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Attuned items increase their enhancement effectiveness relative to a character's Security Level up to their maximum level range.

Attuned Enhancements can be found as:

Many, but not all, attuned items are also Account Bound. They can not take Enhancement Boosters.

Example While Leveling Up

For instance, the Focused Smite set range is level 25-40.

  • At level 22-25, it functions as a level 25 enhancement for aspect purposes.
  • At 26, it functions as if it were level 26
  • At 29, if functions as if it were level 29
  • At 31, it function as if it were level 31... and so on up to...
  • At level 40 and above, it functions as if it were level 40, its maximum.

Effects of Exemplaring

Effects of Exemplaring on Aspect Enhancement Values

When exemplaring, the effective aspect enhancement is figured as if it were the current natural level of the character, or, the maximum level of the range of enhancement if the character has outleveled it. Then the normal Exemplar Effects on Enhancements apply.

So, e.g., if the Attuned Enhancement had a range of 30-40 and the character was level 45 exemplaring to level 15, then the effective aspect enhancements would be the same as a level 40 enhancement exemplared to 15.

Effects of Exemplaring on Set Bonuses

For the sake of Bonus Sets, the bonus effects cut out when exemplaring more than three levels below the minimum of the Attuned Enhancement's range.

So. e.g., a level 20-40 Attuned Enhancement would have its Bonuses cut out at 16 and below but would still be 'on' at level 17 and above.