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PPD Liaison to the Magisterium
Zone Nova Praetoria
Coordinates (-5184, 41, -728)
Level Range 1-10
Introduced By == Level 4 ==
Chief Interrogator Washington
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
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Cleopatra is a Praetorian contact in Nova Praetoria at coordinates (-5184, 41, -728).  Her level range is 1-10. Cleopatra is the second contact in the Loyalist Responsibility Storyline.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces


PPD Liaison to the Magisterium

Sassy and in a perpetual good mood, Cleopatra is more than just Praetor White's girlfriend, she's a high ranking official in Praetoria City's Magisterium.

Since she was a little girl, Cleopatra strove to be as strong a hero as her personal heroes; Praetor Tilman and Emperor Cole. She grew up in a privileged family and had want for nothing, but her drive to become a hero was always at the forefront of her actions. She trained hard and showed great determination. When she was a young woman she registered with the Powers Division, despite lacking any real superhuman talents.

It didn't take long for the rest of her peers to figure out that she didn't need super powers to win a fight against them, just skill and a will to win no matter what. Praetor White recognized a kindred spirit and immediately brought her into his Top Dogs. Though not the strongest, Cleopatra could definitely hold her own. She had to, for to show any weakness would invite the others to tear her down.

Years have passed and Cleopatra is retired from field work. She's taken up an official position working for the Magisterium, and has found love in the most unlikely of places: the heart of a Marauder.

Prior to Introduction

I don't know who you are, suga'. And right now ain't the best time to start gettin' to know strangers, if you catch my drift. If you're on the straight and narrow, then you'll get assigned to work with me.

Initial Contact

So you're Character huh? I hear you're workin' your way up this little ladder in Praetoria. Michael told me a bit about you, that you're part of his little group of pups.

Now suga', don't worry, I ain't meaning that in any sorta bad way.

My name's Cleopatra, and I ain't here to make you jump through hoops for my amusement, like Michael does. I'm here to work together with you to stop whatever is causin' this city to rot. I ain't gonna ask you to do any menial tasks, 'cause that ain't what you got yourself into Powers Division for, is it?

Me and you, suga', we're gonna make a name for ourselves. You ready?


Hey there, baby. You lost?

Too Busy

You got yourself a lotta things on your plate right now, hun. You get those taken care of and I'm sure I can fill it back up.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

If you chose to help the Resistance:

I ain't got nothing more for you right now, hun. We did some good though, that's for sure, I ain't gonna forget this.

If you chose to help the Loyalists:

Cleopatra's phone has been turned off.


I gotta say, I'm impressed, Character. At first I didn't think you were cut out to do the work the PPD does everyday. Instead, you've shown that you're worth ten of them rolled into one!

Story Arcs

Organized Crusaders

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Loyalist Health Insurance

You received a card granting you the best health insurance that a citizen in Praetoria can have - not that you necessarily need it. Looking at the card reminds you of an adventure called...

Organized Crusaders

It began when you met Cleopatra, Praetor White's girlfriend. She was trying to hunt down traitors hidden within the ranks of the PPD. She explained to you that there was an extremist group within the Resistance called 'Crusaders' and that they may have moles within the Loyalists ranks. You went into a police precinct to plant bugs on three possible suspects.

There was very quick turnaround - you found out that Officer Pell was going to meet with the Resistance at a warehouse belonging to Troy Altman. The plan was to steal various explosives meant for construction. You were able to disrupt the meeting but the Resistance had already made off with the explosives. You also found out that the Syndicate were working with the Resistance, supplying the group with weaponry. Cleopatra helped you in finding where exactly the Resistance was stowing the weapons, but again, you arrived just in time to find out that the explosives were already planted throughout the city.

You rushed through the city, disarming various bombs that the Resistance had planted, only to find out that the main Resistance plot was to bomb the Cole Memorial Hospital!

Without any time to lose, you quickly made your way to the hospital, defeating all of the Resistance and Syndicate members in the hospital and disarming all of the bombs.

The day was saved, thanks to you and Cleopatra - though TPN reported that you were working together with Praetor Sinclair to disarm the bombs. Despite the inaccuracy of the news report having Sinclair steal your thunder, the workers at the hospital were grateful for your help, giving you a free pass to come and go in the hospital as you pleased.

Part One: What Has This Place Become?


So suga', I know that you're all-knowin' about the Resistance and all that, but how much do you know?

Did you know them folks in the Resistance have their own little war going on? S'right, two little factions, Wardens and Crusaders. Now Wardens, they're the cats without claws, you don't gotta worry yourself one bit about them. Crusaders, though, they're dangerous. They'll do whatever it takes to take down Emperor Cole - even if it means killin' everyone around us. I don't know about you, suga', but I like bein' alive.

Problem we have right now is that I got word from on high some of these Crusaders might have gone and infiltrated the PPD. That's bad news all around, 'cause if they got themselves inside information, there's no tellin' how many people are gonna die.

So we got ourselves some traitors to weed out, suga'.

  • I'm all set. Do you have any possible leads?

You bet I do, or else I wouldn't be talkin' to you 'bout this.

I got my suspicions that someone within the PPD here in Nova is our little turncoat.

Here, take these listening devices. I need you to be plantin' these devices on the computers of three suspected traitors in that PPD precinct. Now it ain't gonna be as easy as just walking up to their computers and plantin' it. We gotta make sure that our little traitor isn't in the know about our plan, you understand?

Here's some documents givin' some backgrond on each of our suspects. You can use the info here to lure 'em away from their computers. You've gotta make sure none of them traitors see you plantin' this bug on their computers. You might wanna snoop around the precinct for any additional information you can go and use to get 'em movin'.

I'll be listenin' in on my end to see if anything juicy comes up.

Cleopatra hands you the files on the officers suspected of treason.

Icon clue generic.png
Officer Chance's Profile
Cleopatra gave you this document on Officer Chance.

Cleopatra added this note on a coversheet inside the report.

'It seems Chance is a bit of a gambler and has been known to take some time off of work to go meet with those who owe him money.'

Icon clue generic.png
Officer Shanning's Profile
This is the document Cleopatra gave you regarding Officer Shanning.

Cleopatra added this summary to the report.

'It's well known throughout the precinct that Shanning is dying to do whatever it takes to get a promotion. This includes trying to get an audience with Emperor Cole in the hopes of showing off all he has done for the department.'

Icon clue generic.png
Officer Pell's Profile
Officer Pell's profile details the works he's done with Troy Altman, the CEO of a large construction corporation within Praetoria.

Cleopatra wrote this note in the margin.

'-This is curious because Pell was not invited to the ball that Altman is holding tonight, despite the support he has given to him.'

Unnecessary Solicitation

Now come on suga', this ain't hard. Someone like yourself can do this easy, better than Michael could. He'd just walk in and kill everyone in there, if it meant findin' one traitor.

Mission Objective(s)


The PPD Precinct is bustling with activity. Normal citizens wouldn't be allowed to wander the area - good thing members of Powers Division get a free pass.

  • Plant bugs in the PPD Precinct
    • Distract Officer Chance
      • Plant a bug on Chance's computer
    • Distract Officer Shanning
      • Plant a bug on Shanning's computer
    • Distract Officer Pell
      • Plant a bug on Pell's computer

You've planted the bugs. Now to get back to Cleopatra to see if she'll be able to find anything in the meantime.


  • None


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Officer Shanning.jpg
Officer Shanning


Member of the Powers Division, huh? What do you need?

  • There's someone outside, saying something about owing you some money?
Eh? No one owes me any money. Trust me, I'm pretty strict about this sort of thing.
  • Well, that's a good quality to have, I guess.
  • There's a rep for Troy Altman outside, he's looking to get rid of tickets for the ball tonight.
The ball? I'd love to go, but I'm sitting in tonight to watch the new episode of Elf Cop.
  • ...alright then.
  • Emperor Cole wants to see you for a private audience regarding a promotion.
Really?! I knew it! I'm finally going to get recognized and get promoted into Cole's private division!
  • Good luck with the meeting.

Contact Small Officer Chance.jpg
Officer Chance


Yes? What can I do for a member of the Powers Division?

  • Emperor Cole wants to see you for a private audience regarding a promotion.
Hah, yeah right, real funny. I'm not desperate enough for a promotion to believe something like that.
  • Your loss then.
  • There's someone outside, saying something about owing you some money?
Finally! listen, let's keep this between us, alright?
  • You've got it.
  • There's a rep for Troy Altman outside, he's looking to get rid of tickets for the ball tonight.
I'm not too interested in the ball, I've got more important things to do tonight.
  • Suit yourself.

Contact Small Officer Pell.jpg
Officer Pell


You're part of the Powers Division, right? What do you need from us here?

  • There's a rep for Troy Altman outside, he's looking to get rid of tickets for the ball tonight.
Oh, I already got my tickets for that ball. Troy stopped by himself to give them to me, even apologized for the mix up. Turns out some other person received my tickets for tonight's ball.
  • Ah... but don't you need to prepare for it? know what, that's a very good point. I'll call it an early day to get ready, I wouldn't want to look bad in front of Troy.
  • Good to know.
  • Emperor Cole wants to see you for a private audience regarding a promotion.
Right, and I bet Praetor White is going to give me a bunch of flowers for doing a good job, right?
  • ...maybe?
  • There's someone outside, saying something about owing you some money?
Trust me, no one owes me money.
  • ...right.


Good job on buggin' them desks, suga'. Now we just gotta play the old waitin' game to see which one of our boys is the real traitor...

You have a phone on you, tiger? Call me if you need to talk, 'k baby? Just don't let Michael know you have my number, he gets jealous easily. / Call me whenever you fancy, girlfriend, we'll catch up for a bit and then get down to business.

Part Two: You're the Monster


Hey suga', it looks like we got ourselves a catch from that bait we set out.

Looks like our boy is Officer Pell. He's been slippin' info to some guy named Grossman. Now I ain't heard of a Crusader named Grossman, so I think this is another one of the Resistance's undercover agents. Accordin' to the computer, the little backstabber is organizin' a raid on a supply warehouse belongin' to Troy Altman. That's bad news for us, 'cause that warehouse contains explosives that Altman was plannin' on usin' to tear down some old buildings in Neutropolis!

  • I'll get there before they can get away.

S'why I'm feelin' good about the two of us workin' together, suga', you got yourself drive to protect the people in this here city.

You get down there and stop them Resistance from scamperin' off with those bombs. I'll see if I can get some of my boys to bust into Altman's ball to arrest Pell for the little traitor that he is.

Stop the raid on Altman's warehouse

Unnecessary Solicitation

You don't need to worry about things on my end, suga', you just need to make sure you're able to take care of things with the Resistance in Altman's warehouse.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: N_Warehouse_30_Layout_09_01

Something doesn't seem right. There's no sign of the usual brute force the Resistance uses to break into buildings. The break in seems much too... refined.

  • Stop the raid on Altman's warehouse
    • Deal with Grossman
    • Defeat Officer Pell

You broke up a Syndicate gathering. Return to Cleopatra.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating Grossman you will be ambushed by a squad of PPD including Officer Pell
Contact Small Officer Pell.jpg
Officer Pell


Officer Pell coughs, trying to regain his composure.

H-hold on... just... hold on... ! I'll... tell you whatever you want to know...

  • What are you doing working for the Syndicate?

Hah... the Syndicate... Cole thought he could wipe crime away. But now, they're stronger than ever. Smarter... better... they're better than us!

They work in the shadows, but soon, soon they'll bring Cole down. They're everywhere, Character!

They're not taking over through sheer brute force, like the Resistance, they're taking over from the inside!

Can't you see? Soon they'll all be controlling Cole, he'll have no choice but to follow them!

  • Not if I have anything to say about it.

It's too late to stop them now, Character. They're working together with the Resistance... they're going to move forward with the biggest plot to date.

The explosives here... they're going to put on a big show in Nova. In Cole Memorial Hospital. Ask yourself, Character... how will the people look at Cole... if they see their beloved hospital go up in flames?

He won't be their protector anymore, their savior... they'll see Cole for who he really is... that he's just a man! No matter how powerful he becomes, he is still just a man!

And all men, Character, must eventually be brought down.

  • Your out of your mind! Blowing up a hospital to prove a point?

Don't you try to say... that I'm some sort of psychopath, that I'm a monster!

Do you know how many people Cole has killed on a weekly basis, just to protect his utopia?! Lives of innocents will be lost, that much is true... but we will free the people of this city from the grip of Cole! We will give them what they long for - freedom!

If this were a true war, a war that was fought in the open, those people in the hospital would GLADLY give their lives to see our ideals come to life! But since we fight from the shadows, we must make that choice for them.

It's not too late for you though, Character. You can still help us, you can still join us!

  • I'm here to protect the people of Praetoria, Pell. Unlike you.

The people?! Bah!

The people have become mindless sheep to a super-powered shepherd! The people you're looking to protect are nothing but toys that Cole uses for his own amusement!

You think I'm a monster, but you, you Character, you're the real monster for siding with Cole!

So just go ahead, finish me off. I know how the system works.

I won't be left alive for treason against the state, so just finish me off here and now.

  • It's not my place to sentence you. Your fellow officers will be here to do that.
You're just delaying my fate, Character! You had better pray that I don't escape... if I do... I'll find you. I swear I'll find you and stop at least one more of Cole's dogs!
  • I'll be waiting, Pell.
  • You made the decision to do this, Pell. You leave me no choice! (Kill Pell)
Using your powers you swiftly carry out Pell's sentence for attacking the people of Praetoria.
  • Goodbye, Pell.

Tell Cleopatra about the bomb plot

Unnecessary Solicitation

We should talk about this in person, suga'.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Tell Cleopatra about the bomb plot

Contact Small Cleopatra.jpg


Hey there suga', what happened? I sent some boys of mine to the ball, but they said Pell wasn't there.

  • Pell's with the PPD now. He was working for the Syndicate, not Resistance.
You explain to Cleopatra the events that happened within the warehouse.
You're a better person than me, suga', I woulda ripped Pell's head off then and there. But I guess that's what makes us different. Regardless, we got ourselves a little job to do - savin' that hospital.
  • Let's get to work.
  • Pell's dead. And the Syndicate are working with the Resistance.
You explain to Cleopatra the events that happened within the warehouse.
I... see. Well, suga', you did right, takin' him down on the spot. S'what you gotta do against traitors, he knew what he was getting into when he decided that blowing up a hospital was a good idea. You and me, suga', we got ourselves a job to do. Savin' those people in the hospital.
  • Let's get to work.


We got ourselves tons of trouble, suga', and it ain't gonna get any better.

You sit yourself tight right there, I'm gonna see if I can't find out where exactly those members of the Resistance took our little bombs.

Part Three: Five Minutes to Detonation


Suga', things are goin' from bad to worse. We got word that the Syndicate already delivered all them bombs to those Crusader boys in the Resistance.

Now, I got myself a little idea of where they could be in the tunnels, but I ain't givin' you a guarantee that you'll find somethin' down there, suga'. You're gonna have to go down there and destroy any sorta thing that looks like they might be usin' for bombs.

Also I got word that the gal leadin' the charge goes by the name of Poster Gal. We catch her, we can put a stop to this bombin' plot before it gets started.

  • Thanks for the information. I'll make sure to stop this here and now.

I know you will, suga'. We're gonna make sure that Cole's little hospital won't be getting blown up by those lunatics. I'm one for free speech and all, but blowin' up a hospital just to prove a point? I don't wanna live in a world where those kinds of people are considered the 'good guys'.

Stop the Resistance Bombing Plot

Unnecessary Solicitation

You take care of things on your end, suga', and I'll handle anything that comes up here.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_03_01

The Resistance have their main supplies somewhere in these tunnels - it's up to you to make sure they don't get to use them.

  • Stop the Resistance Bombing Plot
    • 3 Supplies to destroy
    • Defeat Poster Gal

You stopped this group of Resistance, only to discover that another group have already planted bombs throughout Nova! You need to stop them!


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
The real brains
You defeated Poster Gal, but discovered that she isn't the brains behind the bombing operation! As she collapsed, she laughed that you were too late - a group of Resistance led by a man named Double Barrel has already planted bombs all around Nova and are planning to blow them up!
Disarm the Resistance bombs in Nova!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Wha? They already got their bombs set to go? You gotta stop 'em, suga'! I'll get some of my boys to comb the streets, but you're gonna have to be point on this little operation!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Disarm the Resistance bombs in Nova!
    • Disarm 4 bombs

You've disarmed all the bombs, but there are still more left in the Memorial Hospital!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This takes place outside in Nova Praetoria. The bomb locations are shown on your map if the "Mission Objective" option of the map is selected

Icon clue generic.png
Ominous Message
You disarmed all the bombs in Nova, but an audio message played on the final one, clearly recorded by someone in the Resistance...

You got us good, gettin' those bombs, Character. Too bad, you aren't lookin' upward, huh? Them bombs, they weren't gonna send much of a message. At worst, they bought us time. At best, they were gonna increase the body count. See, right now, as you are listenin' to this, we got ourselves a squad inside the hospital. You ain't gonna be able to stop us before the whole building goes kaboom! I just think it's too bad I couldn't have metcha face to face to take you out myself! - This is DB signing off.

Find an alternate way into Cole Memorial Hospital

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let's hurry this up, suga'!

Contact Small Cleopatra.jpg


What's that?

Bombs in the hospital?! What do they think they're doing? Suga', you gotta be the one to get in there and take care of this! I'll make sure the situation doesn't get outta hand out here.

Members of the Resistance working undercover for Calvin Scott should inform him of what is happening - before going inside the hospital.

  • I'm on it. (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_TECH_BIO_30_LAYOUT_01_01

You walked by several hallways, filled with patients. You had to act as if nothing at all was wrong. If the Resistance knew you were here too soon, it would cost everyone in this place their lives.
Time to ensure that the good people of Praetoria remain safe and sound.

  • Find an alternate way into Cole Memorial Hospital
    • 3 bombs to disarm
    • Clear out the Resistance and Syndicate

The bomb plot has been stopped, the people of the hospital saved - for now.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Richard Lombard, CEO
You fought against Richard Lombard inside Cole Memorial Hospital. He seemed to be the Syndicate's contact with the Resistance. Possibly the man who helped them plan this entire scheme

The identification he had on him shows that he is a Senior Executive for Altman Industries, the very same company that the Resistance stole these bombs from! If what Lombard said is right, there could be many others like him within the Syndicate, maintaining high positions of power within the corporations of Praetoria.


You did good today, Character. You went and saved all those people in the hospital from certain death. Those Crusader types, they're totally out of their minds.

You mentioned that a CEO was there, right? I'm gonna be makin' sure that is taken care of. I think we all are underestimatin' the power of the Syndicate, especially if they supposedly have members in high places like this.

Your work isn't over though, Character. Chief Interrogator Washington contacted me while you were in the hospital. Looks like he's got himself a lead on where the Resistance is storin' all this information of theirs. You up for one last hurrah?

No Man's Lady

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Cleopatra's Plea

During some downtime, you remember Cleopatra's plea to you, 'You know me! I helped you save the hospital!', when you and Washington confronted Cleopatra about her treason. It reminds you of an experience you call...

No Man's Lady

Cleopatra asked you to investigate a Resistance weapons cache after you and her saved Cole Memorial Hospital. You were expecting a fight, of course, but learned that this was all a trap set up by Cleopatra herself! Interrogator Washington sent in Sergeant Faulks in an attempt to ensure you were not overwhelmed by the Resistance.

Afterwards you spoke with Washington, who informed you about Cleopatra's treason and that she was a member of the Resistance. She was out to kill you because you were the one piece of physical evidence that proved her guilt.

You and Washington confronted Cleopatra in her office, and it was there that you had to make a decision. Did you save Cleopatra's life at the expense of Washington's, or did you help Washington carry out his execution of Cleopatra?

Finale: You Know Me


Here's the deal, suga'. I just finished talkin' with Chief Interrogator Washington, and he told me that he and his boys found out where the Resistance are keepin' one of their main supplies in the tunnels.

He asked for me to see if you could go in there and retrieve it. He said he'd do it himself, but he and his boys are tryin' to locate a woman named Ricochet for somethin' she went and did.

Shouldn't be too difficult for someone like you, right? He said the place has been abandoned, so it should just be a simple deal of takin' their supplies.

This arc is a SINGLE PLAYER MORAL CHOICE story arc. You will not be able to have other people on your team assist you with this story arc.

  • You'd be surprised how quickly 'simple' turns to 'complicated'.

Hah! I'm sure I would, suga'. I wouldn't worry too much about it, Washington is a good hound. He knows trouble when he sees it - believe me.

Here's the location of where this little box should be, just make sure to watch your back.

Raid the Resistance Base

Unnecessary Solicitation

What's wrong, Character? Need that location again?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_15_Layout_02_01

The halls seem to be silent, but you're prepared for the worst.

  • Raid the Resistance Base (Single Player)
    • Find Resistance weapons cache
    • Fend off incoming Resistance!

You survived the Resistance trap - did Cleopatra really set you up?


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Icon clue generic.png
Weapons Cache
At first glance the weapons in the crate looked real enough, but once you picked one up you realized they were nothing more than a few real components attached to scrap.

You've been led into a trap!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After checking the weapons cache, you will be ambushed by five waves of Resistance.
Resistance Recruit: Slam this scrammer!
Meet with Chief Interrogator Washington
Icon clue generic.png
It's pretty obvious that you were expected and quite possibly even set up. Could Cleopatra be behind this?

Unnecessary Solicitation

You okay there, suga'?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Meet with Chief Interrogator Washington (Single Player)


Character, good to see you made it out of that fire fight alive. I was hoping Faulks would get there in time.

  • What's going on Washington? What do you know?

I'll tell you in one moment, Character. I just need to know one thing.

Were you the one who set those bugs up in the PPD Precinct?

  • I was, now answer my question.

Washington smiles, letting out a relieved sigh.

I knew it. This was the final piece of the puzzle, Character. You were set up by Cleopatra.

Cleopatra is a Resistance spy, a member of the Wardens.

She wanted you dead because you knew the answer to the question I just asked you.

  • How do the bugs prove that she's a spy?

Sergeant Chance, one of the men you bugged, was killed earlier. He was sent to investigate a Resistance weapons cache and was killed. The same cache you were sent to investigate.

There was no way for them to know about it...until we discovered a bug in his desk. I asked Cleopatra about the bug - she claimed to not know about it, but I knew, I knew she was investigating something previously in that precinct. When I asked her where you went, she said to attack a warehouse the Resistance was holed up in.

My men reported back that it was empty - that was when I knew that Cleopatra was trying to kill you off, just like Chance.

You're the one person that can prove Cleopatra's guilt, Character! No one but you has the proof that she was the one who set up the bugs, which places her directly to blame for how the Resistance picked up the information on those bugs.

  • And now what, Washington?

Now, we prepare ourselves. Talk to me when you're ready, Character.

We're going to put an end to Cleopatra's treason.

  • Got it.
Icon clue generic.png
According to Chief Interrogator Washington, Cleopatra is secretly a member of the Resistance. You are the witness he needs to uncover her treason.

Accompany Washington to Cleopatra's office

Unnecessary Solicitation

It's time to confront Cleopatra.


So then, are you ready to confront the woman who tried to orchestrate your death, Character?

Those members of the Resistance working undercover for Calvin Scott should inform him of what is happening - before going to confront Cleopatra.

  • I'm ready. Let's go.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear Cleopatra yelling at Washington. It seems things have already begun.

  • Accompany Washington to Cleopatra's office (Single Player)

You've handled the situation - now to speak with Praetor White.

Your choice: Kill Cleopatra or save her.

Chief Interrogator Washington: ...and now it ends, Cleopatra. I knew you would slip sooner or later.
Cleopatra: You better get that finger outta my face before I break it in half!
Cleopatra: ...? Character?
Chief Interrogator Washington: Character, good to see you made it.
Chief Interrogator Washington: Shocked to see Character, Cleopatra? Since you tried to send him / her to his / her death?
Cleopatra: I did nothing of the sort!
Cleopatra: Character was cleaning out a Resistance base for me, weren't you, suga'?
Chief Interrogator Washington: That base has been abandoned for weeks. It was abandoned before the first PPD clean up team was sent there.
Chief Interrogator Washington: Under your orders, might I add. Make it easy on yourself and admit you're a resistance spy!
Cleopatra: Michael is gonna tear your head off and put it on a spike, Washington!
Chief Interrogator Washington: Praetor White won't help you now. Nobody but Character knows about this investigation.
Chief Interrogator Washington: And something tells me Character isn't in the mood to let you get away with this.
Cleopatra: Character, stop Washington!
Cleopatra: You KNOW me, I helped you save the hospital!
Chief Interrogator Washington: I know Praetor White will only release you if you're arrested.
Chief Interrogator Washington: Which is why we're carrying out your sentence here and now. Character and I are going to end this treason!
Cleopatra: Character don't you dare do this!