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Dr. Hetzfeld

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Dr. Hetzfeld
Dr. Hetzfeld.jpg
Mad Scientist
Zone Neutropolis
Coordinates (1800, -55, 1014)
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Provost Marchand
Introduces == Level 15 ==
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Neuron's Clockwork
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Anti-Matter's Clockwork
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatPPD.png Powers Division
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Dr. Hetzfeld is a Praetorian contact in Neutropolis at coordinates (1800, -55, 1014).  His level range is 15-20.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

You've received a message from Bobcat. She has invited you to join her at Studio 55.


Mad Scientist

Dr. Hetzfeld is a brilliant, albeit mad scientist. Such is his disdain of Neuron's position as Praetor of the Sciences the Hetzfeld has taken to modifying his own mind and body to put him on a more even footing when it comes to physical capability. He still believes himself to be the superior scientist, and will stop at nothing to prove that to the world.

Prior to Introduction

Science! But for me. Not for you. Not now, that is!

Initial Contact

For too long has the fraud, Neuron, twitched upon the Praetorship of the Sciences. His luck, is soon to run out. I, the Great Doctor Hetzfeld shall show him for the fool he is and take my rightful place at Cole's side.

And you! You, Character. I know that your aspirations match my own. I have seen your work!

Together, what a team we shall make!


  • Brilliant!
  • Ah! Character, how good to see you.
  • Science!
  • Mwa... Mwahaha!

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Are you Security Level 14? No? Then I cannot use you! If you manage to achieve such a rating, then we can talk.

No More Missions

You know all too well that Hetzfeld will not answer


Story Arc

For The Taking

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Hetzfeld's Research Data

This is a compilation of the late Dr. Hetzfeld's research on genetic and cybernetic advances built on top of Neuron's numerous creations. Since the good doctor was kind enough to die, this valuable data was thankfully left:

For The Taking

It all began when Dr. Hetzfeld promised to elevate you into the highest echelons of Praetoria's elite if you aided him with his research. The doctor had long been a rival of Neuron's and was convinced that he could take Neuron's failed genetic experiments, the Ghouls, and significantly improve upon them. But he needed you to get him a few test subjects, and so you were sent down into the tunnels to find suitable specimens, like some sort of Igor to his Dr. Frankenstein.

When you returned you took control of the situation and suggested restarting hostilities between Neuron and Anti-Matter. The ensuing conflict would clear the way for you and Hetzfeld to prove your worth over them and gain you great praise in the eyes of the emperor.

After smashing a few of Neuron's Clockwork you took one of them to one of Anti-Matter's laboratories and smashed the place up, leaving the Clockwork behind as evidence.

The ensuring conflict between Neuron and Anti-Matter wasn't perfect, but it was enough to allow you to raid one of Neuron's labs. You stole some critical data using a data downloader provided by Hetzfeld, though ran into an unforeseen snag during the raid which you were able to overcome.

With the data, Hetzfeld admitted that Neuron's latest experiments were far more advanced than he'd thought, but he had already identified several areas where he could improve upon them. He wanted you to raid one of Neuron's facilities and steal every last cybernetic experiment using teleporter beacons to transport them back to Hetzfeld's laboratory.

With the cyborgs being worked on, Hetzfeld gave you a task right up your alley. He wanted the best combat data you could provide, and since you are the best in the Top Dogs only another Top Dog would pose a challenge for you. He sent you down into the Tunnels to kill a traitor in the Top Dogs, the resulting data would be used to train up his new super cyborgs. However, when you encountered the other Top Dog in the tunnels it turned out to be Riptide, and he was sent by Hetzfeld on a similar mission to kill you, and with one of Hetzfeld's data recorders as well. The two of you agreed to betray Dr. Hetzfeld before he could betray you, and so split up to catch Hetzfeld unawares.

You entered Hetzfeld's laboratory where he wanted to show you the progress he'd been making on his super cyborgs and, as you expected, attempted to murder you with the creatures. Unfortunately he had a minor oversight in programming them follow his every command and the first batch cut thier own life support systems when Hetzfeld shouted 'Die!'. Luckily, Riptide arrived just as Hetzfeld's second batch of super cyborgs arrived on scene, and the two of you eliminated the doctor leaving his valuable research behind and for the taking.

Part One: Get the Big Ones

Neuron's failures are all around us, Character, they are merely eclipsed by those few magnificent advances that he has stumbled into purely by accident, or stole shamelessly from others...

I will have my revenge...

I have in mind a plan to expose a great secret, which will shatter the tower of lies Neuron has built. I seek to expose Neuron's hand in the creation of the Ghouls!

Expose Neuron's Lies

Proof. It all hinges on undeniable proof!

That is where you come in. Your unrivaled combat prowess will enable me to finally get my hands on some specimens from the tunnels beneath the city. I hear they are positively infested with the creatures. An unfortunate truth proven by my former partner whom never returned from her expedition below, despite the use of an advanced containment suit.

Alas, poor Doctor Helix, I shall miss you.

Ah, before I forget. Take this data transmitter, it will enable me to observe your progress from the safety of my laboratory. From there I will designate the specimens I require.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to find the biggest and most powerful of the creatures that you can find. I will point them out, so just make sure to listen for any instructions.

Icon clue generic.png
Data Recorder and Transmitter
Dr. Hetzfeld gave you this small multi-sensory recording device and transmitter so that he could gather data on your combat capabilities and keep in touch with you.

Mission Objective(s)

You flip on Hetzfeld's transmitter and prepare yourself for the hunt.

  • Retrieve Ghoul Specimens for Hetzfeld
    • 2 specimens to collect
    • Find Mission Exit

You found three specimens that met Hetzfeld's requirements.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After finding and defeating each specimen, you will be ambushed by several waves of Ghouls. After collecting the last ghoul, a horde of ghouls will arrive and you will be warned to get out of there by Hetzfeld.


(Near the mission entrance)

(When you find the first Manslayer)

(When you find the second Manslayer)

(Once you defeat the last Manslayer)

Part Two: Plots and Plans

Attack Neuron's Clockwork

Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

One of my assistants is dissecting the specimens at this moment. Soon I will unravel every last chromosome of incriminating evidence from those devastated bodies! Already Neuron's handiwork is plain to see for anyone versed in the nuances of genetic manipulation..."

Enough of your narcissistic yaping, I have a plan.

Hetzfeld appears to be taken aback at your sudden seizure of control over the conversation. He appears to have been quite happy talking before, but now he appears tongue tied.

You... you have a plan? But what of my...?

What of your what? (Give him 'the look')

Uh... I... I see. I suppose we could, um, I'd love to listen to your plan. I am eager to hear the thoughts of my, partner.

Revealing Neuron as a fraud isn't enough...

Not enough!? Wha... What do you mean?

I mean, of course it isn't it's, it's just the first stage of my...

Wait, what is it you are planning? I can tell it will be big!

Shut it and listen. You improve on Neuron's science, if you can...

If I can?!

Hetzfeld snarls with rage.'

I am the great Doctor Het...z...fel...d... ...

And I will use that newfound power to crush his rival; Raymond Keyes.

Hetzfeld's rage vanishes as he pauses, staring at you wide-eyed. You can see the gears of ambition turning in his head.

Yes... YES! That. Is. Brilliant... But... can you live up to your end of the plan?

Worry about yourself, doctor, I'm not the one taking on a Praetor

Hetzfeld looks momentarily nervous at that comment before shaking it off and explaining.

Neuron and Antimatter are currently enjoying an unstable peace. If you were to but nudge it with the hint of violence, then they would again focus their energies upon one another and concern themselves only with defending against each other...

... leaving themselves open to attack.

Unnecessary Solicitation

A most ambitious plan, Character. Opening old wounds between these two will only further damage their credibility.

We need to increase our efficiency. Here is the 10-digit code necessary to transmit data directly to me. This is a large responsibility, Character, I trust you not to abuse it.

Icon clue generic.png
The Plan
Your plan is to turn Neuron and Anti-Matter against one another, thus further alienating them from the Emperor's good graces and opening the window that you and Hetzfeld need to take their places.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Attack Neuron's Clockwork
    • Defeat 10 Neuron's Clockwork

You smashed up enough of Neuron's Clockwork to get his attention. Now to use this little cleaner bot to nudge Antimatter into the conflict.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Neuron's Clockwork — Home Companion, City Companion, Repair Companion — are quite common in the Neuron's Reach neighborhood.

Icon clue generic.png
Mangled Cleaner Bot
This poor Cleaner Bot didn't stand a chance. It's destiny, however, will be great, in that it will provide you with the means to rekindle the violent rivalry between Neuron and Anti-Matter.

Obliterate one of Antimatter's facilities

Mission Objective(s)

You took precautions to neutralize the security monitors and then dumped the cleaner bot near the entrance as evidence for Antimatter to find.

  • Obliterate one of Antimatter's facilities
    • 6 monitor stations to destroy
    • Destroy the power converter

You smashed up one of Antimatter's facilities and left one of Neuron's Clockwork behind to shift blame.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Anti-Matter's Clockwork

Notable NPCs

  • Monitor Station x6 (Object)
  • Power Converter (Object)


I've had some astounding successes back here at the laboratory. How did your little exercise in brutality fare?

Mwahahahaha! Can you see it, Character? Our bronze statues glowing as the dawn of a new day in Praetoria catches our regal countenances? You and I, Character, our destinies are just over the horizon!

Part Three: Progress

It took some time before I cut through all the garbage and actually found a shred of real science in Neuron's genetic abominations.

These creatures are obviously built for combat. They have enhanced strength, toughness, and agility. Neuron's oversight is that their metabolism is running at a massively accelerated rate. Even after they're dead they maintain human body temperature for several hours.

The restraints are clearly manufactured by Neuron Technologies Unlimited, but they also contain small processors for a yet unknown reason. Don't fret, I'm no moron, my laboratory is fully shielded from any foreign signals.

I'm not yet certain why Neuron is continuing to mass produce these deformed failures, unless it is proof of the true extent of his capabilities. I would like to find out what Neuron is really up to at any rate. I think it is time you hit one of his laboratories to look for answers.

Raid one of Neuron's Lab

The little war you started between Neuron and Antimatter has, unfortunately, had an undesirable side-effect. Neuron Technologies Unlimited is under heavy guard, as are most of his other facilities here in Neuron's Reach.

Doctor Hetzfeld shudders with rage at the name.

Luckily, Neuron hasn't the time to plan out long term strategies, or contingencies. He is reactive. Thus it is up to us to be on the offensive.

He has commited all of his Clockwork to a rather uniform density across his areas of control. Neuron's total strategic failure is that he is assuming the attack will come from Antimatter. If we strike here, he will have to draw forces away from here and here to keep his coverage uniform, and that will open him up for the real attack from Antimatter!

As the chaos escalates you will be able to move unopposed!

Hetzfeld gives you a small downloader. He claims it can clean out a corporate database in less than two minutes.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Neuron's forces aren't very dense, but they are uniform. You can expect a constant wave of reinforcements arriving the moment you start making trouble.

Icon clue generic.png
Hetzfeld's Hyper Dowwnloader
This device is supposedly able to copy over a ridiculous sum of information in a short ammount of time

Mission Objective(s)

The Clockwork at this facility aren't worrisome, it's the surrounding eight blocks worth that will come running at the first sign of trouble.

  • Steal Data from Neuron's Labs
    • Download Data
    • Downloading Data 2:00
    • Downloading, for real this time 5:00
    • Erase evidence that you were here
    • Find Mission Exit

You've taken care of what your Contact wanted you to.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Neuron's Clockwork

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

Near the mission entrance you will be ambushed by Neuron's Clockwork

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

Continual waves of Clockwork will arrive and attack every couple of minutes.

(Near the mission entrance)

(Near the Mainframe room)

(2 minutes later...)

(5 minutes later...)


Hetzfeld cackles to himself, but under his rebreather it sounds like he's choking.

A minor miscalculation, easily handled by your amazing combat capabilities!

Now then, let's see that data.





Part Four: One Man's Trash...

Neuron has been careless once more! His failure will be my success!

He's moved on to a second stage of his experiments, and I must unfortunately admit, they are far more advanced than I could have guessed, given the information at hand. Either this data we got is false, or Neuron is getting help from someone else. There is no other explanation.

I must have a specimen to examine! I've made sure someone else will do the heavy lifting for us this time.

Steal Specimens from Neuron

I've coerced one of those Resistance terrorist cells into attacking one of Neuron's genetics labs. Not only will it get us what we want, but it will also shift blame from your last visit onto those misguided cretins!

Heh heh, don't worry, they won't be a bother for anyone once they get inside. They'll get far more than they bargained for since the prisoners they thought they were rescuing turn out to be murderous experimental cyborgs!

Ah ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HAHAAA!

With the Resistance taking the heat, this will give you the opportunity to swoop in and save the day, but make sure that the cyborgs are returned not to thier holding cells, but to mine instead! Attach these teleporter beacons to the experiments once they are defeated. They'll be transported directly to my lab's containment cells.

Neuron will be so busy chasing the Resistance to get his experiments back that he won't see me closing in for the coup de grace!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Once you get me those cyborgs I'll really be able to accelerate my work!

Mission Objective(s)

You pass the crushed and mangled bodies of Resistance members on your way inside.

  • Steal Neuron's Cyborgs
    • Defeat all experiments

Using Dr. Hetzfeld's teleportation beacons you stole all of the genetic experiments from Neuron's Lab.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Freedom Corps?
One of the monstruous genetic experiments muttered something about 'Freedom Corps' and then said 'Destroy'. Who are Freedom Corps and why did it think you were one of them?


Ha haaah ha ha ha!

I can only imagine the look on Neuron's stupid face when he realizes that his experiments have been stolen right out from under his nose, and apparently by the Resistance no less. Ah ha ha ha!

Such luck I have had with you. You are powerful, decisive, and completely unstoppable! With my genius and your power we are destined for greatness.

The time is nigh to prove to the world that Neuron is as an ant compared to my colossal intellect!

It has taken time to make the many and necessary modifications to the obviously flawed body of Neuron's work. But like Michaelangelo and his David, I have revealed the work of art hidden within the marble.

Part Five: ...Is Another Man's Treasure...

Find and Kill Top Dog in Tunnels

I've completely rewritten the genetic sequencers of his earlier work; the Ghouls, and solved the ridiculous metabolic catastrophe that beleaguered those moronic creations. But now, with some of Neuron's second stage cyborgs I have the opportunity to improve upon his designs once more!

They will not be perfect, however, until your contribution is made...


Oh... Oh! Yes, yes yes, I apologize for my enthusiasm, but the taste of victory is at hand, and it is intoxicating. I have yet to tell you your part in all of this.

Your prowess is unmatched by all but a select few, Character. I'd like to use you as the combat template for my new super cyborgs. By gathering your combat data I will upgrade the rudimentary combat parameters installed on their memory implants. The tougher the fight, the better the data.

I've already identified the most capable target. He's one of Praetor White's Top Dogs, so he must be extraordinarily tough. I had a tracer planted on him, and it looks like he's currently down in the tunnels.

Kill him.


Unnecesary Solicitation

Find Riptide and kill him. The combat data you gather will be used to great effect in training these unrefined specimens into true works of science.

Mission Objective(s)

The Top Dog is around here somewhere, but something is nagging at your subconscious...

  • Find and Kill Top Dog in Tunnels
    • Defeat the Top Dog

You met Riptide in the tunnels, but instead of killing each other you agreed to work together.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

At some point in the mission you will be ambushed by A squad of ther Praetorian Police including Riptide


Character, no, I can't believe that you are a traitor... You dropped everything to save Aria and the others...

What's going on here?

You said Hetzfeld, are you working with him too?

Wait? You're working with Hetzfeld too?

Oh! That double crossing...

He's using us, just like I'm using him.

Riptide rips a familiar looking data recorder off of his shoulder plate and fries it in his hand with a surge of electricity.

He's insane, you know that, right?

Insane, but capable. I was hoping Neuron would keep his focus.

No doubt whichever of us reported back is walking into a death trap... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

We take him down together, before he knows his plan's been found out.

I'll sneak into his lab and lie in wait. It's more believable if you report success than I.

Sounds like a good plan.

Alternate Dialogue if you have not encountered Riptide before

I don't know who you are, but something is fishy about all this...

You don't say?

+++ Missing Information +++

He told me to gather combat data by killing you. I refused at first, but then he said you were a traitor and had attacked one of Antimatter's facilities.

He played me.

I was planning on betraying him, he beat me to it.

We'll do it together. You report back to Hetzfeld and get him into his lab. I'll be waiting for him there.

Sounds like a plan

Icon clue generic.png
Double Crossed
Hetzfeld set you up to fight Riptide to the death. Riptide, likewise, was also given similar orders. Both of you were equipped with Hetzfeld's transmitters. No matter which way the fight went, Hetzfeld would get the combat data he needed and kill off one of his partners. The one who survived would probably then get ripped apart by the small army of cyborgs he's building.
Betray Dr. Hetzfeld

Mission Objective(s)

You follow Hetzfeld into his laboratory.

  • Betray Dr. Hetzfeld

You defeated the insane Dr. Hetzfeld, foiling his plan to use you as nothing more than raw data to make an army of super cyborgs.

Unnecessary Solicitation

How did your hunt go?

Good news! The cyborgs are a success...


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments

Notable NPCs