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Ermeeth, the god of the Circle of Thorns, was a student of Tielekku who sought to impart the secrets of magic to humans. The other gods, naturally, deemed this intolerable, as magically empowered humans would no longer have a need for gods, and conflict erupted between Tielekku and Ermeeth. Tielekku’s faction, led by her most promising pupil, Hequat, managed to defeat Ermeeth in a titanic battle. Ermeeth fled towards the sea with his surviving followers and eventually formed the great city of Oranbega along North America’s east coast. After the discovery of this city, Hequat created the mighty nation of Mu in the mid-Atlantic to counter Ermeeth’s re-emerging dark power. In time, another climactic battle was fought by Hequat and Ermeeth, wherein Mu was destroyed and Oranbega slowly faded into legend and myth.