and I will be there in a HEARTBEAT. You and me, we're gonna be comrades forever, FOREVER!


The Bane of Ajax Badge is awarded upon completion of Dean's Story Arc.

File:Badge I11VillainStoryArc1Complete.png Bane of Ajax

You've proven to Ajax, and the world, that no one is truly invincible.


Dean MacArthur does not have any missions out of his story arc.