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Tyger's Praetoria Full Content Run Guide

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With all the potential paths through Praetoria, whether you stick with one side, flip-flop between two or complete a companion alignment arc to get the Moral High Ground before heading through the rift and into Paragon City or the Etoile Isles; would it be possible to do ALL the arcs on a single character? Simply put; yes.

It's certainly possible to do all the arcs, long as you make a few carefully placed decisions and use the no-xp option a few times. There's more than enough xp to level to 20 doing every arc. I had to stop several times, mostly to avoid outlevelling contacts, arcs or the zones I was in.

So with a rough idea of who to go for, targets set for what I wanted and having run through Praetoria three times in different ways I'm now bringing this guide to you. There's some tips and tricks I can now pass on so let's prep up first.

Getting Started

Few things to get ready for:

Level Pact

Even with a Pact buddy (one of my own on another account) I still managed to complete the entire run in a casual two-week stint. The mobs in Praetoria are a lot tougher but they often appear at one level higher too. The only snag was Pacting at level 1. There was a slight drag at level 3 so it might be better waiting till level 4 once you've been introduced to the first alignment contacts: Provost Marchand or Calvin Scott.

Changing Allegiance

You will have to change alignment several times over the course of your paths, mainly because the Crusader and Power arcs are mutually exclusive to their sides. At least one of the four moral choices will have to be of the opposing side.

The Warden and Responsibility arcs are in the middle ground and can be done by both sides. Don't worry about not getting the introduction from Scott or Marchand as you can just talk to them straight-off as long as you know which one to talk to and don't outlevel their zone.

Pit Stops

With the xp curve at a higher slope than in Paragon or the Isles; you will have to stop experience at several levels in order to not outlevel contacts and mission arcs (especially the moral choices).

The key stopping levels are:

10 - This is the cap for the Nova Praetoria storylines and the moral choice missions. You may outlevel the introductions for each path but you can walk up to the starting contacts for each arc-chain and talk to them straight off (if you get stuck as to who the links above show the contacts along each path)

15 - The cap for Imperial City. Same as for 10; to avoid outlevelling the arcs and moral choice missions.

20 - The cap for Neutropolis and Praetoria. As above but it's to avoid outlevelling the Power/Crusader contacts, arcs and moral choices.

Don't forget to use it if you want to join in for any zone events, team with allies or decide to go badgehunting. And remember to turn xp back on when you've passed each pitstop requirement e.g. once you've done all the arc-chains in Nova and moved on to Imperial City; switch back on till you reach the Imperial cap of 15.

Buddy Up/Choosing an AT

Praetoria is notably tougher than Primal Earth. While I managed several runs solo it always helps to bring a friend along for certain combinations. Of course you need to keep a closer watch on the xp flow as it will go a little faster this way.

Soloable ATs are also a better choice (the main run I did was with a mind/energy Dominator) so picking a AT that can survive alone is better.

Debt is your friend

You might die a lot more often, given the encounters you will face, but debt is another slowing down tactic to help stop outlevelling contacts, stories and moral choices.

Debt. Debt is your ally.

Let's Get Running

Now remember that you can do Warden and Responsibility from both sides but you have to switch at least once to get the opposing side-exclusive contacts, Crusader and Power. Follow the tips above and you should be fine. Let's go zone-by-zone and I will cite examples of my playthrough using my Resistence character. If you get stuck for contacts, look in the links above under 'Changing Allegiance' for the first in each line in each zone.

Nova Praetoria

Can't really go wrong in Nova. No decisions that affect other arcs so you're relatively free to do them in any preference. Still need to switch sides once to be able to complete the side-specific arc-chains of Power and Crusader. But you can just pick any one to switch with.

I found it best to do the extreme arc-chains first, Crusader since I was Resistance, then switch alignments at the end in the Moral Choice mission then follow-up with the other extreme arc-chain. Since Warden and Responsibility can be done by either alignment, you can do them anytime without the worry of not being able to finish them because the contact is behind a block (like the Crusader base in the Underground or the Loyalist Lounge) or simply refuses to talk to you (Like Warrant who is out in the open).

Example: my Resistance character did the Crusader arc to the end, chose Loyalist in the moral choice mission to switch sides and then did the Power arc to the end and chose Resistance ending to switch back. Then completed the Warden and Responsibility arcs and chose Resistance ending for both.

Imperial City

A major warning in this zone: Do the Warden arc before the Responsibility one. One of the Warden contacts shows up as a defeatable boss and once you get to that mission; the Warden contact line will be broken. If it's completed he will be removed from the map as well.

Example: Same pattern as with Nova for mine. Except for completing the Warden arc first, right to the end and the moral choice. Did Crusader to the end, chose Loyalist then Power and chose Resistance. Finished with a Resistance choice for the Responsibility arc.


The only warning for this one is to finish the Crusader arc before the Warden arc if you're choosing Loyalist on the Warden one as it will break the Crusader line. Same general rule applies about choosing one arc to swtich and then doing the opposite side-exclusive contact.

Example: I entered Neutropolis, did Crusader, chose Loyalist then did Power, chose Resistance and finished the last two arcs choosing Resistance each time.

Then it was on to the Rift mission and into Paragon for my Hero. All arcs done, all content finished, all eight defeat badges without street-hunting, all the moral choice badges by 13 including Moral High Ground. In my main attempt after a restart (which got to level 12); I managed a completion time of 14 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes and 47 seconds from the intial account level badge flood to getting the side-specific gladiators in Paragon City.

What about all the goodbyes?

Ah, this is where the choices narrow a bit as you have to be careful about which choices you make since they will affect who shows up to wish you well in the Primal world.

Resistance->Rogue Isles

Unfortunately it's not possible to have all the goodbyes if you choose this path. Simply because two of the survivors end up in arcs as defeatable bosses which removes them from Praetoria to represent their capture.

Jack Hammer - can be saved as long as you choose the Resistance ending to the Nova Crusader arc. Choosing Loyalist means killing him off thus removing him from the world.

Splice - Is the only contact who will show up after completing her arc and is impossible to remove once this happens. You will get her through natural progression through the Nova Crusader arcs.

Ricochet - She is possible to keep by choosing to save your Powers squad in the Transmuter mission where her capture is entirely optional.

Beholder - Beholder unfortunately is one of the bosses who has to be captured in order to progress in Praetor Tilman's arc. This means you can't finish the arc and get her as a goodbye as she ends up back in Mother of Mercy Psychiatric Hospital.

Hatchet - Hatchet also appears as an objective in the same mission as Beholder and his defeat is also compulsary to advance the arc.

Resistance->Paragon City

Things get a little harder with this one as it means completing five seperate events, one for each survivor. It's also simpler in that none of them can be removed once completed.

Robert Flores - Pretty easy. He's the very first Warden contact you get from Calvin in Nova Praetoria. Finish his arc and you've got him.

Jessica Flores - First Warden contact in Imperial City. Complete her arc and she'll be waiting for you at the rift.

Tunnel Rat - She is one of the Nova contacts, right after Robert Flores. Complete her arc and you'll be fine. She shows up as an ally later and gets kidnapped in Luke Larson's arc but it's temporary.

Katie Douglas - A very precarious one and why you should complete the Imperial City Warden arcs first. If you defeat Dr. Steffard a.k.a. Cutter Cain before you meet with Katie (Seer 1381) or even Dr. Steffard himself then you will break the contact line. Best option is not to start the Responsibility arc in Imperial till you have Katie as a contact or at worst do not progress past the second mission from Interrogator Kang. Once you have Katie you need to choose the Resistance ending to her Moral Choice mission saving her and some of her fellow Seers from servitude.

Noble Savage - You'll need to do the Warden line in Neutropolis and complete the last mission of Dark Watcher's arc where you will fight Noble Savage. Don't worry as it's a 'defeat' and he is recovered after your battle. He will mention this in his talk with you.

Loyalist->Paragon City

Only four to get for this path and most of them are pretty clear-cut.

Chief Interrogator Washington - His fate is literally in your hands during Cleo's Moral Choice mission. Side with the Loyalists and he'll be there to say goodbye.

IVy - Complete IVy's arc to the end where she is fully activated and she will regail you with her exploits (or rather comments from people you've helped by freeing up her systems).

Chance McKnight - There's two ways to do this: easy and easier. Easy way is to simply help the Loyalists and he will fight by your side as you defeat Yin and Tub Ci. Easier way is to use the optional 'call off the PPD' objective, help the Resistance and Chance will never learn of your affiliation.

Reese - Reese is the easiest to get. You can blow him up or feed him to Marauder in Nova and then you get to knock him off the rooftop in Transmuter's last mission. Getting rid of him is a lot harder than keeping him. Simply finish Transmuter's arc to have him show up.

Loyalist->Rogue Isles

Mr. G - Simply complete Mr. G's Power arc in Imperial to have him say goodbye.

Stern, Aria and Zane - The easiest of the choices as their appearances are all tied to the same encounter. Ignore the optional 'capturing Richochet' objective in the third Transmuter mission and go help your team instead. You will find them all just in time (because you won't pick up the Ricochet capture clue) so you can activate their mediporters. They will all be there at the end.

Riptide - Shows up in Dr. Hetzfeld's Kill the Top Dog mission. Complete the arc after agreeing to work together and he'll be there at the end.


I hope this guide helps you get the most out of Praetoria. Doing all the content will often unlock extra dialogue options or change certain others to add an extra flavour such as choosing Loyalist at the end of the Crusader arc will add extra dialogue to one of Praetor White's later conversations. In short: enjoy the chance to experience the most out of Praetoria before heading into the City or the Isles.