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Mission:The Choice of Hope - Finale: The World's Final Gambit

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Finale: The World's Final Gambit


It's suiting that you would be the one, I assume once again, to be in charge of saving the world. If we're going to do this, we're going to need a literal army of our own to face off against Mot.

While you've been finding out how to destroy Mot, I've been spreading word of our plight across the world, telling the people that now is the time for us to fight, to put aside our differences. I assumed that if our plans all failed, our last attempt would be for all the powers of the world to throw themselves at Mot in the hopes of wiping it out. But now, we have a new plan.

I've instructed all those who I've talked to of a time and place to gather. I've requested those of a less... savory attitude to put their villainy aside, and those of a more righteous view to focus on the task at hand. We must all band together to fight the monstrous horde of Mot so that you can get to the Sentinel and destroy the creature from the inside.

  • Do you know if anyone actually will help?

We'll see soon enough, Character. All we can do now is use the time that has been given to us. We will do what we can with whoever has shown up, but we'll have to hurry. Mot is beginning to consume entire cities, Character. We've received word that nearly the entire population of Chicago has been absorbed by Mot. We do not know what city could be next.

With the Sentinel on our side, Mot will have no major individual force to back it up, just a horde of monsters. You will have to carve a path through them and reach the Sentinel, while whoever else shows up provides enough of a distraction that Mot's attention is divided.

Let us go to the meeting place, Character, where the fate of the world shall be determined once and for all.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't get in touch with Dream Doctor.

Mission Objective(s)


You hear a loud commotion ahead. It looks like plenty of people have showed up to help defend the world in what may possibly be its final hour.

  • Stop Mot from Devouring the World
    • Talk to Dream Doctor to enter the battle
    • 200 Banished Pantheon to defeat in order to weaken Mot
    • 7 groups of Ravagers to defeat at Mot's maw (directly north of the entrance, approximately half the map)
    • Talk to the Sentinel to go inside Mot
    • 3 runes of Mot to destroy inside of it
    • Speak with Tielekku inside of Mot's darkness
    • 6 runes of Mot to destroy inside of it
    • 4 guardians to defeat within Mot
    • Defeat the Embodiment of Mot
    • Speak with Tielekku to bind Mot

Mot has been stopped, the world saved from its destruction!


Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This mission is basically a "who's who" of NPCs from across the history of the game, bringing heroes, villains, and faction leaders together to plan the assault on Mot. These include:



NPCs who join you in-mission

Other NPCs who are in-mission


Character! This is a greater turnout than I ever expected. We have a supply of people on reserve here, if worse comes to worse. Right now the fight is already happening in Mot's graveyard. The Vindicators and the Freedom Phalanx are out there, doing their best to draw Mot's attention away from you. Colonel Duray is sending his men on bombing runs, while Apex is leading a squad of Vanguard, Longbow, and PPD on the other side of the graveyard. Arachnos and Longbow are fighting the Pantheon within the city, and even Malta has sent help in the form of their Kronos Titan. It's up to you now to get to the heart of Mot's graveyard and do what must be done. You will not be alone, however. There are several powerful allies who are clearing the area for you to arrive in the graveyard. They're willing to give you back up to get to where you need to be.

  • Alright, I'm ready to go.
  • Tell them to stay back and help the others, I'll handle things from here.
Are you sure, Character? Even with everyone doing their best, there's still nearly an entire horde of Banished Pantheon standing between you and Mot. We could definitely use their help elsewhere... but I'm not sure if even you can handle this on your own.
The difficulty of the next part of the mission is extremely high. It is not advised to do the following alone and without any support from NPC allies.
  • On second thought, I'll take the help.
  • I'll handle things, don't worry. I'm ready to go.

Contact Small Sentinel of Mot.jpg
Sentinel of Mot


I can feel Mot... pulling away at me... trying to devour me. It knows, Character, that I have been awoken. My very soul is being pulled into the darkness. You must hurry, you must get inside of Mot and end this, once and for all!

Inside Mot

After destoying the last rune


You've come, Character. You are within the darkness of Mot now, where all who have been absorbed dwell. Those who were weak were already devoured by the beast, while the rest of us have our powers drawn out, empowering the dark god.

I fear this is truly the end of your civilization... my power, your power, was not enough to halt the beast. It will devour all of those who have stood against it, and then its power will shatter the barrier to the spirit world. The Pantheon of old shall be released, and the poor planet of Earth shall be savaged by them until nothing is left.

  • There is still hope. We're all still alive, we can get through this.

You would still hope, even after being taken by Mot? Who will save you, Character?

You take a moment and focus your powers while remembering your past, all the memories that have led to this one moment in time. You remember the first time you used your powers, the time spent mastering your abilities. Whether you wanted to use your powers for the good of mankind or for yourself, you remember the desires you had for the present, for the future, that went along with your powers.

You can feel Mot's power eating away at your memories, tainting them, making it seem like they were all false, that your hopes and dreams were all foolish. But you know better than that. Mot will not stop you, not now, not today! You focus your power and begin to feel Mot's hold on you in the darkness breaking. However, you can see that even your immense power is not enough to break out from the nothingness of Mot. You're almost free, but you'll need the help of those trapped in here to get out!

  • Tielekku, everyone, focus your power, I just need a little more to get out!

You feel the power of all those around you swirling about you, pushing you forward. In your mind you can see an image of yourself, bound in the chains Mot has put on you. One by one, the links to the chains begin to shatter from the combination of your power and the power of those around you!

As the final chains break, you see the image of an old man floating towards you: David Hazen, the man who first fought against the power of Mot. He nods to you as he helps break the final chain that binds you to the darkness of Mot's depths!

  • (Break free of Mot's control!)

After defeating runes and guardians

Upon defeat


You did it, Character! All the souls taken by Mot... you've freed them all! But yet, we still are in the same situation as before... Mot will just simply take them back again.

You explain to Tielekku David Hazen's true plan to defeat Mot once and for all.

Of course! It is so simple... yes, I can do that, Character, give me a moment.

  • (Wait)

It is done. The barrier begins to erect as we speak, containing Mot. It's all over, Character, the war against Mot has finally come to an end. I thank you for all of your help and assistance in destroying the beast.

It is time for me to return to the spirit world. I will never forget what you've done on this day, Character.

With the god-killer sword in hand, you could use this last chance to stab Tielekku and Mot with the sword, taking whatever remains of their powers!

  • Goodbye, Tielekku.
Tielekku vanishes, though you can feel an aura around you, as if she has left you with a final blessing to guide you in your journey for some time.
  • (Stab Tielekku and Mot with the God-Killer Sword)
You stab Tielekku with the god-killer sword, followed by Mot. You can feel both of their power flowing through you as the blade of the sword shatters! Tielekku collapses to the ground as she vanishes back to the spirit world!
  • (Leave)

PowerBlast Explosion.png Magical Burst Close PBAoE Extreme DMG(Energy/Smash)
You have been granted Tielekku's power. You can attack enemies with devastating magic! Damage: High, Recharge: Slow
TheTowerFortune.png Aura of Mot +DMG (All), +Recovery
You've used the god-killer sword to take some of Mot's dark power. Mot's power will increase the damage of all your powers, but it can't be good to be walking around with the power of Mot flowing within you.
TheTowerFortune.png Blessing of Tielekku +Def(All)
Tielekku has given you her blessing, helping to protect you from all harm.


Character, we did it, you did it! Mot's power is trapped within that barrier. He still has his followers, but they'll pose little to no threat now that he has been sealed. The world owes you a huge thanks, Character. We'll never know what truly happened with you inside of Mot, but we all knew when we saw the barrier shoot up that the day was saved.

Everyone that played a role in this is starting to go back to where they came from, though I fear there is some trouble brewing with so many rival factions together...

It's something that I'll have to deal with myself, Character, you don't have to concern yourself. I do hope, however, that you and I will work together again in the future against a common enemy: Ouroboros. There is still much to do for the Coming Storm, and allies are sorely needed, especially with Protean abandoning the team. Scirocco, I believe, may yet be of use. He has returned with Ice Mistral to Grandville, but he is a changed man. The effects of what happened today are going to be felt for years to come, Character.

You've been flung into the depths of a god of death, fought monsters the likes that have never been seen before, travelled back through time... I believe you deserve a well-earned rest. I'll take care of cleaning things up from here on out, Character. We'll speak again when the time is right.


You are awarded the Lone Wolf Badge if you refused help from the NPCs at the beginning of this mission.

File:Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Lone Wolf

You fought against the armies of the Banished Pantheon by yourself, choosing to have the other Incarnates support the rest of Astoria.

You are awarded the Heart of Hatred Badge upon completion of the mission.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png Heart of Hatred

You fought against Mot, the essence of hatred, and managed to win, saving the world from being devoured whole by the creature.