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Leo Poggiani

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Leo Poggiani
Leo Poggiani.jpg
Mook Capo
Zone Port Oakes
Coordinates (-3043, 48, 871)
Level Range 40-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Longbow.png Longbow
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu
V badge Vindicators.png Vindicators
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep5.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 5.

Leo Poggiani is a villain contact in the Dockside neighborhood of Port Oakes at coordinates (-3043, 48, 871). His level range is 40-50. He is standing 255 yards east of the Abandoned Lab. Leo Poggiani is the fifth contact in the villain-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.

Leo will provide his story arc to villains, rogues and vigilantes.


Contact Introduced By

None; Leo Poggiani is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



Mook Capo

Leo Poggiani is one of the capos for the Mooks in Port Oakes. In the grand scheme of things, the Mooks don't have a terrible amount of power. However, when it comes to matters in Port Oakes, the Mooks know everything that happens. Well, almost everything.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the fifth episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play Leo Poggiani's story arc.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Missing Initial Contact Dialogue

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

I ain't got time to talk to you, especially since you're not even threat level 40.

Story Arc

The Fate of All Men


Piece of Statesman's Cape

You took a piece of Statesman's cape, a souvenir of the when the legend died. News stations all over the world were broadcasting the news of Statesman's death the night after it happened. The Freedom Phalanx wanted to keep it a secret, but it seems someone leaked the information to the press. One of the gloomier newscasts called Statesman's death...

The Fate of All Men

The news reported that the man responsible for Stateman's death was Darrin Wade. Somehow, there are also reports about your involvement in the whole matter, that you stopped an investigation being performed by Back Alley Brawler. News reports also begin rumors that you and Darrin Wade actually fought each other over Statesman's dead body. Your reputation is being debated amongst the pundits, some of them wondering if now at this point, the world must rely on a villain to save it.

It wouldn't be the first time you've had to do something for the greater good, but who says that you necessarily have to? Statesman's dead, and Paragon has a huge hole in its defenses. This is a time brimming with opportunity; it's just a matter of what opportunity you'll be taking.

The Fate of All Men


Yo, Character, thanks for swinging on by. You uh, got the message, yeah? Well, if you didn't, and you're just here talking, here's the thing. I know you're way above us mooks over here in Port Oakes, and that's fine. With that whole business that went down in Warburg, you're a few years ahead of us.

Now, here's the thing. We heard about your other partner, Wade. I know he's got a place around here in the Oakes, just don't know where.

Word on the street is there's big trouble stirring up in little Oakes, if you get my drift, trouble by the name of Back Alley Brawler. He's looking to try to dismantle this entire operation, you know? Now, if you wanna take care of this, I can tell you everything you need to know, provided that when you do your whole full rise to power, you remember this conversation, eh?

This arc contains elite bosses, which may be difficult to defeat by yourself.

  • Agree to form a strike force

Perfect. So, here's the deal. Big old Back Alley Brawler burst into Blackbeard's tavern nearby. He said he's looking for traces of Darrin Wade, something about some sorta lead. Now, I know the guy has got something weird going on beneath that bar, but I don't know what exactly.

If you wanna stop Back Alley Brawler from stomping all over this plan that you and Wade have, you should get over to that tavern post-haste and stop the big guy from finding whatever he's looking for.

Stop Back Alley Brawler

Unnecessary Solicitation

There ain't too much more I can do to help out, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


The bar seems to be cleaned out. Back Alley Brawler is in the basement; you'll have to catch up to him before he gets too far.

  • Stop Back Alley Brawler
    • Defeat the Back Alley Brawler
    • Get Back Upstairs
    • Defeat Ms. Liberty, Infernal, Mynx, and Valkryie!

You defeated Back Alley Brawler and the Vindicators. You'll have to speak to an Arbiter to get a map of the tunnels system in Port Oakes.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu
V badge Vindicators.png Vindicators

Notable NPCs:

You defeated Back Alley Brawler and found out information regarding Darrin Wade!

Icon clue generic.png
Back Alley Brawler's Investigation
You defeated Back Alley Brawler and retrieved a data pad that was on his person. It detailed the investigation that he was performing regarding the whereabouts of Darrin Wade. It seems that something is going on regarding Darrin Wade and Rularuu, a fact you're now very well aware of after walking through the basement of the bar in Port Oakes.

Something isn't right here, but it doesn't come as too much of a surprise to learn that Darrin Wade was hiding something from you.

You can hear some sort of commotion upstairs in the bar. You'll have to see what's going on there, then find the location of Darrin Wade's lair. He's going to regret hiding something from you.

Get a map of the tunnels beneath Port Oakes from Arbiter Unger

Unnecessary Solicitation

Well, good thing that's all settled in the tavern. It was a nice dive bar to grab a few drinks!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Get a map of the tunnels beneath Port Oakes from Arbiter Unger


Character. You require maps of the old tunnels in Port Oakes? Right away.

Arbiter Unger hands you an Arachnos datapad with details on the tunnels within Port Oakes. You look over the map and piece together how to get to Darrin Wade's lair, given the entrance that was blocked off beneath Blackbeard's tavern. There's no time to lose; every second you waste is another second that Wade has to backstab you.

  • Leave

Get inside of Darrin Wade's lair

Unnecessary Solicitation

So you think this Wade guy is pulling a fast on one you? Believe me, Character, I didn't know anything about this!

Mission Objective(s)


You can feel the presence of Rularuu in these old sewers. Wade conveniently forgot to mention his alliance with a universe-destroying entity.

  • Get inside of Darrin Wade's lair
    • Get inside of Darrin Wade's lair
    • Defeat Positron, Crimson and Indigo
    • 3 groups of Rularuu monsters to defeat in Darrin Wade's Lair
    • 3 pieces of evidence to find in Darrin Wade's lair

You found out the secrets behind Darrin Wade's plan!


Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

Notable NPCs:

Icon clue generic.png
Darrin Wade's Plan
You found out in Darrin Wade's lair that he plans on summoning Rularuu into this world and taking over the monster. Wade also plans on using an ancient Cimeroran ritual to kill Statesman. All of this seems to stem from his desire to become more powerful than anyone in this existence. You have to wonder what caused Wade to be like this. Was the idea of being normal in a world of super-powered beings too much for him to handle? Even with all his magical artifacts, Darrin Wade still felt that he was just a regular man.

Whether or not Statesman dies is irrelevant, though of course, getting the killing blow on him would immortalize you. If Darrin Wade is planning on becoming Rularuu, there isn't much room for you in that equation, even if his plan is that you both rule side by side. If Wade is in the ruins of Cimerora, then that's where you'll be going next.

Confront Darrin Wade

Unnecessary Solicitation

Whoah, this guy is gonna KILL Statesman?!

Mission Objective(s)


Some sort of barrier prevented you from reaching the top of the temple. You'll need to destroy whatever Rularuu soldiers are forming the barrier!

  • Confront Darrin Wade
    • 3 Rularuu 'Ambassadors' to defeat in order to break Wade's seal on the temple
    • Find the entrance to the topside and defeat Darrin Wade!
    • Speak with Darrin Wade
    • Defeat Darrin Wade!
    • Defeat the Aspect of Ruladak the Ravager!

Statesman is dead, along with your partnership with Darrin Wade.


Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Ex-Midnighter

Notable NPCs:

Fate of All Men - Statesman Confronts Wade.jpg

Darrin Wade: It looks like... You're -really- taking your daughter's death hard, Statesman!

Statesman: There's nowhere left to run, Wade! You're going to pay for everything that you've done!

Darrin Wade: Oh? Are you going to kill me now, Statesman?
Darrin Wade: Avenge the death of your daughter once and for all?

Statesman: No, Wade. You're going to -rot- in prison, and I'm going to make sure you do so until the day you -die-.
Statesman: I don't kill.

Darrin Wade: That's too bad, because I -do-.

Fate of All Men - Wade Springs the Trap.jpg

Statesman: AAAAAAAAGH!!

Fate of All Men - Deadly Power.jpg

Darrin Wade: Do you have any last words, before you die?

Fate of All Men - At Wade's Mercy.jpg

Statesman: You'll never... succeed... Wade... villainy like yours... never... does...!

Darrin Wade: -That- was it? How trite. Goodbye, Statesman, I'll use your power well!

Fate of All Men - Statesman's Final Moments.jpg


Fate of All Men - Young Megan.jpg

Fate of All Men - Ms. Liberty.jpg

Fate of All Men - Stephan Richter.jpg

Fate of All Men - Lord Recluse.jpg

Fate of All Men - Maiden Justice.jpg

Fate of All Men - Transfer of Power.jpg

Darrin Wade: I can feel it, your power flowing through me! Finally...

Fate of All Men - Statesman Falls.jpg

Darrin Wade: After so many years of planning... everything is nearly complete. Now, everything should be set for Sister Psyche...


Well, Character, I'm a little surprised to see you here.

  • I found your lair, Wade. Guess what I discovered?

I can only assume from your tone that you discovered my plans.

Do you have an issue with it, Character? You would have the highest honor, becoming one with me, with Rularuu, the most powerful being in the world.

Would you rather be part of the others, who would be slaves to our whims?

  • I would rather have my freedom, Wade.
Your freedom? Character, if you're not with me when I ascend, then you will have no freedom. Don't you understand?
No one in this world is truly free. There are always forces that can bend you, turn you to their will. Even Statesman here is not free.
I, Character, as a regular person, was never free. At any moment, some maniac with super powers could kill me. Can you imagine that?
After all the knowledge I obtained, all the experiences I had, some random punk with super strength could just flick his wrist and kill me!
But once I release Rularuu, once I merge, I will be free. No one will have the power to turn me to their will.
  • Then that means I would still be beneath -you-, Wade.
I suppose it does, but you would be above all the others of the world, Character!
I can already tell that this is not to your liking, is it? It's really too bad. You and I worked magnificently together.
I'll have to bring our work together to an end. You must realize, Character, that I have no choice but to eliminate you from the equation. I've come too far now to have someone like you stop me!
  • Just try it, Wade!
Darrin Wade attacks you!
  • (Fight!)
  • This was supposed to just be about taking down the Phalanx, Wade!
The Phalanx were a means to an end, Character! That's what all people are, don't you see? Every person you meet, that you talk to, are a means to a greater goal that you have.
The death of Statesman wasn't the goal, it was a means to get us a point in time where I would have the power to become Rularuu!
And now, that goal is almost met. There is only one last person left in the equation, and that is Sister Psyche.
  • You've gone too far, Wade. I can't let you go any further.
Your goals never matched mine, Character, I should have realized that from the start. But you can't stop what I've set in motion.
There are pieces and cogs which have already put into action events that will lead to one inevitable conclusion. And now, you seek to stop me, the man who has the power of Statesman?
Don't you see? You can't stop me now, Character. This is your last chance to change your mind. You can join me and become part of Rularuu when the world changes, or fall here, a mere blip on the radar of history.
  • I'll take option three, putting you down once and for all!
Darrin Wade attacks you!
  • (Fight!)
  • Still, it wouldn't be MY plan or MY goal Wade. It would be yours.
Is it a matter of pride, Character? That I did what you could not? Many are going to be thinking that, of course. Yet, you have the distinct advantage of seeing exactly what I did.
Tell me, Character, do you intend to stop me now? Create a master plan to outwit my own so that you come out on top, that you emerge the bigger power in all of this?
  • That's one option, Wade. You could also stand down, make this easier.
I've come too far to 'stand down'. Do you understand how many years of my life I've poured into this? The sacrifices I've made, both to my mind and my very soul itself?!
There is no turning back for me, Character. It is either this or nothing. I am the unstoppable force that will destroy anything that gets in the way of my lifelong goal. Do you intend to be the supposed immovable object to get in my way?
I should warn you, that you are not my equal. The only person who could be considered that is Lord Recluse, and even then, that is highly suspect.
  • We'll see about that, Wade!
Darrin Wade attacks you!
  • (Fight!)


Yo! So, how did it go?

Statesman's... -what-?! Did YOU do it?

Wade? Man... that's a scoop if I ever heard one. So, this guy is looking to take over the entire world, huh? That's pretty crazy. Not the first guy that's tried it, of course, but he definitely has a creative idea behind it.

Things are gonna get pretty crazy soon, Character. Every mook who even has some sort of super power is gonna be donning their gear to paint Paragon red. Now, me, I'm gonna be staying right here.

I don't know what you're gonna do, though. I mean, you're powerful enough that this whole shindig of world destruction is right up your alley, right? Now, I figure you ain't gonna swoop in and play hero to all this, which makes me wonder, what exactly are you gonna do about this?

I'll let you figure that one out, but hey, from what you said, it sounds like this Darrin Wade guy is pretty furious at you. It's gonna be a showdown of epic proportions, I figure. I just hope I ain't around to watch it go down!

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