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The Coming Storm

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The Coming Storm is something in Earth's near future that the Menders of Ouroboros are trying to prevent. The Coming Storm's nature is almost completely unknown as the Menders have not revealed much about it. Talking with Prometheus in Ouroboros after completing The Underground Trial will reveal that 'The Coming Storm' is in fact the alien force known as The Battalion.


  • Mender Lazarus accidentally refers to the Coming Storm as an Invasion, before correcting himself.
  • The Coming Storm starts when a meteor carrying Shivans crashes into Atlas Park. The Shivans operate as scouts for whatever is coming. At whatever point in the future this occurs, the Heroes have already wiped out the infestation of Shivans in Bloody Bay.
  • It may involve the alien race which burn Kheldians as fuel for their starships, an act which leaves Twilight's Son as the last living Kheldian.
  • Mender Silos mentions that his past self was somehow involved in the end of the world, which spiraled into the end of the entire Universe.
  • It will likely involve the mysterious letter sender who is currently contacting heroes and villains working for Ouroboros and enlightening them on the truth of Ouroboros. The letter sender is gathering a team to deal with the Coming Storm, minimally including Protean and Ajax.
  • Mender Ramiel has a conversation with Mender Silos, during which they discuss the change happening with the Coming Storm.
  • The exploration badge Stormwatcher, located just outside Firebase Zulu, makes reference to a "coming storm" as an invasion that will rival the Rikti invasion in destructive potential. This badge was added at the same time as the Incarnate System, Issue 19.