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Assault Portal

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Rikti Assault Portal


Rikti Communications Officers in any spawn can summon portals for reinforcements unless interrupted by damage or Status Effects. These portals will summon several Rikti troops at a time for the duration that the portal is open. The summoned Rikti and the portal itself are worth no experience, however the minion-class Communications Officers are worth lieutenant-class rewards due to their special powers.


This Rikti Commander Officer can open a portal to bring more Rikti soldiers to Earth. It must be destroyed!

Serpent Drummer

Assault portals appear on the mission Defend Portal Corporation from Serpent Drummer (levels 35 - 50). There are twelve of them in the mission and they will have some Rikti guards around. They can't move, nor have any attacks, nor any special abilities or effects. Unlike the regular Rikti portals, those won't spawn any Rikti. They have the hit points of a Minion of their same level and are easy to destroy. They are under "Rikti" faction, are destructible, and lack any powers or special effects.


The guards talk among them while guarding the portals. The following can be overheard when you get close to them:

Rikti soldier 1: Assault Portal Defense: Priority.
Rikti Soldier 2: Negative: Assault Portal Defense: Job Description.