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Quickchat (Slash Command)

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Pops up the quickchat menu.

Customizing the QuickChat Menu

Custom Quickchat Menus can be created by placing a properly formatted text file named quickchat.mnu in the following directory and then restarting COH after completely exiting to the desktop:


<LANGUAGE> may be one of the following and needs to match the language of the version of City of Heroes that is installed:

  • ChineseTraditional
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • uk


MNU files can be created and edited in any text editor. QuickChat Menus have the following general structure:

// Opening comment line for the QuickChat Menu

Menu QuickChat
    Title TitleName
    Option OptionName Command
    Title TitleName
    Option OptionName Command
    Menu SubMenuName
        Title SubMenuTitleName
        Option OptionName Command
        Option OptionName Command
  • Menu defines a group of Options. Menus can be nested, but each sub-menu requires its own pair of curly braces.
    • To create a submenu name of more than one word with spaces between them, enclose it in quotes.
  • Option is a selectable command within a menu.
    • One letter in OptionName can be designated as a hotkey by prefixing an ampersand (&).
    • To create an option name of more than one word with spaces between them, enclose it in quotes.
    • Command is one or more slash commands (separated by $$).
  • Title is an optional element.
    • TitleName labels a menu, or a section of a menu. Titles are not selectable.
    • Menus can have more than one Title.
  • Divider places a horizontal line in the menu.


  • MNU files allow comments. Use a double forward slash (//) anywhere on a line to force the client to ignore anything between the double slash and the line return.
  • IMPORTANT: MNU files must have at least one line containing a carriage-return at the end of the line above the first "Menu" entry. It can be blank, a full comment, or just the comment tag (//) or any number of those lines otherwise it will not function.
  • Changes to custom menus require you to exit the client in order for the changes to take effect.
  • Custom menus are accessible by all characters on the same machine. By extension, you can send custom menu files to other people so that they can use them as well.
  • Option and its parameters must be on one line. Otherwise, the menu will not function.
    • Inspiration and power names with spaces can be used in commands by replacing the spaces with an underscore (for example, Catch_a_Breath). You can also enclose the entire Command portion in quotation marks.
    • Multiple Commands can be executed by one Option by joining them with $$, just as they would be on the client command line.

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