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The Players' Guide to the Cities/Super Groups

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SG Registration Desk in Atlas Park

A super group is a permanent association of heroes or villains. You can join a super group at any time, but must be level 10 or higher to form one of your own.

Being part of a super group offers several benefits:

  • It can provide access to a pool of heroes or villains to adventure without having to hunt down a team.
  • It makes it easier to keep track of your friends as you can all chat in the Super Group channel.
  • When engaging in PvP, a bigger team is never a bad idea, after all, there is strength in numbers.
  • Super groups can build secret bases for their members to use.

To form a super group, you must go to a Super Group Registration desk. Heroes may visit the registrar in in City Hall in Atlas Park or Freedom Corps Headquarters in Galaxy City. Villains will find a registrar in Port Oakes.

Form SLS/16

You must fill out Form 27 B/6 or SLS/16, which involves choosing a super group name, motto, message of the day, team colors and team insignia. You can even create custom titles for different levels of membership (default ranks for heroes are Leader, Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, and Member, and default ranks for villains are Overlord, Ringleader, Taskmaster, Enforcer, and Flunky).

Any member can assume the colors and team insignia of his super group. To do this, open the Super Group Window, then enter super group mode using the button in the upper right corner of the window. Immediately, your character's costume colors and chest insignia will change to those of your super group (depending on how you have set your options on the Super Group Colors Screen.

Members of a super group can all chat on the Super Group chat channel. If you send a message in this channel, every member of your super group currently online receives it, regardless of where they are currently located.

For more information on super groups, please refer to the following:

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