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Doctor Steven Sheridan

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This article is about Steven Sheridan's Praetorian missions. For his Primal Earth missions, see Steven Sheridan.


Steven Sheridan
Contact Small Steven Sheridan (Praetorian).jpg
Enemy Groups None
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While in Praetoria, Steven Sheridan is a contact who is not located anywhere. In the Contacts window, his location is given as "???". Members of the Resistance are automaically contacted by Steven once they reach level 20. Players can call Steven once they decide to leave Praetoria.


Contact Introduced By

None. This contact automatically becomes available to Praetorian Resistance characters when they reach level 20.

You've been sent a covert text message by Steven Sheridan, prompting you to call him.
Character, I received your information from Calvin Scott. The Resistance needs your help with a special project. Call me and I'll explain the details.

Contact Introduces

None. Steven Sheriden is the final Resistance contact before Praetorians make the jump to Paragon City or the Isles.


Primal Earth Scientist

When Dr Steven 'Science' Sheridan was young, his parents thought him a brilliant child prodigy. As it turned out, they had greatly underestimated their son. Some people think he's a mutant; others suspect he's the product of genetic engineering. Either way, he's without a doubt the most knowledgeable human being who ever lived. 'Doc Science' never forgets a single fact; once he learns something, it is locked in his memory forever. His great intellect allows him to easily recall these facts and draw inferences from them; as one might imagine, this makes him one heck of a scientist.

It is because of this that the forces from Primal Earth have requested Dr. Steven Sheridan's assistance in investigating matters within Praetoria.

Prior to Introduction

Praetorian characters will have no contact with Steven Sheridan prior to the contact being unlocked.

Initial Contact

Greetings, Character! As you may or may not know, I am Dr. Steven Sheridan. I am a resident from Primal Earth, but I am here to assist you and any other member in the Resistance to get through to Primal Earth.


  • Time is of the essence, Character!

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

Missing No More Missions Dialogue


Steven Sheridan does not sell any inspirations or enhancements.


The Rift Enclosure

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This mission is available to Praetorian Resistance members who have reached level 20. A new contact for 'Doctor Steven Sheridan' will appear in your active contacts tab. Taking this mission sends you to Primal Earth.

We've got everything set up for the Resistance to send operatives into Primal Earth, Character. I'm sure you're well aware of the plans Cole has for both the Resistance and Primal Earth. If the two of us do not come together, we will both be destroyed by the might of Cole! Unfortunately, many people in Primal Earth still have the stigma that all Praetorians seek to destroy what we hold dear.

That is why we are trying to send more Praetorians through to help show the people that you all aren't some mythical monsters. Oh, I forgot to mention what we're sending you through. It is called a Rift Enclosure. It is a portal that temporarily connects this world to our world.

We were able to build two portals. One that leads to Paragon City, the other to the Rogue Isles. It's a gamble having a portal to the Rogue Isles, but we'll have to take whatever help we can get, even if it's from Arachnos.

Are you ready to go through?

Completing this mission will send you out of Praetoria and into Primal Earth. If you have anything left to finish in Praetoria, now would be the time to do it.

I'm ready.

Excellent! Your journey into the Rift Enclosure may not be an easy one. We've had to work on it deep within the underground tunnels of Neutropolis. Make your way here and we shall have everything set up for you to go.

Oh! I almost forgot. Motivation. That's a good thing to have, isn't it? Yes, we would prefer that you go into Paragon City. You can do the most good there and people would get the semblance that you Praetorians are a force of good and justice. The portal to the Rogue Isles... well, it is mainly being used by the Crusader types of the Resistance. While the Rogue Isles may be a bit more, hrm, how should I say, loose when it comes to obtaining weapons and power, going there won't help our war efforts a terrible amount.

Mission Objective(s)

You stand miles beneath the surface, where the Resistance have made their very own portal to another dimension.

  • Enter the Rift Enclosure (Single Player)
    • Speak with the Resistance Representative

The Rift Enclosure stands ready.

Your time in Praetoria is coming to an end...

... and now, the choice of your new life in Primal Earth lays before you.

The only way for Calvin Scott and the Resistance to defeat Cole is to gain the aid of those from Primal Earth...

Will you go to Paragon City to try and earn their help and defend them from Cole's mass invasion?

Or will you go to the Rogue Isles to seek your own power and glory to use for yourself, or whatever cause you may believe in?

Moral Choice

Players are presented with a moral choice: to become a Hero and go to Paragon City, or become a villain and go to the Rogue Isles.

  • Go to Paragon City. Become a Hero.

The only way the Resistance is going to bring down Cole is with the help of the supers from Primal Earth. If you can show them that there are good people in Praetoria who need their help, you can convince them to join the war effort. They'll see that their planet is the only one at risk and join together to face the might of Emperor Cole and his army. (As your own story unfolds on Primal Earth, you will have opportunities to switch sides.)

  • Go to the Rogue Isles. Become a Villain.

The people of Primal Earth think everyone in Praetoria is a monster. Why would you try to convince them otherwise, when you can focus on building up your own powerbase within the Rogue Isles? There, you can do whatever you wish. Maim, destroy, blow up anyone who stands in your way, or perhaps form your own group. The possibilities there are endless. (As your own story unfolds on Primal Earth, you will have opportunities to switch sides.)

Go to Paragon City

Contact Small Resistance Representative.jpg
Resistance Representative


Yo Character, what's up? Good to see you're helpin' us fight the good fight by goin' into Paragon City. I know a lot of them primes are hating on us, but if anyone is gonna convince 'em differently, it'll be you. I'll help catch you up to speed on what's going on over there in the Prime.

What should I know?

First off, you got your classic case of baddies that run around in there. Your fascist types in the 5th Column and the Council, real bad folks. Your anarchists in the Freakshow, and then the monsters in the Devouring Earth. Yeah, that's right, they got their own version of Hamidon over there. Crazy stuff, yeah?

Their Hamidon is kept in some sorta place called the Hive, while his monsters roam the city, tearin' things up. I guess their Hamidon doesn't have the same motivation ours did to go and take over the world, huh?

... I guess not. What else?

If you're ever stuck and not sure of what you can be doin' over there in Primal Earth, you can hook yourself to a sweet police scanner and check out if anyone needs a hand. It's kinda like the Static, only you don't attract a horde of monsters when you use it. Pretty nice, huh?

You help enough folks over the police band and you'll be able to hook yourself up with some names who need your help. Oh yeah, police band reminds me. You gotta be real careful over there. Their police force is also called the PPD, but it stands for Paragon Police Department. Those guys are actually gonna be on your side when you're there. Better hope you're never in a fight that involves the two of 'em, huh? Can you imagine that?

'Incoming PPD!'

'Which PPD?'

'Our PPD!'

'Which one are you!'

Could get bad, you see? Just don't freak out when you hear the PPD are comin', cause they're with you.

Right, I understand

Oh yeah, one last thing I gotta remind you about. It's a group called Arachnos. They're what you'd call the 'big bads' over there. Their leader, guy by the name of Lord Recluse, is pretty much the classic case of a 'bad guy' if I've ever heard of one. If you wanna earn yourself some big points with the folks over there, you should take the fight to them. It ain't gonna be easy, though. 'Side from being a Praetorian, you've already got another personal notch you gotta work on when you get there.

What do you mean?

Well, according to what I've heard, there's a group called SAM who is reportin' that you've been causing chaos and destruction all over the place in parts of Primal Earth. Don't ask me how that's happening, it just is. If I were you, I'd handle that whole situation as soon as you get in there. Last thing you need is some evil clone of yours walking around, huh?

I'll make sure I do that. Thanks for the help.

No problem! It's what I'm here for. Good luck, we're all gonna need it!


Players have a chance to talk to various people they have encountered before stepping through the Rift Enclosure.

Go to the Rogue Isles

Contact Small Resistance Representative.jpg
Resistance Representative


So, you're choosin' to go to the Isles? That's fine. Me, I figure the best place to go is to the Isles. Chaos, destruction, that's what gets things moving, yeah?

So listen up though, if you're gonna go to the Isles, there's a few things you gotta know about.

What is it?

First off, that group called Arachnos rules over the place. Now, they ain't like Cole too much, cause when I say rule, I say that in the smallest way possible. They let you do whatever you please, even beat the hell out of their own soldiers. Just be careful about attackin' their Arbiters, they're real stingy about that. You can do everything else under the sun and they'll be fine with it.

Oh, yeah, and there's some sorta rep from them waitin' to talk to you on the other side.

Alright. What else?

While you're in the Isles, if you're ever needin' somethin' to do and no one is around, you can peruse their papers. They keep all sorts of secret messages in there, it ain't like the papers TPN puts out. Word is they even allow open hits to be called on folks in the papers. You bust enough heads in by following the leads in the papers, you're bound to get yourself some attention, you know?

Papers, chaos, attention. Got it.

One thing you gotta keep your eye out for are groups called Wyvern, Legacy Chain, and Longbow. You probably ran into Longbow here, but them folks are the law enforcement around in Primal Earth. They don't take kindly to a lot of folks 'expressing their freedom' in the Isles. They see you, they'll probably try to take you down. Kinda like how the PPD are with us here, eh?

Do I need to maintain any sort of good will with them?

That's the beautiful thing! You got yourself full protection from 'em in the Rogue Isles, 'least as long as Arachnos is around there. So you don't gotta worry about them not knowing who you are or covering up your identity. It'll make a lot of folks in Paragon angry at you, but as long as you got the power to handle them, it's no sweat!

Sounds good. I'll make my way out now

Alright! Just don't get surprised at the Arachnos guys waitin' on the other side, they're expectin' you.


Players have a chance to talk to various people they have encountered before stepping through the Rift Enclosure.

Speak with whoever awaits through the portal