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=== {{subst:CURRENTDAYNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTDAY}}, 2007 ===

Articles to review

  • Game Client
    • clunky, still missing details and walkthroughs. Still useful reference
  • Con System
    • table reduction and possible revamp
  • Travel Powers
    • revamp sections, possibly split the 'movement' powers below.

Images to upgrade

Need to take ultra-high res screenshots of many characters in their natural surroundings. GuyPerfect's white background images look fantastic (disclaimer). Many other current images are washed out and blurry. It is possible, but time consuming. Focus on Contacts.

Enhancement Templates

This may have fallen by the wayside, need to create redirects of the red links.

Power Pools

This was back when half the powersets didn't have articles. Pools are done, but Travel Powers needs a re-vamp.

Also on the agenda is Travel Powers and Movement and Movement Powers and [[Travel]].

Game Client
Game Client
talk:Game Client
--Konoko 06:25, 6 March 2006 (PST)

I really need to find all the possible command line switches
Demo playback (-demoplay -demofps).
Force driver or video card detection, or forces certain video features to be enabled (like FSAA and high quality shaders).

Powerset types

Ridiculously large table with powerset types, primary/secondary, and total possible combinations