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The Shining Stars

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The Shining Stars are a group of heroes one encounters and works with throughout the course of the Hero Ongoing Training Missions, as well as being encountered in select missions in the Who Will Die story arc.


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Enemy Types

Bosses / Elite Bosses



Main Article: Dillo

Part of the Galactic Refugees, Dillo has been sent to Earth to warn of the threat of the Shivans.


SuperStrength Jab.png Jab Melee, Minor DMG(Smash), Minor Disorient
A quick jab that deals minor damage, but has a chance of Disorienting the target, especially if coupled with other attacks. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Very Fast

SuperStrength Punch.png Punch Melee, Moderate DMG(Smash), Knockback
Your Super Strength Punch can deal a moderate amount of damage, but most of all can knock your opponent off their feet, unable to attack again until they stands up. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Fast

SuperStrength Hurl.png Hurl Ranged, High DMG(Smash), Knockback, -Fly
You are able to tear up a chunk of ground beneath your feet and Hurl it at an enemy. This attack deals high damage, and can knock foes back and even drop them out of the air if they are flying. Damage: High, Recharge: Moderate

SuperStrength Haymaker.png Haymaker Melee, High DMG(Smash), Knockback
A slow but devastating attack, the Haymaker has a great chance of knocking your opponent down. Damage: High, Recharge: Moderate

Invulnerability ResToPhysicalDmg.png Resist Physical Damage Auto: Self +Res (Smash, Lethal, DeBuff DEF)
You are naturally tough and inherently resistant to Smashing and Lethal damage as well as Defense Debuff effects. This power is always on, and costs no Endurance.

Invulnerability TemporaryInvulnerabilty.png Temp Invulnerability Toggle: Self +Res(Smash, Lethal)
When you toggle on this power, you become highly resistant to Smashing and Lethal damage. Recharge: Fast



Main Article: Flambeaux

Flambeaux is a fiery-haired hero who developed a process to turn her body energies into biochemical fire she can project at her enemies.


FireBlast Flare.png Flares DoT(Fire)
You have been set on fire by the Flares attack.

FireBlast FireBlast.png Fire Blast DoT(Fire)
You have been set on fire by the Fire Blast.

FieryFray FireSword.png Fire Sword DoT(Fire)
The Legacy of Flame can summon a fire sword that sets foes ablaze. Successful attacks will also do a slight damage over time.

FireBlast FireBall.png Fire Ball DoT(Fire)
You have been set on fire by the Fireball.

FireBlast ArcOfFire.png Fire Breath DoT(Fire)
The Legacy of Flame breaths forth a cone of fire that burns all foes within it's narrow cone. Very accurate and very deadly at medium range.



Main Article: Grym

Grym is a guardian from another realm; he is one of the grims that has been sent to watch over Paragon City.


Sword Hack.png Hack Melee, High Dam(Lethal), Foe -DEF
You Hack your opponent for a high amount of damage. This attack can reduce a target's Defense, making him easier to hit. Damage: High, Recharge: Moderate

Sword Slash.png Slash Melee, Moderate Dam(Lethal), Foe -DEF
You perform a quick Slash that can reduce a target's Defense, making him easier to hit. This attack causes moderate damage, but has a quick recharge time. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Fast

Sword Slice.png Slice Melee (Cone), Moderate Dam(Lethal), Foe -DEF
You Slice your sword in a wide arc, attacking all enemies in front of you. Slice does less damage than Slash, but can hit multiple foes and reduce their defense. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate

Temporary TargetedDoT.png Throwing Knives Ranged Minor DMG(Lethal)
With your natural origin you have to rely on your cunning and skill. You've acquired these throwing knives as part of your personal arsenal. You can throw these knives at a very short range, and deal minor Lethal damage to your target, but a nasty wound will do additional Damage over Time. Damage: Minor (DoT), Recharge: Fast

Regeneration FastHealing.png Fast Healing Auto: Self +Regeneration
You heal Hit Points at a faster rate than normal. This power is always on.

Regeneration Reconstruction.png Reconstruction Self Heal, Res(Toxic)
Through perfect control of your body, you can concentrate for a few moments and heal yourself. The effects of Reconstruction also leaves you resistant to Toxic damage for a while. Recharge: Long



Main Article: Proton

The last survivor of a future version of Earth, Proton has traveled to our time in an attempt to prevent the catastrophe that consumed his world.


RadiationBurst NeutrinoBlast.png Neutrino Bolt Ranged, Minor DMG(Energy), Foe -DEF
A very quick, but low damage attack. Neutrino Bolt can reduce the target's Defense. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Very Fast

RadiationPoisoning RadiationEmission.png Radiant Aura PBAoE, Ally +Heal
You can use Radiant Aura to heal some of your wounds, and the wounds of your group. This power has a small radius, so your allies need to be near you if they wish to be affected. Recharge: Moderate

RadiationBurst XRayBeam.png X-Ray Beam Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -DEF
You can emit a beam of X-Ray energy from your eyes, dealing moderate Energy damage. This attack can bypass some defenses and can reduce the target's Defense. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Fast

RadiationBurst ElectronHaze.png Electron Haze Close, Moderate Cone DMG(Energy), Foe -DEF, Knockback
A short range conical blast of free electrons. This attack can bypass some of a target's defenses and reduce the target's Defense. It can also knock some targets down. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Slow

RadiationPoisoning RadiationInfection.png Radiation Infection Toggle: Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -DEF, -To-hit
Infects a targeted foe with deadly radiation, severely reducing their chance to hit and Defense. All foes that come near the target will also become infected. The Radiation Infection will last until you deactivate it, or until the original target is defeated. Recharge: Moderate



Main Article: Twinshot

Twinshot is a trained commando with a friendly demeanor and a mysterious past.


DualPistols Pistols.png Pistols Ranged, Minor DMG(Lethal/Special)
Quickly fires a round from one of your heavy automatic pistols. Damage is average, but the fire rate is very fast. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Very Fast NOTE: Changing your ammo type with the 'Swap Ammo' power will change your secondary damage from lethal to cold, fire or toxic.

DualPistols DualWield.png Dual Wield Ranged, Moderate DMG(Lethal/Special), Foe Knockback/Special
Dual Wield fires both pistols in rapid succession at its desired target. This power is slower than Pistols, but deals more damage, and the target may get knocked down by the force of the impact. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Fast

Gadgets WebGrenade.png Web Grenade Ranged, Target Immobilize, -Recharge, -Fly
Upon impact, the Web Grenade expels a strong, tenuous, and very sticky substance that can Immobilize most targets. This non-lethal device deals no damage and does not prevent targets from attacking, although their attack rate is Slowed. The Web can bring down flying entities and halts jumping. Recharge: Fast

DualPistols EmptyClips.png Empty Clips Ranged (Cone), Moderate DMG(Lethal/Special), Knockback/Special
You empty the clips of both your pistols in an arc of suppression fire. This attack can blast multiple foes in the affected cone area, and has a small chance of knocking some foes down. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate

DualPistols ExplosiveClip.png Bullet Rain Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DMG(Lethal/Special), Knockback/Special
You fire your pistols faster than the human eye can follow, causing your bullet trajectory to arc, dealing moderate Lethal damage and possibly knocking your foes back. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Slow

Leadership Tactics.png Leadership PBAoE, Team +To Hit, Res(Confuse, Fear), +Perception
While this power is active, your chance to hit and that of all your nearby teammates' is increased. Your advanced Tactics also protect you and your team from Confuse and Fear effects, as well as your Perception so you can detect Stealthy foes.


  • Dillo is known for his... unique way of speaking as well as the noise "*hoorb*" which he uses regularly.
  • Manticore of the Freedom Phalanx counted himself as part of The Shining Stars while becoming a benefactor for the small supergroup.

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