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The Players' Guide to the Cities/Coalitions

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A consolidation of super groups, known as coalitions, can combine strategies, tactics and skills to defeat even the greatest of foes.

To form a coalition, you must be the leader of a super group. You right-click on a player in another super group and choose "invite to coalition," or use the /ci <heroname> command. This will invite the leader of the other super group who has been online the longest to form a coalition with your super group.

Any super group may form up to 10 coalitons with other super groups.

All super group leaders have access to the Coalition Chat menu from the Super Group Window. From this menu leaders can mute their own non-leaders from talking in coalition chat. They can also prevent their own Super Group members from hearing an allied super group's non-leaders and prevent their own super group members’ chat from going to an allied super group's members (for each ally there is a "Hear Leaders Only" option and a "Don’t Chat To" option.)

The Coalition chat channel is a separate channel that will allow you to talk to all allied super groups as long as your leader has allowed this communication in the Coalition Chat menu. The command /c <text> and the "C" button above the chat line will allow you to chat in your Coalition channel.

When allowed by coalitioned super groups, members of the coalition may be able to enter another super group's base. Inside coalitioned super group bases, you will be limited in the amount of interaction you will be able to have with the base equipment, but will be able to use the following equipment as though it were installed in your own base:

In addition, although you will be unable to open or remove items from most storage containers in a coalitioned base, you are capable of depositing items in their proper storage containers by dragging and dropping whatever you wish to deposit on top of the storage container.

Coalitions can be dissolved at any time, so you can join up with another super group for just a raid or your super group can establish long term coalitions.

For more information on coalitons and setting coalition permissions, see the following: