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Player Information
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Chillspark.
Archetypeicon blaster.png This user's main hero is a Blaster.

V archetypeicon corruptor.png This user's main villain is a Corruptor.

CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Villains and Heroes on the Defiant server.
GMT This user's time zone is GMT.

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Chillspark & "Infinity"

Sonic Star


This article is about the player hero Chillspark, the significance of Infinity and those within "Infinity". Fill Me


Those currently within the scope of "Infinity" include:
Chillspark, Sonic Star, Tukito, Melancholy and Woe, Infinity Boy, Infinity Twins, Darkest Star, Gamma B0MB.


Groups within "Infinity" include:
Incedible Infinity, The Infinity Squad, Screaming Sentinels

Infinity Heroes

Archetypeicon blaster.png

Security Level: 50
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Electrical Blast
Secondary Powers: Ice Manipulation
Other Powers: Flame Mastery, Flight, Fitness, Medicine, Teleportation

Archetypeicon blaster.png
Sonic Star

Security Level: 50
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Sonic Attack
Secondary Powers: Energy Manipulation
Other Powers: Flame Mastery, Flight, Fitness, Medicine, Teleportation

Archetypeicon defender.png
Infinity Boy

Security Level: 20
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Primary Powers: Kinetics
Secondary Powers: Energy Blast
Other Powers: Speed, Medicine

Archetypeicon peacebringer.png
Archetypeicon warshade.pngInfinity Twins

Security Level: 21
Origin: Natural, Science
Archetype: Peacebringer, Warshade
Primary Powers: Luminous Blast, Umbral Blast
Secondary Powers: Luminous Aura, Umbral Aura
Other Powers: Fitness

Infinity Villains

Gamma B0MB

Darkest Star

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