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Super Pack

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Super Packs are available on the Paragon Market for 80pp each. Players may purchase up to 24 Super Packs at a time. Opening a Super Pack grants a number of rewards; a player could find anything from inspirations, reward merits, and costume pieces, to enhancements and enhancement boosters, unslotters, and catalysts, or even experience and patrol boosts, and more.

Using Super Packs

To use a Super Pack, open the Email Window and select "Character Item", then claim the Super Packs (one by one) from the list. Note that Super Packs will be listed as "Super Pack: Hero and Villain (1)" even if a player has purchased more than one Super Pack. After claiming a Super Pack, it will open a new window with five images that look similar to playing or tarot cards, face-down. Clicking a card will turn it over and award that item or set of items to the player; if the reward is not a costume piece, it will show up in the Character Item list of the Email Window -- nothing is granted directly to the character logged in to open them. Costume pieces are granted automatically to the player's account, which allows all current and future characters to utilize each piece obtained. There is an option to toggle on and off automatic card-flipping at the bottom of the Super Pack window.


Each card rarity has a different color corresponding to how rare that card is within the whole list of cards available from that particular pack:

Super Packs are guaranteed one Rare or Very Rare with each set of cards flipped. The other four cards will be a mixture of Common, Uncommon, and Rare, with there always being at least two Common cards. The following table lists the card set types and their (approximate) chance of being drawn, with data provided by Arcanaville in a post on the Issue 21 beta forums which has since been hidden from non-Paragon Studios access.

Rarity Card Sets Chance
Common, Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare 0.5%
Common, Common, Common, Uncommon, Very Rare 4%
Common, Common, Common, Rare, Rare 4%
Common, Common, Uncommon, Uncommon, Rare 4%
Common, Common, Common, Rare, Very Rare 12.5%
Common, Common, Uncommon, Uncommon, Very Rare 12.5%
Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Rare 12.5%
Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare 50%

Released Sets

Heroes and Villains

SuperPackCard HV Front.png
Main Article: Heroes and Villains

The first Super Pack set released is entitled Heroes and Villains. It contains Archetype Enhancements, the Elemental Order Costume Set, and an assortment of inspirations, temporary powers, and Reward Merits. It has 205 "cards" in total.

Heroes and Villains was released on February 14, 2012.

Rogues and Vigilantes

SuperPackCard RV Front.png
Main Article: Rogues and Vigilantes

The second Super Pack set is entitled Rogues and Vigilantes. It contains the second generation of ATOs, Amplifiers in addition to Inspirations, the Cosmic Corsair Costume Set and a bevy of temporary powers and Reward Merits similar to the previous Super Pack. It has a total of 229 cards.

Rogues and Vigilantes was never released to the live servers, but was only available on the Beta Server at the game's sunset.