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Mender Ramiel

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Mender Ramiel
Mender Ramiel.jpg
Incarnate Lore Master
Zone Ouroboros
Coordinates (452, 665, -883)
Level Range 50
Introduced By None, Mender Ramiel is an Unlockable Contact
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge cimerorans defeated.png Cimeroran Traitors
Badge villain council.png Council
Badge villain crey.png Crey
Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
V badge TimeEchoes.png Time Echoes
Badges Badge Accolade AlphaSlot.png Alpha Unlocked
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Mender Ramiel is a hero and villain contact in Ouroboros at coordinates (452, 665, -883). His level range is 50.

Mender Ramiel is the main character in the Incarnate System's Lore page, where he has a conversation with Mender Silos.



Mender Ramiel appeared in a flash, kneeling on the Ouroboros platform. His armor was damaged and his clothing torn. Smoke and chill permeated the air. He was weak, but determined. He looked up and saw Mender Lazarus peering at him.

"So you've returned," said Mender Lazarus.

"This is my first time this far back, fool," spat Mender Ramiel. "You always are mixing your continuities."

Ramiel stood up, and strode confidently into the Citadel of Ice and Flame. Mender Tesseract and Twilight's Son acknowledged his presence, but knew better than to begin a conversation. Ramiel walked out to the back balcony and stood before the leader of Ouroboros, Mender Silos.

Silos looked him up and down. "Ramiel, I never expected to see you this far back. Are we not beyond your tether?"

"That is one implication, yes," said Ramiel.

"What news do you bring us? Has the Storm been averted?" asked Silos. His voice was tinged with hopeful anticipation.

"Not entirely, but there has been some . . . ." Ramiel was choosing his words carefully. "Your efforts here in the early 21st century are having an effect."

"To what end?"

"The Well of Furies--"

"Is a myth," interrupted Silos.

"No, it's real. I've seen its effects myself," corrected Ramiel.


"I was sent here as a harbinger. This is the exact time period when it all changes. I believe that the super-powered beings you have traipsing through time are having a profound effect."

"What kind of effect? Good, or bad?"

"Both," Ramiel stated flatly.

"I see," said Silos.

"As you know, the first modern super-powered beings were Statesman and Lord Recluse. After drinking from the Well, which they tapped into via the Fountain of Zeus, they became Incarnates of Zeus and Tartarus. These Incarnates were the two most powerful people on the planet up until now."

"Several things are incorrect about that statement, but go on," said Silos.

Ramiel glared. He had important information for Mender Silos, but like always, Silos thought he knew more than everyone.

"As I was saying, the Well of Furies seems to have awakened once more. It will seek out the most powerful individuals and grant them new powers and new abilities," Ramiel declared.

"The Well has become sentient?" asked Silos.

"More like--directed," replied Ramiel.

"What are the implications?" asked Silos.

"Statesman and Lord Recluse will not be the only ones possessing Incarnate abilities. The most powerful individuals from this point forward will struggle to unlock their inner Incarnate and discover new powers. These new Incarnates have affected the Storm, but we of Ouroboros may have created a different threat through our efforts."

"You can't mean Arachnos?" asked Mender Silos. Apparently, this was a concern of his that had leapt to mind immediately.

"No," said Ramiel. "Something you will find difficult to foresee in this timeline, because it is not from this timeline," Ramiel smugly declared.

Mender Silos thought for literally a second. It was a hundred times longer than he needed.

"So the prophecy is coming to pass?" asked Silos.

"If that is how you would interpret the prophecy, then yes."

"As the tempest dies, so the lightning shatters the mirror, and as the storm skies clear, the reflective shards cut and bleed those who handle them," intoned Silos.

"Yes, I know the prophecy. You made us memorize it, remember?" gritted Ramiel.

"Yet here we are. Alternate dimensions will begin wreaking havoc on this one, spoiling any victory we could ask for over the Coming Storm."

"I hope you have a plan, Silos," said Ramiel.

"Always. We can recruit allies within these parallel worlds, and perhaps bolster our own numbers with alternate versions of super-powered beings, or even alternate Ouroboroses."

"Do not fool yourself into thinking that alternate Ouroboroses will be as benevolent as this one. They could be led by an insane version of yourself for all we know," warned Ramiel.

"Time will tell, Ramiel--time will tell," Silos trailed off.

"While you ponder, Silos, I have a favor to repay. Excuse me for a moment," said Ramiel.


Contact Unlocked With

Contact Introduces

  • None


Incarnate Lore Master

Mender Ramiel is known for his knowledge of Incarnates and has recently arrived in Ouroboros. His true past is a mystery to everyone save Mender Silos, who seems to consider Ramiel an advisor of sorts.

Contact Unlocked

Mender Ramiel of Ouroboros has sent you a message through the time stream, requesting your presence in Ouroboros.

Initial Contact

Hello, Character, I am glad you received my message. I am Mender Ramiel, and I am here to help you on your path towards great power. There is much to do, perhaps too much in the time we are given. We must begin right away.

Not High Enough Level

There is much to do, Character, but I fear it is not yet time for you and I to begin our journey. I shall let you know when the time comes.

You must be level 50, have the Entrusted with the Secret badge, and have purchased Going Rogue to gain access Mender Ramiel's story arc.


  • Let us move towards our destiny, Character.

Too Busy

Settle anything that you need to finish and then speak with me, Character.

No More Missions

There is much I know about Incarnates, Character. What questions do you have?

  • What is an Incarnate?
I am no expert but it seems that the Well of Furies is being directed to infuse its power into worthy individuals of this time period. It does not matter what your origin is, nor if you are hero, villain, vigilante, or rogue, it seems the most powerful people are being granted the ability to unlock their inner incarnate and gain new powers and abilities, strengthening them for some upcoming battle.
  • How do I strengthen my Incarnate abilities?
I have discussed this with several people of this time period. It seems that completing the toughest tasks this time period has to offer is the key to unlocking your Alpha abilities. Alpha abilities are the first Incarnate abilities anyone seems to be able to use. I would suggest forming a strong team and doing tasks for Lady Grey, Imperious, or perhaps raiding the crashed Rikti Mothership, assaulting a Cathedral of Pain, or defeating the latest incarnation of Hamidon. Those heroically inclined could assist Statesman or Dr. Kahn, and the villainous can work with Lord Recluse or Barracuda. As well, aiding a man named Apex or a robot named Tin Mage against the threat of Praetoria will also help unlock your abilities.
  • What is an Incarnate Slot?
The beings of this time have referred to their Alpha abilities fitting into an 'Alpha Slot'. I believe this is simply a way of saying that you can only have one Alpha ability active at a time, and therefore you must 'slot it' into your Alpha slot to make it the active, dominant, ability.
  • Are there more slots than just Alpha?
In my time, I have seen heroes and villains with slots they referred to as: Judgement, Interface, Lore, Destiny, Hybrid, Genesis, Stance, Vitae, and Omega. I believe it is only a matter of time before heroes and villains of this time can unlock these slots and abilities as well.
  • What is an Incarnate Ability?
An Incarnate ability is a power that you place into a slot.
To see your slot and your abilities, simply open your Powers Window and click the 'Incarnate Abilities' at the top of that window.
To slot in a new ability, double click it on the list to the right, this will place it into the appropriate slot. There is a cooldown after slotting an ability of 5 minutes. During this time you can not re-slot that same slot again.
You can have many powers at your disposal for a given slot, but only have one active at a time. The ability will be replaced with the new one, but you can still go back to the old one if you would like. It is not destroyed in the process.
  • What are Incarnate Components?
Incarnate components are used to construct new Incarnate abilities. There are several categories of components, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare. Each Incarnate ability is built from this pool of components. Components are very personal and only work for the person who found them, therefore they can not be traded or sold. Apparently whoever is directing the Well of Furies believes you should have to work for your newfound power.
  • How do I get Incarnate Components?
You can gain components in the same fashion as you originally unlocked your Alpha slot. You can also earn sub-components from defeating powerful enemies, including other heroes and villains, which can then be combined into a Common component.
  • How do I create Incarnate Abilities?
There are three tabs in the Incarnate UI - Equip, Create, and Convert. Equip allows you to choose which Incarnate ability is currently slotted and view your progress towards unlocking slots. Create allows to to fashion and upgrade Incarnate abilities. Convert allows you to convert Incarnate Shards into other components, and upgrade components with Incarnate Shards.
  • How do I create more powerful Incarnate Abilities?
In order for you to create the 'Uncommon' abilities you must first have the Common ability related to that Uncommon one. For example, Cardiac Boost, a Common Alpha ability, is required to create Cardiac Core Boost. The crafting will also require Uncommon Incarnate components, which can only be created by converting Common components into what you need.
  • Who are you again?
My name is Mender Ramiel, and I am from a far future version of Ouroboros. In this future, I have seen the efforts of Mender Silos here in this time period have some real effect. The Coming Storm is weakened, and it seems that this is because of the powered beings of this time unlocking their inner Incarnate, the same power that fuels Statesman and Lord Recluse. I have traveled back to this time to inform Mender Silos of this.
  • I have another question.
Although I am a time traveler, my time is not infinite; what else can I answer for you?
  • Who is Mender Silos?
Mender Silos holds many secrets, and he likes to think his identity is one of them. Many have ventured that he is actually Lord Nemesis, and I can confirm that as one of his previous aliases.
But I must caution you, the Lord Nemesis of this time and Mender Silos may be the same person, but they are hundreds of thousands of years removed from one another. People change, and the Menders of Ouroboros follow a leader who knows that what he did in the past was wrong and is trying to correct those mistakes.
  • What is the Coming Storm?
Some things you will just have to learn for yourself. And besides, if we are successful here in Ouroboros, the Coming Storm may never come to pass.


(Mender Ramiel does not sell enhancements.)

Story Arc

Power Overwhelming

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Souvenir: Incarnate shard

You received this Incarnate Shard during your travel to find the Well of the Furies in Cimerora. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Power Overwhelming

It all began when a man named Mender Ramiel requested an audience with you. When you went to see him, he explained that a version of you from the future implored him to return to this time to aid you. You looked into the crystal of fire and ice and saw an image of the future. You were all powerful and were able to easily bat away the most powerful beings that you know of without even a second notion. At the end, you told Mender Ramiel to return to the past to help change things, to help you gain your power sooner.

This led you down the path towards unlocking the power of the Incarnates. You discovered that the Well, the source of power for Incarnates, was able to control those who gained power too quickly from it. You gained an artifact from a man named Trapdoor which would allow you to begin this journey towards being an Incarnate.

You then fought against Hero 1 and discovered that many items currently within the world were links to the Well. Lady Grey warned you about gaining power from the Well and advised that you should gain this power slowly, or be consumed by it.

You then travelled to Cimerora to find the Well of the Furies. Ramiel spoke of a choice to be made between the quick and easy path or the long and hard one, but such a choice never presented itself. You arrived to find that the Well was gone. You looked around the area and found an Incarnate shard, which unlocked the artifact you recovered from Trapdoor, allowing you to begin to tap into your power as an Incarnate.

The words of Lady Grey remain in your mind, however, as you begin down this path. There is always the temptation to try to grow in power quickly, but to do so would mean losing your very being to the immense power that is the Well.

Part One: What Could Be


I have seen Ouroboros, far, far in the future. You would barely recognize it, covered in flames as it was. The Storm was on all sides... And then... They simply moved on. Once we were crippled, we were beneath their notice. The mighty Ouroboros and Mender Silos reduced to an irrelevancy.

But then you appeared, full of the power of the Incarnates. That is why I am back this far, back farther than the ordinary laws of time would allow. You broke the laws to send me back. You told me to call you once I arrived and give you this.

Mender Ramiel pulls out a small crystal of ice and flame.

  • I wanted you to give me... a crystal of ice and flame?

Yes. In it is your memory of our first meeting together, when you came to Ouroboros and sent me here. Use the pillars here to experience it.

You will be as you were then, a mighty and terrible Incarnate, full with the fruits of the Well. I do not know how far in the future that will be... going back this far has disoriented me.

Once you are inside the memory, you will need to rescue me. Just as you did in my past.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Do not tarry, Character. We have a long road ahead of us.

A ruined future

Mission Objective(s)


The memory begins with a ruined Ouroboros and you entering it, fueled by the true power you've tapped through the Incarnates!

  • View your Future Memory
    • Rescue Mender Ramiel

You've watched your future self rescue Mender Ramiel.


V badge TimeEchoes.png Time Echoes

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

For this mission only, Archvillains do not scale down into Elite Bosses regardless of difficulty settings

Temporary Powers

Upon entrance of mission, all player characters and related pets are subjected to the following temporary powers:

Incarnate StoryArc.png Divine Core Oscillation Add Proc: +Unresistable Damage
Your experience has interpreted this power as adding unresistable damage to most of your damaging attacks. How it actually works? You have no idea.
Incarnate StoryArc.png Limitless Radial Freeeem Self +Everything (Special)
The details of this ability are hazy, but from the perspective of this memory... you cannot even grasp the power it grants you.
Incarnate StoryArc.png Paradox Core Eternity Self Untouchable (Special)
It is difficult to sort out the details of this ability from the memory, but apparently it grants you a period of complete invulnerability immediately after a time travel event.
Contact Small Mender Ramiel.jpg
Mender Ramiel


NO! NO! Stay away! You mustn't... you are just illusions! You have no power over me!

  • I'm not with them. I'm here to help.
You... you're Character? What... the echoes, they didn't wipe you away?
  • I've become a lot more powerful since I was fighting the likes of them.
What... what do you want with me?
  • You're a Mender still, right? I need you to take a message back in time.
The future Incarnate version of yourself holds out the small crystal of ice and flame. This must be the same one Ramiel handed to you.
Deliver this to me in the past, along with the location of the Well of the Furies.
The Well of the Furies? The one on the isle of Praxidae? But how would that be of use...
Not the Fountain of Zeus. Just take the Crystal and I'll tell you what you need to know.
Mender Ramiel takes the crystal from the Future Incarnate you. The memory appears to end here.
  • You're going to go back in time and do exactly as I say.
The future Incarnate version of yourself holds out the small crystal of ice and flame. This must be the same one Ramiel handed to you.
Deliver this to me in the past, along with the location of the Well of the Furies.
The Well of the Furies? The one on the isle of Praxidae? But how would that be of use...
Not the Fountain of Zeus. Just take the Crystal and I'll tell you what you need to know.
Mender Ramiel takes the crystal from the Future Incarnate you. The memory appears to end here.
  • They're just some chumps from a long time ago.
What... what do you want with me?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Snap out of it! (Slap Mender Ramiel across the face)
You watch your future Incarnate self slap Mender Ramiel in the face, careful to control your powers so as to not cause Ramiel's head to pop off.
You... you're Character? What... the echoes, they didn't wipe you away?
  • I've become a lot more powerful since I was fighting the likes of them.
What... what do you want with me?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • They're just some chumps from a long time ago.
What... what do you want with me?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.


So as you can tell... despite what Mender Silos may have believed in the past, the Well is no mere myth. And it is not merely contained to this world, or even to this dimension.

Your efforts here will attract the attention of the Well in time, but by then it may be too late. I was sent here to accelerate that event. But becoming an Incarnate is a long, arduous, and never-ending process. It is not some switch that you flick off or on.

Even so, every journey begins with a first step.

Part Two: The One That Got Away


The power that you had in that timelime was immense, Character. We need to see about starting you down that path in order to combat what is to come.

Our best resource would be to consult with those Incarnates who currently exist among us. I believe you know of them quite well, correct? Statesman and Lord Recluse. Both of them would be the most 'well known' Incarnates.

  • Well known? There are others?

Of course. That is what I am hoping they will tell us. There are many other Incarnates out there aside from those two. Some more powerful than them, others much less. There are even some who do not realize that they have this connection to the Well.

Speak with Statesman/Lord Recluse

Unnecessary Solicitation

Speak with Mender Ramiel

Unnecessary Solicitation

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

As Mender Ramiel has not given you a means of contacting him without talking face to face, there is no Unnecessary Solicitation.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Mender Ramiel

Track down Trapdoor

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm making some strides on my end regarding the Well, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

You're teleported directly into the Council base. Trapdoor lurks somewhere within, holding the artifact that can unlock the powers of an Incarnate.

  • Track down Trapdoor
    • Face off against Trapdoor
    • Speak with Trapdoor

You've recovered the artifact from Trapdoor!


Badge villain council.png Council
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

If struggling against Trapdoor's regeneration, one tactic is to use the lava on the ground floor to help drain his healthpoints by making him stand in it while fighting. The 'best' way is to defeat the Bifurcations whenever they are spawned, as they are the main cause of Trapdoor's high regeneration. Seize the moment to attack Trapdoor as much as possible before he respawns them.


Please... just let me walk away! I didn't want any of this to happen, I just wanted to live a normal life!

  • Where is the artifact?

You see Trapdoor grasping the artifact, glaring at you.

You can't have it! Do you hear me?! This holds the key to untold power, power that I won't let fall into someone else's hands!

  • ... you want mercy and then you say something like that?

I can't go back to my normal life, don't you understand?! I need this to continue forward, to make my mark, to fight for my old life back! I won't let you take away this chance from me, do you hear me?!

  • I'll help you get your old life back. Just give me the artifact and you can begin.
You... you would do that? You're not just going to send me back to an Arachnos prison? Who could help me? Who would help me?
  • There are people out there who will help you. Trust me.
Trapdoor looks around suspiciously, then back to you.
... Alright. I'll give you the artifact. But mark my words, Character. If this is a trick... If no one will help me, I'll find you again!
Trapdoor extends his hand, holding the artifact in the palm of his hand.
  • (Take the artifact)
Originicon natural.png The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a mirror. It is big enough that you can just see your face within it.
Originicon magic.png The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a magic symbol, solid in your palm.
Originicon mutation.png The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a replica DNA strand, solid in your palm.
Originicon science.png The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a solid piece of paper riddled with numerous equations and formulas.
Originicon technology.png The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a schematic for some sort of device, though you're not sure what exactly this device is.
Icon clue generic.png
Redeemed Trapdoor
You chose to help Trapdoor redeem himself. He trusted enough in you to hand over the Incarnate artifact that was in his possession.
  • Leave
  • I don't have time for this. I'm taking this artifact, even if it's at the cost of your life!
Trapdoor prepares to fight you again, though it's obvious that he's in no shape to pose a challenge to you anymore.
  • (Finish off Trapdoor and take the artifact.)
Originicon natural.png You finish off Trapdoor and rip the artifact from his hands. The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a mirror. It is big enough that you can just see your face within it.
Originicon magic.png You finish off Trapdoor and rip the artifact from his hands. The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a magic symbol, solid in your palm.
Originicon mutation.png You finish off Trapdoor and rip the artifact from his hands. The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a replica DNA strand, solid in your palm.
Originicon science.png You finish off Trapdoor and rip the artifact from his hands. The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a solid piece of paper riddled with numerous equations and formulas.
Originicon technology.png You finish off Trapdoor and rip the artifact from his hands. The form of the artifact shifts as it rests in your hand for a few minutes before forming into a schematic for some sort of device, though you're not sure what exactly this device is.
Icon clue generic.png
Killed Trapdoor
You decided to kill Trapdoor, as it was obvious he was unwilling to give you his Incarnate artifact.
  • Leave


EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

There is no Debriefing message. Mender Ramiel will prompt the player for his next mission.

Part Three: Consequences


There is a woman in your time, her name is Lady Grey. You've heard of her, I presume? She is a very... knowledgeable woman. I do not quite know her entire background as of yet, but I do know she is aware of a very powerful Incarnate that exists, one other than Statesman or Recluse. She also should be able to answer the very important question regarding how the Well is able to take command over those who are Incarnates.

If you speak to her, I promise that you will be able to learn all that you need to regarding the situation with the Incarnates.

  • Is there anything else I need to know beforehand?

Just that her help may come at a price. Running Vanguard is not a simple matter, nor is having the knowledge that she does. No one ever said the power to become an Incarnate would be easy.

Speak with Lady Grey

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you spoken with Lady Grey yet?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Lady Grey


Lady Grey remains silent for a few moments.

... Yes, I do. You are interested in this path to power, are you? Then, perhaps we can help each other out.

We recently had an issue where a container holding a connection to the Well was stolen. We believe it was the work of a rogue Vanguard captain named Captain Holtz. He may have also been working with Crey.

Gaussian has been working on tracking down the captain, but we cannot risk sending in our own soldiers to track Holtz and the item down, given that Holtz had a very high reputation amongst his men. If you help us track down the container and the rogue captain, I will tell you everything you need to know. Are we agreed?

  • You've got yourself a deal.

Excellent. I must warn you, Character, this retrieval may be extremely difficult for you to do on your own. I would suggest gathering allies to help you in this task. When we speak again, it will be when you have been enlightened by the nature of Incarnates.

  • Very well.

Retrieve the stolen Incarnate container

Unnecessary Solicitation

Lady Grey has agreed to assist you? Excellent. Though, I wonder what exactly is in this container?

Mission Objective(s)

You enter the tunnels where this container has been stolen off to. Though, you have to wonder what exactly is being held in this container.

  • Retrieve the stolen Incarnate container
    • Search for the Container
      • Recover the Honoree
      • Defeat Captain Holtz

You find the remnants of the container.
You've recovered the Honoree and defeated Captain Holtz!


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
Badge villain crey.png Crey

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! There will be four waves of ambushes by Rikti about halfway into the mission.
Infantrh: Intruders: Repel!
Infantry: Base: Compromised.
Infantry: Invaders: Crey?
Infantry: Mercy: show none!

You found the remnants of the container

Icon clue generic.png
Container Remnants
You look through the pile of rubble and find a large piece of metal. It's obvious that this was just one piece of a very large container. You're able to make out some words on one side of the container. 'Honoree Containment'. If this held the Honoree, then he must be somewhere deeper within the tunnels! But does this mean that he is an Incarnate?
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! On approaching the room with the Weakened Honoree, there will be one ambush by Rikti.
Infantry: Honoree: Recover!


The Honoree lets out a few grunts before looking up to you. You expect his garbled Rikti talk, but instead hear a familiar voice.

I told you that we would meet again, Character. Your journey to find out more about the power of the Incarnates would eventually lead you to here.

  • You knew I would come here, after Trapdoor?

You must be wondering about the Honoree, or as he was once called, Hero 1. He is indeed an Incarnate, one just as powerful as Statesman or Lord Recluse. He did not know this, however. The sword that he found on that fateful day so long ago imbued him with tremendous powers, powers linked directly to me. Even without the sword in his possession, he is still linked to me, much like the the Lady who granted him the sword is.

As you can see, Character, the connections to my source are numerous and vast, given only to those who prove themselves worthy. Even now, in his deranged and destroyed state, Hero 1 is able to maintain some sort of control, however little it is, over himself. Few are able to do this against the Rikti, and for that, he has earned my respect.

  • What now? What about this artifact in my hand?

It is one that is unique to yourself and the source of your own power. You saw it shift, take form to your center, yes? It is much like Hero 1's Excalibur, or the Fountain that Statesman and Recluse drank from. But, you will need it to be powered. In its current state, it is useless to you. Once it is fully powered, however, it will allow you to be directly linked to myself, making you even more powerful than Hero 1, Statesman, or Recluse. Those three, they were simple men when they found my artifacts. Yes, they had proven themselves already, but their abilities were no where near your own.

Go to the ancient time of Cimerora, to one of the caverns off the shores. Deep within there, you will find one of my sources, one of my wells. When you come in contact with it, your artifact shall be fully powered, empowering you to unimaginable ends!

I look forward to seeing you very soon, Character. Yes.. soon, you and I shall be linked together...

The voice leaves the Honoree's body. It would be best to teleport him back to Vanguard now. In his current state, he will either be taken back by the Rikti and used for their own purposes, or turn against you if you were try to use him for your own ends.

  • (Send the Honoree back to Vanguard.)

You tag the Honoree with a beacon, teleporting him away.

Speak with Lady Grey

Unecessary Solicitation

Let's meet again once you've spoken with Lady Grey.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Lady Grey


Thank you for your aid, Character. You no doubt know by now that the Honoree... that Hero 1 was an Incarnate. Did you hear the voice? The one from the Well?

  • Yes, I did. Can it control any Incarnate?

What I am about to tell you must come with no questions regarding how or why I have this knowledge.

The Well's control is very specific, Character, for there are two paths towards the path of becoming a fully powered Incarnate. The first is the fast path, one where the user is granted unimaginable power in a large amount. This is what happened to Statesman, Recluse, and Hero 1. Those who travel down this path develop a very close link to the Well very quickly. This is why the Well is able to control them.

The fate of those who travel down this path is one of constant servitude. Of the three, only Recluse and Statesman were truly aware of this. There is always the risk that the Well will seek to control them; this risk is increased when they try to increase their own power. In a sense, their freedom is confined. If they do not seek more power than what they've been given, they have a chance of fighting the Well's control. To seek more power from the Well itself... it would risk them seeing an end to their own selves.

This is why Statesman has always been fearful of trying to seek out more power, both for himself and others. Recluse, in all of his bids for power, has been trying to seek a way to destroy this link and still maintain his power. While Statesman remains in his place with the Well, Recluse seeks to defy it, to destroy it and earn his freedom.

  • You said there were two paths. What is the other?

The other is a slower path, gradually gaining more and more power from the Well. This is one that some have begun, but many of these people are not widely known. This path obviously takes much longer than the other, but those who follow this path have no risk of being controlled by the Well. The link of the Well to the person is not as strong as the previous path, meaning that one could tap into the limitless power of the Well without fear of being consumed by it.

However... there are still risks, even with this, but that is simply human nature. Once one gets a taste of the power of the Well, it may become increasingly difficult to resist the urge to try to gain more and more power as quickly as possible. To do this, however, would seal your fate to that of the Well's. This slower path is one that will ensure your freedom and the possibility of unending power, if you can resist its calling to let yourself be consumed by it.

  • Interesting... is there anything else?

That is all, Character. Thank you again for your help. And if you are choosing to walk down this path, be careful. You walk on the thin edge of a sword. The only thing that will prevent you from becoming lost within the Well is your own willpower.

Remember that always.

  • I will.


You've spoken with Lady Grey?

Hm... interesting. This confirms many of my theories, though I do wonder how the Lady knows this. If what the Well told you is true, then we have an exact location where you can fully power your artifact. Are you concerned, however, about losing yourself to the Well?

When we arrive, you will be able to make the choice of how you want to proceed. You can either allow a small portion of the the Well's power in to the artifact to empower it, preventing the Well from controlling you, or drown the artifact in the Well's power. The choice is yours, Character, though the latter is a fate that I, personally, would choose to avoid.

Finale: The Powers that Be


With the location revealed to us, there is little else to do other than to go directly there. I've spoken with Mender Silos, who has requested to go along with us. I've had Mender Lazarus scan the time we are going to, however. He has found there are some... irregularities with it. Are you familiar with them, Character?

Large groups have been travelling into this ancient time of Cimerora... without the permission of Ouroboros. It is something we've become aware of and which Mender Lazarus is closely looking into. I bring this to your attention because we do not know if this time irregularities that we are seeing are around the Well, or are from those who are interfering with the past of Cimerora.

  • So we don't know who we might find near the Well?

Precisely. Silos and I will come in once the area is secured. We will send you first into the cave to analyze the situation.

I must warn you, anything could be down there, waiting to stop you and your attempt to become an Incarnate. When all is clear, that is when the choice will come down to you. You can either lose yourself to the Well and gain untold power, or train yourself, slowly, to control the power and maintain your own destiny.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I shall meet you there, Character, to see this occasion.

Mission Objective(s)

This cavern within Cimerora hums with great power.

  • Find the Well of the Furies
    • Defeat the Guardian of the Well
      • Proceed into the inner chamber
        • Look around for anything left over from the Well

You've recovered an Incarnate shard and have unlocked your potential as an Incarnate!


Badge cimerorans defeated.png Cimeroran Traitors
V badge TimeEchoes.png Time Echoes

Notable NPCs

The Well has been moved...

Mender Silos: The Well is not here. It has been moved, by someone or something. Explain, Ramiel.
Mender Ramiel: This Well was but one of many links to the source of the Well of Furies itself...

(Statesman is shown)
(Imperious is shown)
(Emperor Cole is shown)
Incarnates, godlike beings...
(Lord Recluse is shown)
(Reichsman is shown)

Mender Silos: Enough! It is not here, we must be on our way.
Mender Ramiel: I apologize, Character. It seems your journey to become an Incarnate shall be even longer than I thought...
Mender Ramiel: We must be off, see if you can find any traces left here of the Well. Whatever you find... it seems you will be taking the long path after all.

You've found something within the rubble!

Icon clue generic.png
A Shard and a Note
You find in the rubble a piece of paper wrapped around a shard. As you unwrap the paper and touch the shard, the artifact you obtained earlier evaporates into thin air. Moments later, you feel something inside of you change, as if the realm of your power has been broadened. Looking at the shard, you realize it must be a shard of the Well, and that your powers as an Incarnate have been unlocked. You notice the paper around the shard is actually... a letter. You read it over...

Character, I do not have much time to write. At this point in time, you are either well aware of myself and working with me, or you still have no idea who I am. The Well, as you see, is gone, and the agents of Ouroboros are aware of the other path into Cimerora. When I gave the crystal to the Midnighter's, I imagined this day would come, though that matter is for another time. You have in your hands now an Incarnate shard. It has no doubt opened your path into the powers of the Incarnate. This is one thing that both myself and the agents of Ouroboros share in common; the desire to see you maintain your freedom and grow in power.

I must go now, but before I do, I must deliver you a word of advice. You have no doubt heard the golden voice of the Well. Whatever you do, do not listen to it! It seeks only to control any that it can with the promise of power. Perhaps there is a way around it, but for now, its power must be used. Ironically, in all of this, Lord Recluse may be our greatest ally. He seeks a way to bypass the Well, while Statesman opts to try to stay out of the picture.

As always, seek me out in the crystal of fire and ice. Or... depending on when you are reading this, you may have merely seen me minutes ago.


I can tell you managed to find something, Character. A shard, perhaps? I suppose it's lucky for us that one still exists, enough to awaken the power of the Incarnate for you.

I believe this course is for the best, really. Would you have wanted to gain all that power right away and lose complete control of yourself? Regardless, you are on the path now to gaining the ultimate power of the Incarnate. I will help you with whatever I can from Ouroboros. Your journey towards realizing your true potential will take you many places, but I must stay here to aid the Menders with other matters.

I do know much about the subject of Incarnates, should you have any questions. You can ask me about them whenever you wish.

File:Badge Accolade AlphaSlot.png Alpha Unlocked

You unlocked your Alpha Incarnate slot allowing you to create powerful new abilities that can be slotted there.

Other rewards

Other than the Alpha Unlocked badge, you will receive a random Single-Origin enhancement of your origin, plus one Incarnate Shard.

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