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This article is about the hero trainer. For the developer EJ "Ravenstorm" Nelson, see Ravenstorm (Developer).



Ravenstorm is a hero trainer on Striga Isle in The Bog neighborhood. His coordinates are (-3657, 26, -442), and his location is marked on the map as a contact.

Ravenstorm is also encountered in specific Alignment or Morality Missions as part of the Rogues Gallery faction.



Joachim Matthias Reinhardt, an exchange student from Berlin, was obsessed with the dark matter that some Magic Origin heroes were able to channel into magnificent powers. Unwilling to tread down a mystical road himself, Joachim was determined to find a way to summon this dark matter through technology. Eventually, he created his "Nano-Noir" technology, which allowed small nannites within his body to store the dark matter and release it on demand. Of all Paragon City's heroes, Ravenstorm is the most solitary. Many find it surprising that he has formed such a close friendship with Moonfire, the Kheldian hero stationed on Striga Isle. But perhaps he considers her, like himself, alone in the world.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Joachim Matthias Reinhardt
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Primary Powers: Martial Arts
Secondary Powers: Dark Armor
Other Powers: Flight