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NPC that follows a character around and attacks.

Categories of Pets

Traditional Pets

Most pets that a player can summon are non-controllable. The exceptions are henchmen, below. These pets show up in the pets window and do not respond to /petcom. When summoned, they either have a near permanent duration, or are on a short timer.


Henchmen are player summoned pets used solely by Masterminds. These pets show up in the pets window and follow all /petcom orders. In addition, these pets can be renamed according to the player's wishes.

Gladiators, Heavies and Turrets

Gladiators, Heavies and Pillboxes are not summoned by players, but are controllable through /petcom commands and the pets window.

NPC pets

Several missions involve rescuing an NPC (more accurately, a critter), and some of these NPCs will fight as if they were your pet. They are wholly uncontrollable and do not show up in the pets window.

Lore pets

Lore pets are summoned enemy pets which can be used as part of the Incarnate System. The ability to summon them must be crafted, and can only used by Incarnate players. These pets show up in the pets window, and can be controlled via petcom orders similar to henchmen for Masterminds. Although they follow directional and attack or defense orders, they do not follow emote commands. They can last for up to five minutes depending on which tiered Lore pets the player obtains.

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