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Katie Hannon

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Katie Hannon
Katie Hannon.jpg
Youngest Sorceress
Zone Croatoa
Coordinates (1095, 108, -1095)
Level Range 30-34
Introduced By Referred to by Buck Salinger. Katie is an unlockable Task Force contact.
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

Badge croatoa cap buster.png Red Caps

Badge croatoa spellbinder.png The Cabal

Badge croatoa x times the victor.png Ten Times the Victor Badge

Badge croatoa cabalist.png Cabalist Badge
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Katie Hannon is a hero contact in the Sunset Ridge neighborhood of Croatoa at coordinates (1095, 108, -1095).

Katie is a member of The Cabal; however, she is friendly. Sprites in the area around her are immune from attack.


Contact Introduced By

A hero is referred to Katie by Buck Salinger, but not directly sent by him. She will only speak to those that have completed Buck Salinger's missions.

Prior to Introduction

I don't think I should be talking to you. But maybe if you find out more about my home we could be friends.


Youngest Sorceress

Though Katie is the youngest of all the sorceresses, she's lived in Croatoa for more than two centuries. Her youthful outlook and sunny disposition give hope to her people, making them believe they can someday triumph over the ghoulish Red Caps.

Initial Contact

You should come back with at least 5 friends.

You need at least 6 members on your team, all of them at least Level 30. If they are over Level 34, they will be automatically exemplared to Level 34 for the duration of the Task Force.

Task Force

See Katie Hannon Task Force