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Talk:Tyger's Praetoria Full Content Run Guide

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Hi! Two things:

  1. You don't have to stop getting xp at level 7 and 13. You can stop at 10 and 15 and still get all the contact referrals you need for the next zone.
  2. When you say: "Can't really go wrong in Nova. Complete one arc to the end and switch alignment. Once you do the extreme contact you can switch back and then tidy up the leftovers." You might want to specify to complete "the arc-chain" rather than "the extreme contact". Because if you switch out of the arc chain in the middle, you can't get to the rest of the contacts locked behind an alignment gate (the Crusader Base and Loyalist Lounge).

Nice guide! (And since it was your guide with your name on it, I was reluctant to edit it.) Zombie Man 19:53, 6 May 2011 (UTC)

Good to know someone else (besides the people I referred it to) is reading it. Feedback is appreciated :)

  1. I should clarify that bit about the level 7: at level 8 the alignment contacts, Scott or Marchand will start introducing the Imperial contacts. On another alt I tried to start doing a full content run and got to 9, switched and referred to the Imperial contacts. Although thinking about it; I didn't try talking to them (Warrant in one of my previous runs) after switching. I'll try that on the next one.
  2. Point about the arc-chain rather than arc. I'll try wording it differently, maybe add in a chain example too.

Cheers again

Tyger 23:58, 6 May 2011 (UTC)