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The Players' Guide to the Cities

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System Requirements

Getting Started

Creating a Character

User Interface

Your First Game Session

When you have finished creating your character, you may begin your adventure. You will be given the option to either play through or skip the game tutorial when leave the Character ID screen. Playing through the tutorial will help to demonstrate to you the basics of movement, navigation, combat, and interacting with non-player characters (NPCs). In addition, upon completion of the tutorial, your character will have enough experience to progress to level 2.

Remember, don't just rely on the text messages from NPCs in the tutorial; you must also pay attention to the reminders automatically placed on your map and other informational screens.

Heroes: Your First Day on Patrol

After skipping or completing the tutorial, you will be given a choice between starting your career in either Atlas Park or Galaxy City. If Atlas Park is selected, your first contact will be located inside the Paragon City Hall. If Galaxy City is selected, your first contact will be located inside the Freedom Corp building. Your contact will offer you a choice of missions.

You can either patrol the streets looking for criminals arrest or go ahead and tackle your first mission. It's up to you. Pay attention to your map, which will reveal more and more of the zone as you explore. Be cautious when crossing the yellow or red lines on your map as these mark off more dangerous areas within the zone.

When you have enough experience to train to level 2, you will need to visit either Ms. Liberty (Atlas Park) or Back Alley Brawler (Galaxy.) Speak to them to train.

Villains: The Struggle for Survival Begins

After skipping or completing the tutorial, Villains will be given a choice between taking either Kalinda or Matthew Burke as their starting contact, both within Mercy Island. Kalinda is located in Fort Darwin, conveniently located near the drop off point from the Tutorial and near Arbiter Diaz, while Matthew Burke is located just outside the Fort, nearby in the neighborhood of Darwin's Landing. Speaking to either new contact after your arrival on Mercy Island, they will offer you your first mission.

You can either roam the streets of Mercy Island beating on anything unfortunate enough to be in your path or you can go ahead and run missions. The choice is entirely up to you. Pay attention to the map. As you move around the zone, you will clear away the fog of war and reveal more of the map. Use caution when crossing the yellow or red borders on the map which indicate you have entered into one of the zone's more dangerous areas.

When you have enough experience to train to level 2, speak to Arbiter Diaz in Fort Darwin to train.


When you speak to your trainer and tell them that you are ready to train to level 2, you will be granted the inherent Power Rest, another row of Inspiration slots, and your choice of one new Power. Your 3rd Primary and 2nd Secondary Powers are now available, giving you a total of three Powers to choose from.

Ending Your Game Session

When you are ready to end your game session, open the game menu from the Status window and select "Quit". You will be given the option of quitting to the login screen or quitting to your desktop. Quitting to the login screen will allow you to log back in to continue with another character or create another character. Quitting to the desktop will exit the game client entirely.

When logging out, you will remain visible and can still be attacked for 30 seconds. If you press any key during this time, the countdown will be aborted and you will not log out. When the countdown reaches zero, you will either be sent back to the login screen or sent back to your desktop.

If quitting to the desktop, you will have the option to quit out of the game before the 30 second timer has expired. If you do this, you will be sent out to the desktop, but your character will remain visible and may still be attacked until the remainder of your 30 second timer has expired.


Interacting with the Environment

Fighting and Other Actions

  • Using Your Powers
  • Taking Damage and Restoring Hit Points
  • Damage Displays in Combat
  • Powers, Endurance, and Recharge
  • Color Coding
  • Combat Options


  • Powers Terminology
  • Power Outer Ring Key
  • Leveling Table
  • Inherent Powers
  • Origin Powers
  • Pool Power Sets
  • Hero-Specific Power Set
    • Blasters
      • Blaster Inherent Powers
      • Blaster Primaries
      • Blaster Secondaries
      • Blaster Ancillaries
    • Controllers
      • Controller Inherent Powers
      • Controller Primaries
      • Controller Secondaries
      • Controller Ancillaries
    • Defenders
      • Defender Inherent Powers
      • Defender Primaries
      • Defender Secondaries
      • Defender Ancillaries
    • Scrappers
      • Scrapper Inherent Powers
      • Scrapper Primaries
      • Scrapper Secondaries
      • Scrapper Ancillaries
    • Tankers
      • Tanker Inherent Powers
      • Tanker Primaries
      • Tanker Secondaries
      • Tanker Ancillaries
    • Kheldians
      • Kheldian Inherent Powers
      • Peacebringers
      • Warshades
  • Villain-Specific Power Sets
    • Brutes
      • Brute Inherent Powers
      • Brute Primaries
      • Brute Secondaries
      • Brute Patron Powers
    • Corruptors
      • Corruptor Inherent Powers
      • Corruptor Primaries
      • Corruptor Secondaries
      • Corruptor Patron Powers
    • Dominators
      • Dominator Inherent Powers
      • Dominator Primaries
      • Dominator Secondaries
      • Dominator Patron Powers
    • Masterminds
      • Mastermind Inherent Powers
    • Mastermind Primaries
      • Mastermind Secondaries
    • Mastermind Patron Powers
    • Stalkers
      • Stalker Inherent Powers
      • Stalker Primaries
      • Stalker Secondaries
      • Stalker Patron Powers


  • Experience
  • Influence/Infamy
  • Prestige
  • Inspirations
  • Enhancements
    • Types of Enhancements
    • Enhancement Origins
    • Enhancement Strengths
    • Combining Enhancements
  • Salvage
  • Recipes


  • Contacts
  • Clues
  • Story Arcs
  • Policeband/Newspaper Missions
    • Safeguard/Mayhem Missions
  • Mission Types

Team Ups

  • Team Leaders
  • Team Ups and Missions
  • Sidekicks/Lackeys and Exemplars/Malefactors
  • Task Forces and Trials

Super Groups

  • Bases



Slash Commands, Macros, Keybindings, and Emotes

  • Slash Commands
  • Macros


This is just a placeholder for the moment. When I get to bindings, I want to put this table in there.

' quickchat Will add descriptions in this column of what the binds actually do later.
- prev_tray
ALT+- prev_tray_alt
/ show chat$$slashchat
0 powexec_slot 10
CTRL+0 powexec_alt2slot 10
ALT+0 powexec_altslot 10
1 powexec_slot 1
CTRL+1 powexec_alt2slot 1
SHIFT+1 team_select 1
ALT+1 powexec_altslot 1
2 powexec_slot 2
CTRL+2 powexec_alt2slot 2
SHIFT+2 team_select 2
ALT+2 powexec_altslot 2
3 powexec_slot 3
CTRL+3 powexec_alt2slot 3
SHIFT+3 team_select 3
ALT+3 powexec_altslot 3
4 powexec_slot 4
CTRL+4 powexec_alt2slot 4
SHIFT+4 team_select 4
ALT+4 powexec_altslot 4
5 powexec_slot 5
CTRL+5 powexec_alt2slot 5
SHIFT+5 team_select 5
ALT+5 powexec_altslot 5
6 powexec_slot 6
CTRL+6 powexec_alt2slot 6
SHIFT+6 team_select 6
ALT+6 powexec_altslot 6
7 powexec_slot 7
CTRL+7 powexec_alt2slot 7
SHIFT+7 team_select 7
ALT+7 powexec_altslot 7
8 powexec_slot 8
CTRL+8 powexec_alt2slot 8
SHIFT+8 team_select 8
ALT+8 powexec_altslot 8
9 powexec_slot 9
CTRL+9 powexec_alt2slot 9
ALT+9 powexec_altslot 9
 ; show chat$$slashchat
\ menu
A +left
B ++first
BACKSPACE autoreply
C chat
COMMA show chat$$beginchat /tell $target,
D +right
DELETE +lookdown
DOWN +backward
DOWNARROW +backward
E +turnright
END +zoomout
ENTER show chat$$startchat
EQUALS next_tray
ALT+EQUALS next_tray_alt
ESC unselect
F follow
F1 inspexec_slot 1
F10 say $battlecry$$emote attack
F2 inspexec_slot 2
F3 inspexec_slot 3
F4 inspexec_slot 4
F5 inspexec_slot 5
F6 local <color white><bgcolor red>RUN!
F7 say <color black><bgcolor #22aa22>Ready!$$emote thumbsup
F8 local <color black><bgcolor #aaaa22>HELP!$$emote whistle
F9 local <color white><bgcolor #2222aa><scale .75>level $level $archetype$$local <color white><bgcolor #2222aa>Looking for team
HOME +zoomin
INSERT +lookup
LALT +alttray
LCONTROL +alt2tray
LCTRL +alt2tray
LEFT +turnleft
LEFTARROW +turnleft
M map
MBUTTON +camrotate
MouseChord +forward_mouse
MOUSEWHEEL +camdistadjust
N nav
P powers
PAGEDOWN camreset
PAGEUP +camrotate
Q +turnleft
R ++autorun
RALT alttraysticky
RBUTTON +mouse_look
RIGHT +turnright
RIGHTARROW +turnright
S +backward
SYSRQ screenshot
T target
TAB target_enemy_next
CTRL+TAB target_enemy_near
SHIFT+TAB target_enemy_prev
UP +forward
UPARROW +forward
V +ctm_invert
W +forward
X +down
Z powexec_abort
  • Emotes


  • General
  • Controls
  • Graphics and Audio


  • Paragon City
  • The Rogue Isles
  • Shared Zones
    • PvP Zones
    • Pocket D
    • Rikti War Zone (?)

Enemy Groups

Player vs. Player


Credits (?)