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Quantum Array Gun

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A Quantum Array Gun is a special weapon manufactured by the Council on Striga Isle in order to combat Peacebringers and Warshades. The weapon uses a special quantum technology specially tuned to the Kheldian energy signature, which causes considerable extra damage to Kheldian characters in the game. While they are carried by all Void Hunter mercenaries, the Council is also distributing them to various other gangs in the city, creating a dangerous obstacle for Kheldians to overcome.

When a Kheldian is present on any map when a mob is spawned by the server, special Kheldian-related enemies may spawn with the mob. This may take the form of various Nictus enemies, or it may be an enemy with a Quantum Array Gun. In server zones (city, hazard, etc.), the only Quantum weapons are possessed by Void Hunters, but inside instanced missions, various gang members may be equipped with a Quantum Array Gun and will thus be referred to as Quantum Gunners.

The Quantum Array Gun deals to all players moderate Negative Energy damage. To any Peacebringer or Warshade, it will deal an additional amount of Negative Energy damage around 3 or 4 times larger than the initial amount. There is also a chance that a Kheldian target will be Disoriented by the blast.

Quantum Gunners will tend to target Kheldian players when available, despite efforts of other players to pull aggro with attacks. When Kheldians encounter an enemy with a Quantum Array Gun, it is advised that non-Kheldian teammates dispatch the enemy.

Power Information

AssaultWeapons ShotgunBuckShot.png Quantum Array Gun (Ranged, Negative) Foe -Recharge, -Speed
Your attack and Movement rate have been slowed by the Quantum Array Gun.