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Heather Townshend

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Heather Townshend
Heather Townshend.jpg
Zone Dark Astoria
Coordinates (4542, 42, 1213)
Level Range 50
Introduced By Captain Nolan (Heroes) or
Threatening Arachnos Message (Villains)
Introduces Mu'Vorkan
Enemy Groups DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon
DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance
DefeatTsooEnd.png Tsoo
Badges Mission DA Arc Complete.png Eye of Vengeance
Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Time Saver
Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Architect Writer
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Heather Townshend is a hero and villain contact in the Scintillating Prism neighborhood of Dark Astoria at coordinates (4542, 42, 1213). Her level range is 50. She is standing on a raised street at the Scintillating Prism waypoint, or 667 yards northeast of the Peregrine Island entrance.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

That Mu'Vorkan person is waiting to talk to you.

I'm not too sure how much you can trust Mu'Vorkan, but it seems he's the best shot towards solving all these problems around here.

Heroes and Vigilantes: Be careful with this guy, Character.
Villains and Rogues: I'm sure someone like you can handle this person, Character.



Heather Townshend is an architect who used to live in Dark Astoria before it was overrun by the Banished Pantheon. She has now returned to Dark Astoria, seemingly called there by the city itself.

Prior to Introduction

It's safe within these runes, if you need to pause for a moment, Character.

Initial Contact

Heather Townshend's initial contact is part of the arc given by Captain Nolan or Threatening Arachnos Letter


There's a lot to be done to save Dark Astoria, but I think we can make a dent.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

I'll stay here and handle things, Character. Don't worry about me.


Story Arc

Burden of the Past


Broken Assassin Visor

You recovered the visor of a member of the Knives of Artemis. They must have tossed it off while trying to fight against the Knives of Vengeance. It reminds you of an experience called...

Burden of the Past

You found yourself within Dark Astoria, which was now transformed into an even more nightmarish planescape. You discovered that the Knives of Artemis had been transformed into a monstrous group called the Knives of Vengeance and were now wreaking havoc in the area.

You worked with a woman named Heather Townshend to find out more information about the Knives of Vengeance and what they were about, while also encountering other groups who were at play withn the cursed city, namely the Tsoo and Arachnos.

In the end, you were faced with a situation of trying to save Sigil and Kadabra Kill. Did you choose to save them, or were their lives not part of your plan of discovering what was at stake within Dark Astoria?

Part One: Vengeance


I'll be completely blunt, Character. I don't know a lot about what's going on. However, Kadabra Kill and Sigil seemed to at least have an idea of what to do first.

They told me that they would check back periodically with me. Sigil stated that they were trying to find out what was going on with those monsters I mentioned to you, the ones who were attacking the assassins.

Kadabra Kill mentioned that they had tracked some of them down to a nearby cave system.

  • So if I find Kadabra Kill and Sigil, I'll find some answers.

Yes, I would assume as much. They'll be happy to have someone like yourself on their side, that's for sure.

I'm going to be staying here to see if I can find anyone else who is wandering within Dark Astoria. Before you came along, I saw several other individuals running through the streets. I tried to call out to them, but they could not hear me, and I could not risk leaving this safe area.

I'd be on the lookout yourself for any missing supers in your time here. / If you care, I would be on the lookout for any missing supers while you're here.

Find Kadabra Kill and Sigil

Unnecessary Solicitation

Nothing else here, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: Granite_Caves_45_02

You descend into a system of large caverns beneath the city of Dark Astoria. You see the woman, Sigil, nearby.

  • Find Kadabra Kill and Sigil
    • Check on Sigil
    • Find the missing Hand of Artemis
    • Defeat the Knives of Vengeance assassin!


DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance

Notable NPCs


Oh, Character, you are a sight for sore eyes! My husband and I were hoping that someone else would show up to help us, but we never imagined it would be you!

Montague has asked that the rest of the Midnight Squad stay out of the affairs in Astoria for the moment. We can't risk losing any more members to this until we know more about what's going on.

  • Understandable. What's the situation here?
My husband and I have been investigating what's going on. Have you seen them in the streets? The monstrous beings that are terrorizing the area along with the Banished Pantheon. We think they might be members of the Knives of Artemis, but transformed. They might have something to do with all of this, but we can't be sure.
I was going to try to push forward through these caverns; there's a member of the group that ran into here. However, there's just too many for me to take on alone.
If you're serious about trying to stop this, Character, then I would try to track down that woman and see what she knows. In the meantime, I'm going to meet back with my husband and tell him that we have your help.
  • Alright, I'll take care of things here.
  • Do you know what happened to the missing supergroup?
We encountered a member from a supergroup that was called here. He mentioned how the rest of his group was lost to the city.
The man looked like a shade of himself. My husband told him that we could help him, but he refused, saying something about being beyond help, how he couldn't bear the burden any more. He ran off around a corner. We heard a scream and chased after him. He was gone, Character.
During our time here, we've seen a few supers, and even a detective, but none of them stayed still long enough for us to talk with them.
  • Got it. What else can you tell me about the situation here?
My husband and I have been investigating what's going on. Have you seen them in the streets? The monstrous beings that are terrorizing the area along with the Banished Pantheon. We think they might be members of the Knives of Artemis, but transformed. They might have something to do with all of this, but we can't be sure.
I was going to try to push forward through these caverns; there's a member of the group that ran into here. However, there's just too many for me to take on alone.
If you're serious about trying to stop this, Character, then I would try to track down that woman and see what she knows. In the meantime, I'm going to meet back with my husband and tell him that we have your help.
  • Alright, I'll take care of things here.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The following is alternate dialogue from Sigil. It's unclear what the trigger is for the different intro text, possibly owning the The Thief of Midnight Badge.

Sigil glares at you.

You! I remember you all too well, Character. Are you still just a lackey for Darrin Wade, even with all of your power, or have you broken away and become your own man / woman?

Or are you working for whatever creature is trying to destroy the world?

  • That's in the past. I'm here to stop whatever is happening.
You're here to stop what's happening? Hrmph... I suppose stranger things have happened.
My husband and I have been investigating what's going on. Have you seen them in the streets? The monstrous beings that are terrorizing the area along with the Banished Pantheon.
  • What about them?
We think they might be members of the Knives of Artemis, but transformed. They might have something to do with all of this, but we can't be sure.
I was going to try to push forward through these caverns; there's a member of the group that ran into here. However, there's just too many for me to take on alone.
If you're serious about trying to stop this, Character, then I would try to track down that woman and see what she knows. In the meantime, I'm going to meet back with my husband and tell him that we have your help, even if it is... unusual.
  • Alright, I'll do that.
  • Look, Sigil, I'm sorry for what happened in the past.
What? You're sorry? For attacking my husband and I? For breaking in to the Midnighter's mansion? For working with Darrin Wade?
  • That would be it, yes. I'm here to help now with what's happening.
Sigil stares at you for a few moments before sighing.
I'm suspicious, but I'll give you a chance, Character. My husband and I have been investigating what's going on. Have you seen them in the streets? The monstrous beings that are terrorizing the area along with the Banished Pantheon. We think they might be members of the Knives of Artemis, but transformed. They might have something to do with all of this, but we can't be sure.
I was going to try to push forward through these caverns; there's a member of the group that ran into here. However, there's just too many for me to take on alone.
If you're serious about trying to stop this, Character, then I would try to track down that woman and see what she knows. In the meantime, I'm going to meet back with my husband and tell him that we have your help, even if it is... unusual.
  • Alright, I'll do that.


You see a member of the Knives of Artemis, surrounded by what appears to be former members of the Knives of Artemis. They look normal, at first glance, but upon closer inspection you can see monstrous details that set these women apart.

The member of the Knives of Artemis looks worn out, tiredly grasping onto her blade, the edge of it looking dull from too much use.

Character, the famous hero / infamous villain. I remember receiving many hits to kill you.

That's all changed now, however. The end is here, and we're all witnesses to the collapse of our world. They're all gone, now, beyond my grasp. I had to kill them, put them out of their misery.

  • What's going on here? Who are these monsters?

These were my sisters. Something happened to our inner circle, but I do not know what.

They chose to be transformed, to become something higher, as they say. I do not know who or what caused this... I only know that they've broken from the organization. They call themselves the Knives of Vengeance. They tried to get me to join them, but I refused.

They called me traitor and chased me down. They wanted to kill me, Character, but I killed them first. We were trained not to care for the deaths of our fellow assassins, but nothing prepared me for killing them when they've become... monsters.

  • Why do you say it's the end of times?

The organization is gone, Character. The monster within Astoria is awakened. Forces of nature beyond our comprehension attack us from every side.

I kill five, ten more show up... there's no end to this. My hands are covered with the blood of my sisters, twisted and disfigured.

I can't go on any further, Character. There's no hope left for this world, don't you see?

You see a strange presence beginning to gather around the Knives of Artemis assassin...

  • What the...?

Icon clue generic.png
Knives of Vengeance
The cave you delved into contained more than you could've imagined. You watched as a member of the Knives of Artemis was swallowed by some sort of monstrous... mouth, after she was proclaiming that the world was doomed. She told you that the Knives of Artemis had transformed into these monsters called the Knives of Vengeance.

You were then attacked by one of their assassins, who spoke of others that they had to deal with. Is this the result of the monster that has awakened within Dark Astoria?

Speak with Heather Townshend

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Heather Townshend

Contact Small Heather Townshend.jpg
Heather Townshend


Character, what did you find out?

You explain to Heather what happened in the caves beneath Dark Astoria.

That's... that's horrible. I didn't even know about these Knives of Artemis until today... but that must've been the assassin I had seen. You said she was swallowed by some sort of mouth? I wonder... was it because she gave up hope? I don't know, it's a crazy theory.

Do you have any idea what caused these women to transform?

  • No, not in the slightest.

Hrm, well, I think the most we can do at this point is to try and figure out more about why this woman was eaten. If we find out more about the power at work here, we can stand a chance at stopping it.

  • I'm all ears if you have an idea.

Part Two: No Escape


The only idea I have still lies with Kadabra Kill and Sigil. Something... bizarre happened while you were gone, Character.

Kadabra Kill approached me, without his wife. There was something different in his voice, a sort of... hopelessness in his tone. Sort of how that woman was talking to you. He told me that he was going to investigate a nearby office for clues towards the nature of the monstrous women and the beast that had awakened.

However, he didn't seem all too convinced that he would find anything.

  • Did Sigil follow him?

Yes, she ran off right away when I told her what happened. She seemed to have an idea of what might've been going on. I tried to follow her, but, well, I'm just a plain civilian. I'm not going to risk leaving these runes.

Heather sighs, rubbing the bridge of her nose.

I'm just an architect, Character, I was never supposed to be involved in something big like this. I know it's not much to go on, but I think you can find something else out if you go to this building.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Be careful, Character. Dark Astoria has no safe havens outside of these runes.

Mission Objective(s)

You saw winged creatures flying around the building before you entered it, like sharks circling in on their prey.
The Knives of Vengeance must be after Kadabra Kill and Sigil, but are they somehow controlling the power that
devoured the Knives of Artemis assassin?

  • Investigate the Dark Astoria building
    • 3 Knives of Vengeance leaders to find clues from
    • Find Sigil and Kadabra Kill
    • Defend Sigil from the Banished Pantheon
    • Get information from Sigil

You've learned the name of the slumbering beast in Dark Astoria - Mot. The Tsoo might have more information for you to use.


DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance
DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs


No... Kadabra... why did you think that you caused me pain?! I chose all of this... it wasn't your place to decide that it wasn't right!

  • What did he mean when he talked about pain? (A)
When we were young, we had gotten into some... Trouble. I won't bother with the details, but in the end, I chose to give up my soul so that Kadabra would keep his.
He and I have been seeking a way to recover my soul ever since. I suppose these Knives of Vengeance believe that Kadabra somehow cheated, that he should have been the one to have his soul taken. They seem to think that they're doing me a favor in all of this, but I chose for this to happen.
I would do anything to help my husband, and he anything for me. But now it seems the darkness here has twisted his mind, making him believe that he was in the wrong.
  • The darkness - Mot? What does he have to do with the Pantheon? (B)
I've only heard rumors, nothing substantial. There may be others who can help you, though.
The Tsoo have been fighting in Dark Astoria for years. If anyone would have information about Mot, it would be them.
I need to recover myself and find my husband, Character. I can't let him be taken by these women or this city. If I need your help, I will let that woman, Heather, know. I know we can count on you to help us in our time of need.
  • What, what is it that your husband did? (Repeat A)
  • Alright, I'll look into the Tsoo.
  • Who's this Mot, and what does he have to do with the Pantheon? (Repeat B)

Icon clue generic.png
Too Much to Do
The Knives of Vengeance that you fought said something about there being too much work for them to do. Have they been created specifically to bear someone else's burden?
Icon clue generic.png
Purpose of Vengeance
You defeated one of the monstrous women in the Knives of Vengeance and tried to get information out of her. However, the woman's eyes glazed over before dying seconds after you defeated her.

It seems that the Knives of Vengeance have only one purpose, and if they are defeated, then their purpose is used up.

Icon clue generic.png
The City of Punishment
You defeated one of the leaders of the Knives of Vengeance, who mentioned that people seem to be summoned to Dark Astoria to pay for their sins. She specifically mentioned Kadabra Kill, Sigil's husband.

Are the Knives of Vengeance focusing on Dark Astoria because of this?


Kadabra Kill has gone missing now, too? I can understand, I think...

The longer I stay in this place, the more my mind has been wandering to my past, to those memories I regret. I thought I'd made peace with it, but... there's just something about this city, Character. Maybe it's all just from this Mot creature.

Sigil was right, though. I think the Tsoo can help us, and I think we were lucky enough that I saw some of them before.

Part Three: Those Who Have Fought


While you were gone, I saw a number of those guys from the Tsoo running around. I was a little scared, at first. Back in Talos, they're nothing but thugs.

The strangest thing happened, though. I watched them actually fighting off those guys from the Banished Pantheon and the Knives of Vengeance! These guys could be allies, Character! Maybe they've changed their attitude while in Dark Astoria, fighting for the greater good and all that.

  • Do you know where they went?

As usual, I stayed here in my little protective rune area. But I did overhear them talk about going into a tunnel system nearby to some sort of underground warehouse.

If what Sigil said is true, we might be able to finally make a breakthrough about what's going on here in Dark Astoria. While you're gone, I'll see if I can't get in touch with Sigil to see if she was able to find her husband. We all need to stick together in here if we're going to take down this Mot creature, right?

Unnecessary Solicitation

No word from Sigil yet, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You slip into one of the tunnel systems in Dark Astoria. You see up ahead agents from Arachnos trying to speak with a member of the Tsoo.

  • Investigate the Tsoo
    • Speak with Hua Tov to gain entry inside
    • 3 items to look through for information
    • Defeat the head of the Tsoo Safehouse

You've found information about Mot from the Tsoo's warehouse!


DefeatTsooEnd.png Tsoo

Notable NPCs

Madame Bellerose is a villain whose exploits are infamous in Europe. She has the ability to utilize dark energies for her own use. It is believed that she recently ascended to become an Incarnate.


You. Character. I am Hua Tov. You are one of the proud heroes of Paragon City. You have stopped many of my kind before. But this is different.

The Tsoo in Dark Astoria are not petty criminals. We are the ones who have fought tirelessly over the years to fight the darkness that consumes this city. You do not know how to fight the darkness, and thus will only bring chaos to our plans.

Leave now, and I will not be forced to use my powers against you. You have been warned, just like the Arachnos lackeys!

  • -Your- power? You do know I'm an incarnate, right?
You're an Incarnate, are you? Hrm. Interesting. That does not change my words.
The Tsoo who have been fighting in Dark Astoria have become very powerful over the years. We have unlocked the secrets of our ink, allowing us to tap into the same power that you have.
I will say it again. Leave, and I shall not be forced to destroy you.
  • Go ahead, try and destroy me! (Fight Hua Tov)
  • I'm not here to fight, I'm here to find out about Mot.
Mot? What would you want to know about the beast?
The Tsoo have been fighting this creature for years, Character. We have become familiar with everything regarding the creature. We know what to do in order to destroy it.
Master Tub Ci has commanded that we deal with any outside interlopers. You will only ruin our plans to stop Mot.
I was merciful with Scirocco and his lackeys, but I will not show the same mercy towards you. You will be an example to the others. The Tsoo will handle Dark Astoria, no one else!
  • If you insist on a fight...! (Fight Hua Tov.)
  • Hold on! I understand your frustration, you've all fought hard this entire time.
You are right that we have fought fiercely, Character. While you all handled threats of the Rikti, the Praetorians, the 5th Column, we stayed in this cursed city.
I've watched my comrades go mad, either trying to kill each other or themselves. Master Tub Ci has finally come around to help us, now that the beast has surfaced.
You say that you seek to destroy Mot, as well? Hrm... if I let you in, Character, my comrades will attack you, and I would have no way of stopping them. I cannot stop that. However, we do have information regarding Mot inside.
  • Then you will let me in?
I will. If you prove strong enough to defeat my comrades, then perhaps your mind is fresh enough to face the creature.
If not, then we will have eliminated a possible issue down the road. I will be off, Character, until we meet again.
  • Goodbye, Hua.

Did not fight Hua Tov:

Icon clue generic.png
Peaceful Resolution
You were able to end things peacefully with Hua Tov, though he warned you that the rest of the Tsoo would not be so willing to settle things in the same manner.
Icon clue generic.png
Summoning Components
You found several items within one of the Tsoo chests in their warehouse. It contains several very rare summoning components, something you found out from a dossier that was located on the chest. They mention that the components are used for summoning some sort of being into this world, but it does not specify who or what that being is.
Icon clue generic.png
The Nature of Mot
You searched through documents that the Tsoo had regarding Mot and found some important information. Mot, it seems, is powered by death and suffering. The more death there is, the more Mot is empowered. The more anguish a person is in when they are killed, the more power Mot gains.

The Tsoo theorize that all of the wars that have been happening within Paragon and the Isles in this short amount of time have pushed Mot to fully re-awaken.

Their most recent research deals in what happens when a person is 'absorbed' by Mot. The Tsoo believe now that Mot is awake, he has the ability to absorb those who have become weakened, but their research is still inconclusive.

Icon clue generic.png
The Tsoo Will Prevail
You defeated the Ancestral Warden within the Tsoo's warehouse. Before he collapsed, he warned you that no matter what, the Tsoo and Tub Ci shall prevail. They have been working on their plans for years, and they will finally be rewarded for all of the sacrifices they've made in the fight against Mot.


How did it go, Character? ... ...

So... Arachnos is here too with some guy named Scirocco? I think I've heard of him. I've got a bad feeling about what's next if they're here...

It looks like we know what we're up against now, though. It all makes complete sense! It's no wonder that Mot was awakened. We've had so many wars and crises these past few years alone... the Praetorian invasion probably pushed his powers into overdrive and caused him to wake up!

That's probably why all of us who were from Dark Astoria started having those dreams... Mot's presence was spilling out of the city and affecting us! So... the absorption... that's it! If the death of someone makes him stronger... and someone who dies in agony is even better... then if he absorbs someone who is evil, or who has given up hope, maybe he continues to absorb their power! Or, maybe, it's really a shot in the dark. I suppose at this point we should try to meet up with Sigil, right?

Finale: Moment of Judgement


Let me see if I can get in touch with Sigil... mmph! Something's not right... Someone's talking to me in my mind! It's... Sigil, I think! Hold on...


...! Character, this is bad! Sigil says she's been captured by the Knives of Vengeance! They're keeping her and Kadabra Kill in a sewer system nearby!

They're putting the two of them on some sort of sick trial that is only going to end in their deaths!

  • And that will only make Mot more powerful.

Mission Acceptance

Right! If Sigil and Kadabra Kill die now, it'll only make things harder for us to actually fight against Mot!

Sigil gave me a rough location of where they are. You need to go save them! We need to make a stand here and now against Mot!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hurry, Character!

Mission Objective(s)


The sewers of Dark Astoria have been warped by the Mot. Somewhere in these sewers the Knives of Vengeance are holding Sigil and Kadabra Kill captive.

  • Save Kadabra Kill and Sigil
    • Find Sigil and Kadabra Kill
    • Speak with the Tempest
    • Two minutes to save Kadabra Kill and Sigil! (if both are chosen)
    • Defeat the Knives of Vengeance (if Sigil is chosen)
    • Defeat Huab Tais (if both are allowed to die)

You've handled the situation with the Knives of Vengeance.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

If the choice is made to save both, a 2:00 minute countdown will begin during which time all Knives in the area must be defeated, otherwise Kadabra Kill and Sigil will die.


DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance

Notable NPCs


Welcome, Character. You're just in time to see the destruction of two oathbreakers, two sinners. The woman could have been left alone, if she did not insist on staying by this man's side.

They are both guilty of many crimes, but, let us pose the question to you. Shall we take just Kadabra's life and spare the woman? Perhaps you wonder why we ask you. An answer is not needed for that, only for the judgement to pass on them.

  • Just take Kadabra's life.
You pause for a moment before answering. If you tell these women to take Kadabra's life, they will do it, but Sigil will be safe.
  • Take Kadabra's life.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! A Knives of Vengeance ambush occurs if you choose to save only Sigil.
  • (Reconsider)
  • Neither of them are dying today.
You pause for a moment before you say your words and look over the situation. Kadabra Kill and Sigil seem to be in some sort of ritual.
You size up the situation, seeing that you'll have to defeat all of the Knives of Vengeance if you have any hope of rescuing Sigil and Kadabra Kill. However, knowing how determined the Knives are, they will probably begin their ritual to kill the two while you fight them. You're not too sure how long this would take, but it couldn't be more than a few minutes before the two of them are killed.
If you could take down all of the Knives of Vengeance in this area before they complete the ritual, you could save Kadabra Kill and Sigil. However, if you can't defeat the Knives, then both Sigil and Kadabra Kill will be killed.
  • I'm saving them both!
  • (Reconsider your options)
  • Kill them both, I don't care.
A smile creeps along the face of the woman.
Hrm... I suppose that could be arranged, Character. You would truly just allow both of them to die?
  • It doesn't matter to me.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Huab Tais leads a Tsoo ambush if you allow both to die.
  • (Reconsider your options)


File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png Eye of Vengeance

You fought the Knives of Vengeance within Dark Astoria and discovered that they plan to hunt down and kill whoever they deem 'worthy' for their justice. It appears that, coincidentally, that's just about anyone on Primal Earth.

If you save both Kadabra Kill and Sigil within 2:00 you will earn the Time Saver Badge

File:Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Time Saver

You were able to save Kadabra Kill and Sigil by defeating all the members of the Knives of Vengeance within two minutes.

Personal Story


Heather Townshend's Personal Story

Heather Townshend had a matter to settle in Dark Astoria. She was the woman who originally proposed that survivors in Dark Astoria go to a warehouse to hold out until help arrived. Heather Townshend had escaped, while everyone else was slaughtered. She went to the warehouse to try to get some closure in what she thought would be the dead spirits of her former friends. Instead, she found Ajax and a request from the mysterious letter writer, who asked her to join his team in order to help find out more about the secrets of Dark Astoria. Heather accepted, and is now working with Ajax to continue to fight against the dark forces at work within the city.

Remnants of the Past


After finishing everything with Character, Heather Townshend was left with a problem. She had come back to Dark Astoria, hoping to make amends with her past. It haunted Heather, all of this time, knowing that she survived while others didn't. During the initial attack in Dark Astoria, Heather Townshend directed people to a warehouse in Astoria, believing that they could properly protect themselves from the Pantheon until help arrived.

Heather's architectural knowledge of the city assured her that this was the best place to go; the warehouse was sturdy enough to survive an attack by the Pantheon and had only one entrance. Heather, herself, was unable to get to the warehouse, as she was separated from the main group. She eventually made her way to the warehouse and watched in horror from the outside as the zombies and shamans of the Pantheon broke through.

Heather ran, the screams of the civilians haunting her dreams since that day. Now, she intends to go to that warehouse, believing that it's time for her to confront her past once and for all.

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Heather Townshend's Personal Story)

Mission Acceptance

Heather Townshend would always remember where that warehouse was. She knew if she moved fast enough that she could make it; after all, the Knives of Vengeance and Mot had bigger fish to fry in the form of Character, who was no doubt becoming a large thorn in their sides.

Mission Objective(s)


The warehouse is abandoned, but clean of the slaughter that once happened here. Some villainous group or even survivors must have used this place since the events of the past.

  • Heather Townshend's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Search for signs of the previous survivors in the front of the warehouse.
    • Look for the source of the footsteps

Heather Townshend has agreed to help Ajax and the unknown person he works for.

After searching the first crate

After searching the second crate

After reaching the last room in the warehouse


Hey, you're Heather Townshend, right? The architect who survived Dark Astoria. The name's Ajax, I'm here with an offer for you.

  • How did you find me?

Well, it was easy. I knew what you looked like and saw you running into this warehouse.

The guy that I worked for took care of some monsters that were trying to follow you. How else did you think a civvie like you woulda made it to a place like this?

Anyway, you want to hear this offer or not?

  • ... What is it?

Things are bad here in Astoria, there's no doubt about that. The guy that I work for, he wants your help in solving things.

You know the architecture here in Astoria, right? He believes that there's something beneath all of it, some powerful runes that a guy named David Hazen put down.

The boss wants to ask that you, me, and some other guy investigate these runes and also the information about David Hazen. He thinks that Character will be able to use this information to stop Mot in Dark Astoria.

Heather Townshend paused in a moment and thought over the proposal. She came to this warehouse looking for a way to somehow make peace with the ghosts of the past. They were all long gone, however. She realized that perhaps this is what she was meant to do, this is why she survived. Her knowledge of Astoria and its architecture was somehow very useful to this man, Ajax, and whoever he works for. It was possible that, even without super powers, she could help save Astoria and achieve some sort of atonement for her past.

  • Okay, I'm in.

Perfect. Stay in the runes until the time is right. I need to work on getting this other guy into Dark Astoria.

Just as a warning, he's a real pain, but the boss seems to think that he's got potential to help us out, as long as there's some sorta incentive.

I'll contact you again when the time is right.

  • Okay.

File:Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Architect Writer

You played through Heather Townshend's personal story, witnessing the event where she joined the Letter Writer's team.