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Archetype Enhancements

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Archetype Enhancements (ATEs or AEs) are all-unique and attuned enhancements. There is one set per standard archetype, while Epic Archetypes have one set for both archetypes. All of the enhancements can only be slotted by a single archetype (or "set of archetypes" for EATs) depending on the name of the set. Each set contains a special enhancement tailored to that AT's role (Stalkers have a chance for hide, Kheldians get a changing bonus based on current form). Archetype Enhancements are also called Archetype Specific Enhancements (ASEs), Archetype Origin Enhancements (ATOs or AOs) - note this is technically a misnomer - or are referred to by the actual archetype (for instance, Blaster Enhancements). Note that calling them "ATIOs" is not only a misnomer, but is also incorrect because Archetype Enhancements are not Invention Origin Enhancements (IOs).

Each enhancement has a level 10 minimum requirement, but as an attuned enhancement, the enhancement portion will increase as the character's level increases. The enhancement portion is affected by exemplar as normal. Set bonuses will operate down to level 7. All Archetype Enhancements are slotted in click damage attacks, melee or ranged as appropriate for the archetype, except for the Controller and Dominator sets slotting in mez powers and the Mastermind set slotting in pet powers.

Note that Archetype Enhancements are not Inventions: they do not need to be crafted. Once claimed from the "Character Item" tab of the Email Window, they appear in the character's enhancement tray and are ready to be slotted if they match the character's archetype. Because Archetype Enhancements are not Inventions, they can be slotted by all accounts, even Premium.

Players can both trade and email the standard Archetype Enhancements; however, the Superior versions are Account Bound and can only be emailed to the player's own global name.


Archetype Enhancements are available from the following sources:

Superior Enhancements

Enhancement Catalysts can be applied to the standard enhancements to raise them up into Account Bound "Superior" versions with higher enhancement values, bigger set bonuses, and a better special enhancement bonus. However, catalyzing an ATE will also increase the minimum level requirement to 50, similar to Purple IOs. To catalyze a whole standard set into a Superior set, a player must have six Enhancement Catalysts, as each piece must be catalyzed separately.

Standard and Superior enhancements of the same type are mutually exclusive; a character cannot slot both Blaster's Wrath: Accuracy/Damage and Superior Blaster's Wrath: Accuracy/Damage. This means that set bonuses are limited; a character can get the first and second set bonuses twice (by slotting three standard pieces and three Superior pieces), or the first set bonus twice and the second and third set bonus once (by slotting two and four pieces), but cannot get the third, fourth, and fifth bonuses from both sets. Note that the set bonuses for the standard and Superior versions are different; the Superior version grants higher bonuses.

Enhancement Listing

The following table lists each archetype's enhancement set, and includes the archetype-specific bonus that the special enhancement grants. The final column is the average times per minute the proc chance has to fire (Procs Per Minute, or PPM); if nothing is listed, it functions more like a global.

Note that damage and heal/hitpoint numbers are derived from Level 50 characters. Lower level characters will see lower numbers.

Archetype Enhancement Set Name Special Enhancement Bonus PPM
  Blaster     AO Blaster's Wrath.png Blaster's Wrath     71.8 [107]* fire damage** by the slotted power     4/min [5/min]*  
  Brute     AO Brute's Fury.png Brute's Fury     gain 5 [7]* Fury when attacking with the slotted power     4/min [5/min]*  
  Controller     AO Will of the Controller.png Will of the Controller     71.8 [107]* psionic damage** by the slotted power     4/min [5/min]*  
  Corruptor     AO Malice of the Corruptor.png Malice of the Corruptor     71.8 [107]* negative energy damage** by the slotted power     4/min [5/min]*  
  Defender     AO Defender's Bastion.png Defender's Bastion     72HP [107HP]* PBAoE heal*** by the slotted power     4/min [5/min]*  
  Dominator     AO Ascendency of the Dominator.png Ascendency of the Dominator     14.19% [21.25%]* damage buff by the slotted power (stacks 3 times)     5/min [6/min]*  
  Mastermind     AO Command of the Mastermind.png Command of the Mastermind     40' radius buff that increases henchmen AOE defense by 10% [15%]*    
  Scrapper     AO Scrapper's Strike.png Scrapper's Strike     increases base chance to critically hit by all powers by 2% minions/4% others [3%/6%]*    
  Stalker     AO Stalker's Guile.png Stalker's Guile     20% [33%]* chance to hide when attacking with the slotted power     4/min [5/min]*  
  Tanker     AO Might of the Tanker.png Might of the Tanker     increase damage resistance by 5% [6.7%]* by the slotted power (stacks 3 times)     5/min [6/min]*  
  Hero EAT     AO Kheldian's Grace.png Kheldian's Grace  

  Human form: 3% [5%]* enhanced damage resistance  
  Nova form: 9% [13.5%]* damage buff  
  Dwarf form: 80.25 [107]* increased maximum hitpoints  

  Villain EAT     AO Dominion of Arachnos.png Dominion of Arachnos     cause terrorize and 10% [15%]* damage debuff when attacking with the slotted power     4/min [5/min]*  

* Blue numbers inside square brackets indicate the Superior version's special enhancement bonus.
** The damage dealt by these procs are not affected by set bonuses and will not inherit any click buffs.
*** The heal in Defender's Bastion is not affected by set bonuses but will inherit any click buffs.


Main Article: Procs Per Minute

Unlike standard IO procs with a percentage chance to proc, Archetype Enhancement procs behave differently. Rather than calculating a standard, fixed dice roll each time the slotted power is used, Archetype Enhancement procs have a chance to proc that is based off of the host power's activation time and recharge time in relation to the PPM (procs per minute) of the set.

Please see the main article for more information.


While Archetype Enhancements typically state they can be slotted into a broad selection of powers, in practice they appear to be limited to Primary and/or Secondary power selections. It has been shown through testing, that despite qualifying as acceptable powers, most Ancillary Power Pool powers, Power Pool powers and powers from the Patron Power Pools seem unable to accept the slotting of Archetype Enhancements. Whether this is a bug or working as intended has not been verified by a developer at this time.