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This is a compilation of all powersets and which archetype has access to which. This also includes powerset types.

Power set Blaster Brute Controller Corruptor Defender Dominator Mastermind Peacebringer Scrapper Stalker Tanker Warshade Type
Energy Assault Secondary Assault
Fiery Assault Secondary Assault
Icy Assault Secondary Assault
Psionic Assault Secondary Assault
Thorny Assault Secondary Assault
Cold Domination Secondary Buff
Dark Miasma Secondary Primary Secondary Buff
Empathy Secondary Primary Buff
Force Field Secondary Primary Secondary Buff
Kinetics Secondary Secondary Primary Buff
Poison Secondary Buff
Radiation Emission Secondary Secondary Primary Buff
Sonic Resonance Secondary Secondary Primary Buff
Storm Summoning Secondary Primary Buff
Thermal Radiation Secondary Buff
Traps Secondary Secondary Buff
Trick Arrow Secondary Primary Secondary Buff
Earth Control Primary Primary Control
Fire Control Primary Primary Control
Gravity Control Primary Primary Control
Ice Control Primary Primary Control
Illusion Control Primary Control
Mind Control Primary Primary Control
Plant Control Primary Control
Dark Armor Secondary Secondary Secondary Defense
Electric Armor Secondary Defense
Energy Aura Secondary Secondary Defense
Fiery Aura Secondary Primary Defense
Ice Armor Primary Defense
Invulnerability Secondary Secondary Primary Defense
Luminous Aura Secondary Defense
Ninjitsu Secondary Defense
Regeneration Secondary Secondary Defense
Stone Armor Secondary Primary Defense
Super Reflexes Secondary Secondary Defense
Umbral Aura Secondary Defense
Battle Axe Secondary Melee
Broad Sword Primary Melee
Claws Primary Primary Melee
Dark Melee Primary Primary Primary Melee
Electrical Melee Primary Melee
Energy Melee Primary Primary Secondary Melee
Fiery Melee Primary Secondary Melee
Ice Melee Secondary Melee
Katana Primary Melee
Martial Arts Primary Primary Melee
Ninja Blade Primary Melee
Spines Primary Melee
Stone Melee Primary Secondary Melee
Super Strength Primary Secondary Melee
War Mace Secondary Melee
Luminous Blast Primary Offense
Umbral Blast Primary Offense
Archery Primary Secondary Ranged
Assault Rifle Primary Primary Ranged
Dark Blast Primary Secondary Ranged
Electrical Blast Primary Secondary Ranged
Energy Blast Primary Primary Secondary Ranged
Fire Blast Primary Primary Ranged
Ice Blast Primary Primary Ranged
Psychic Blast Secondary Ranged
Radiation Blast Primary Secondary Ranged
Sonic Attack Primary Primary Secondary Ranged
Mercenaries Primary Summon
Necromancy Primary Summon
Ninjas Primary Summon
Robotics Primary Summon
Thugs Primary Summon
Devices Secondary Support
Electricity Manipulation Secondary Support
Energy Manipulation Secondary Support
Fire Manipulation Secondary Support
Ice Manipulation Secondary Support
Primary 7 6 6 7 8 6 5 1 6 5 4 1 62
Secondary 5 6 7 7 7 5 5 1 4 5 7 1 60
Total 12 12 13 14 15 11 10 2 10 10 11 2 122
Possible 35 36 42 49 56 30 25 1 24 25 28 1 352
Power set Blaster Brute Controller Corruptor Defender Dominator Mastermind Peacebringer Scrapper Stalker Tanker Warshade Type