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Jack Hammer

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Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer.jpg
Resistance Cell Captain
Zone Underground Nova
Coordinates (-4136, 528, -525)
Level Range 1-10
Introduced By == Level 4 ==
Introduces None
Enemy Groups P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
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Jack Hammer is a Praetorian contact in Underground Nova at coordinates (-4136, 528, -525).  His level range is 1-10.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Resistance Cell Captain

Jack Hammer is a sort of leader to the Resistance in the underground beneath Nova Praetoria. Part of this is because of the passionate and excited speeches that he gives, rallying the people around the causes that he chooses. Of course, the reason why Jack is so passionate is because he has been dipping into Fixadine himself, a fact which nearly everyone knows, but no one addresses.

Prior to Introduction

Never spied your visage before, slammer. I don't just chum up with every rat in the maze, so why don't you scram back to Ricochet until you can dig up some cred down here in The Dim.

Wrong Alignment

You better stop wastin' my time, Character, I ain't got time to talk with people who ain't gonna devote their entire selves to the Resistance.

Initial Contact

You're Character, right? Ricochet won't stop goin' on about how 'dreamy' you are. / I heard a lot about you from Ricochet and Splice.

Name's Jack Hammer. Folks around here see me as a leader. Now, I don't have time to be spittin' at you, so I'm gonna talk plain-like.

If you're here, then it means you're here to help us. Or, at the very least, what you want isn't going against what we want. Here's our current situation, you know the Destroyers? They're taking a bigger toll than I'd want on our boys and girls down here. We're losing slammers on a daily basis to them. We combine that with fighting off the Ghouls and PPD, it means bad news for us.

But I'm not gonna just lay down and let this happen, and I'm gonna be asking you to help me out with this. If that doesn't catch your interest, then here's the swinger.

You and me? We're going to take control of the main stash of Fixadine in this place.


  • We're gonna win this thing, Character. You and me.
  • Don't numb yourself, Character, this is a war we're battling. Peeps are gonna get chomped.

Too Busy

You've got way too much to handle, Character. Talk to me when you've cleared up some things first.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

We got a lot to jaw over now that the crush is ours. Give me a tweedle-deedle later, we might have some serious slammin' that needs doin'.


Story Arcs

I Destroy, Therefore I Am!

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Mr. Fixadine's Card

Mr. Fixadine gave you this card in an attempt to gain your favor - after you beat him into the ground. It reminds you of an experience called...

I Destroy, Therefore I am!

It all started with a partnership between you and Jack Hammer of the Resistance. The goal was to track down the source of Fixadine in order to gain control of the Destroyers - and also inject members of the Resistance with the drug. You tracked down a dealer named 'Wheeler' under the pretense that he was a main dealer within Nova. You found out from Wheeler that he was just another step in the chain of command - the main dealer of Fixadine in Nova was someone named Mr. Fixadine.

You next went to rendezvous with a PPD officer named Sergeant McIntosh, who was supposed to be investigating Mr. Fixadine. You found McIntosh dead in the lab he was investigating - the Destroyers were tipped off about his investigation and attacked McIntosh. You were able to find McIntosh's research on Mr. Fixadine, along with a possible location.

Following the lead, you cornered Mr. Fixadine in a warehouse - it was supposed to be full of Fixadine, but, as it turns out, Mr. Fixadine also was just another step to the top.

Capturing Mr. Fixadine, however, gave you your best lead yet - he revealed where a large stash of Fixadine was in Nova. All you would have to do next is to find and claim it yourself. There's one thing that keeps coming up in your mind, however. Sergeant McIntosh says that he was ordered off the case after he found out about Mr. Fixadine. Was McIntosh's death by the Destroyers a coincidence, or was there something happening behind the scenes? Only time will tell...

Part One: Wheeler the Dealer


So, here's the deal, Character. We all know that the Destroyers are hopped up on Fixadine - I've dabbled in it a few times, gives a nice good rush when you need it.

Thing is, unlike me, the Destroyers are totally controlled by the stuff. Whoever has command over the stash has command over the Destroyers, you get what I'm saying? There's no way those addicts control it themselves - if they did, they'd be out of the stuff by now. Someone has got to be pulling the strings on this, and me? I intend to find out who it is and take 'em down.

To do that though, I'm gonna need your help. I know the kinda stuff you specialize in and I know you might not be doing this outta the kindness of your heart. You help me get to the bottom of this, you get to do whatever you want with your part of the stash. Just as long as you let us do our job keeping the Destroyers in place. We have a deal?

  • We have a deal. You have any leads?

Barely. You'd be surprised at how good these punks are at keeping their dealer a secret. But someone slipped up the other day on the topside.

I heard there's a Destroyer by the name of Wheeler who was dealing out bits of the stuff to the Destroyers in Nova.

I doubt this guy is gonna be the dealer of the stuff, but I bet he can lead us straight to whoever is givin' it to him. I had some of my boys track him down. He's somewhere within the tunnels, huddling with his red boys and girls. Right in our territory!

I sent in some guys to check it out, but they're gonna need someone like you to carry 'em through. You let me know if you need any more backup and you got it.

Capture Wheeler

Unsolicited Contact

The Destroyers aren't gonna stick around if you don't charge on over there.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_01_01

Smoke fills this part of the tunnels. The Destroyers are, without a doubt, holed up here.

  • Capture Wheeler
    • Steal some Fixadine (Optional)
    • Defeat Wheeler to get information on Fixadine

You pounded Wheeler into the ground and got him to talk about what he knows. You got some information from Wheeler regarding the Destroyers!

In the Destroyers' tunnels


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Fixadine Syringes
You stole these syringes, filled with Fixadine, from the area of the tunnels where Wheeler was hiding.
Icon clue generic.png
Fixadine Source
After beating down Wheeler, he told you everything he could about where he gets his Fixadine.

He told you that he never meets his source in person - usually he's just told a place and time where a shipment of Fixadine will be left.

After that, it's up to him to get there before anyone else does - it seems this information is given to several Destroyers in order to spread the Fixadine around Nova. All he knows is that the name of his source is 'Mr. Fixadine'.

Speak with Jack Hammer about Mr. Fixadine
Contact Small Jack Hammer.jpg
Jack Hammer


What's up, Character? Did you get information out of Wheeler?

  • I did. His suplier's name is Mr. Fixadine.

Mr. Fixadine? Huh, little on the nose, but whatever.

I'll get my boys to try to dig up some information on this guy.

Say, speaking of that... none of the guys I sent out have returned. Which spells a problem for me.

  • What's the problem?

Remember how I said I use Fixadine? That whole little thing? You remember that?!

Well, my boys usually throw me some of the syringes they find on the Destroyers, helps me keep our fighters motivated, you know? It's gonna be fine in the end though, some of those wimpy Wardens are working with a guy named Dr. Arvin about some sort of cure to the crush addiction.

So, I gotta ask, Character, you find any Fixadine while you were out there?

  • I didn't find any down there.
Gah! No crush?!
That's fine... just fine. We'll be alright without it. Give me a second to figure some things, calm down a little...
  • Alright

If you found some Fixadine

  • (Lie) I didn't find any down there.
Gah! No crush?!
That's fine... just fine. We'll be alright without it. Give me a second to figure some things, calm down a little...
  • Alright
Icon clue generic.png
Hidden Fixadine
Jack Hammer asked you if you had any Fixadine lying around. You lied to him, saying that you didn't find any of the Fixadine in the tunnels. He mentioned to you that a man named Dr, Arvin is working on a cure for addiction to Fixadine. These syringes might help the doctor in his research.

When your next mission is active, you can visit Dr. Arvin in Nova Praetoria to give him the Fixadine

  • I did. I can part with it - for a price.
What?! Charging me for the crush? Who do you think you are?!
You and Jack Hammer 'discuss' a price for the Fixadine for a few minutes before you come to an acceptable deal.
  • Good dealing with you, Jack.
Icon clue generic.png
Price of Addiction
You bartered with Jack Hammer over the Fixadine you found, eventually settling on a price that he could afford to pay.
  • I did. Here, take some. It's on me
You're the man, Character. I won't forget this.
  • No problem, Jack.
Icon clue generic.png
You gave the syringes of Fixadine you found to Jack Hammer, free of charge.


So none of my boys could find any information out about where this Mr. Fixadine is. But one of them did give me a good idea of who would know - the PPD. You up for an interesting joyride?

Take this, it'll let you and me talk at a distance. It's something that we're gonna need to use.

Part Two: How All Tours Should End


This Mr. Fixadine is a mysterious guy, but my boys figure that he's had a run in with the good men and women of the PPD.

I mean, if the guy is in charge of all the Fixadine in Nova, he's gotta have some sort of rap sheet. Maybe almost as big as mine!

But again, we've got ourselves a problem that involves getting that information. Which is why it's a good thing we got ourselves a 'respected' member of the Powers Division in our folds, eh?

Our boys say that one Sergeant McIntosh should have some knowledge about Mr. Fixadine. From what they said, this McIntosh has been doing some investigations himself into the location of Mr. Fixadine. He's currently running an inspection on some random lab now - full of scientist types and all that stuff.

  • I'm guessing it's up to me to talk to him and find out what he knows.

Yeah, exactly.

Now, I don't think this'll be too hard, you know? Fact of the matter is that this is just one guy, going into a place full of scientists - during their offtime even! If there was anything easier you might fall asleep.

Question Sergeant McIntosh

Unnecessary Solicitation

You talk to that McIntosh guy yet?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_Bio_30_Layout_01_02

This plan is going to be anything but easy. Once more you enter an area with smoke hanging in the air.
Looks like the Destroyers got here first - with the intent to kill McIntosh!

  • Question Sergeant McIntosh
    • Find McIntosh's Evidence
    • Find Sergeant McIntosh

You found some information regarding the location of Mr. Fixadine.

Destroyers at work


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Sergeant McIntosh.jpg
Sergeant McIntosh


You find what remains of Sergeant McIntosh - it seems the Destroyers did everything they could to make sure he would not get out of here alive.

  • (Search McIntosh for anything useful)

You're able to find a small device, which, when activated, plays a small voice message from McIntosh.

Think I've been digging too deep in this. They pulled me off my investigation when I found out about Mr. Fixadine, don't know why. They assigned it to someone from Imperial, Sergeant Reynolds.

I disguised my visit to the lab as an inspection - I'm planning on hiding the evidence I've got on Mr. Fixadine's location in the lab. They'll search my office for sure, but they'll never think of looking in the lab.

  • Looks like I'm in the right place.

Time to find where that information was hidden.

  • (Leave)

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After searching McIntosh you will be ambushed by a group of Destroyers leadered by Obliterator
Icon clue generic.png
Mr. Fixadine
You found the papers detailing Sergeant McIntosh's investigations into Mr. Fixadine. There are various leads that went dead and questions left unanswered, but in the end you see that he has several places where he believes Mr. Fixadine normally operates. You could use Jack Hammer and his helpers in the Resistance to lock down where exactly Mr. Fixadine should be.
Take Fixadine to Dr. Arvin (Optional)
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This only happens if you obtained the Fixadine in the first mission and chose to lie to Jack Hammer about it. You don't need to take it to Arvin, but you can do it, if you wish.


A cure for Fixadine? Yes, yes, I am.

What about it?

  • I've got some spare Fixadine here. You can have it - for a price.
Sorry friend, but I have no money that I can use for buying the syringes. I just spent my last savings on the new lab to just get started on this research.
  • Well, your loss then.
  • Alright, here, you can have it on the house.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)
  • I have some Fixadine here. Take it for your research. (A)
This will help me move one step further in discovering the true cure for Fixadine addiction.
I don't think I'll ask where exactly you got this, but I'm happy to have it. Have a great day, Character.
  • Take it easy.
Icon clue generic.png
Fixadine Charity
You gave the Fixadine you found to Dr. Arvin in order to help him in his research for a cure.


So, that PPD guy bit the dust? Good for us, one less guy on the field to cause us trouble.

I'll send some of my crew out to these locations. If this guy was right, one of 'em is gonna lead us straight to Mr. Fixadine - and his stash!

Part Three: Mr. Fixadine, Sing Me a Song


Alright, Character, my crew found where Mr. Fixadine is operating.

Guy is a clever piece of work. He moves his operation through the tunnels and up into various warehouses in Nova, never stays in more than one place for too long. Must be why the PPD haven't been able to find him.

Only problem here is that, from what they say, Mr. Fixadine has got a ton of Destroyers in his little entourage. Must be easy keeping them all on a leash when you control the flow of the stuff. Man, just thinkin' about it...

Look, it's gonna be up to you to get to that warehouse and grab Mr. Fixadine and his stash. We control Mr. 'Fix', we control the stash, meanin' we control the Destroyers. This here is a big moment for us, Character, and you're gonna be the person who is at the front of it all!

If Mr. Fixadine really does control the entire stash, there's nothing stopping you from just... taking control of it for yourself, instead of for the Resistance...

  • Leave it to me, Jack. I'll get it done.

That's what I like about you, Character, you're all about getting things DONE!

When you got the stash and Mr. Fix, drag him back to me and we'll figure out what our next move is gonna be.

Like I said though, be careful, this place is gonna be crawling with Destroyers. No way of telling what you're gonna run into when you arrive.

Capture Mr. Fixadine

Unnecessary Solicitation

We're all ready here for whenever you get Mr. Fix.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: N_Warehouse_30_Layout_01_04

You can smell Fixadine in the air. This has to be the place where Mr. Fixadine is waiting. Time to find him.

  • Capture Mr. Fixadine
    • Take out the front guard
    • Take out the Destroyer computer
    • Take in Mr. Fixadine

You found Mr. Fixadine, but it seems like he's just another link in the chain to getting what you want.


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Notable NPCs

The Mainframe computer must be destroyed
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Be careful of Proximity bombs located throughout the mission. If you get too close a brief warning and alarm will sound then they will explode.
Proximity triggered! Two... One ...
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! At this point Mr. Fixadine will teleport away to safety and a group of Destroyers will ambush you:

Blast Master: Don't let Character get Mr. Fixadine!

Icon clue generic.png
The Fixadine Conspiracy
Mr. Fixadine told you everything you needed to know once you were done 'convincing' him in the warehouse.

'I got nothin' here, Character, I sold it all! Owwww...! You gotta understand, I don't control the stuff! I just get told where to pick it up. I'm just the middle man, I swear! Sometimes I go to the warehouse, other times they tell me to go to the place where they make the stuff. I'll tell you where it is, just don't hurt me!'

Speak with Jack Hammer

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let's talk this out in person, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Jack Hammer

Contact Small Jack Hammer.jpg
Jack Hammer


Hey Character, what happened? Where's the stash?

You got Mr. Fixadine, right? What's going on?

  • Mr. Fixadine is just another link in the chain. He's not behind all this.

If you didn't give Jack the Fixadine

Hrm... that's not good. So we're still in for a little more work, eh? That's fine, that's fine.
If Mr. Fixadine gave us the right info, then all we gotta do is track down the location of this place, get in there, and get out. Simple stuff, right?
Give me a bit to get things together, then we'll get a plan goin'.
  • Alright Jack.

If you gave Jack the Fixadine

Man... this isn't good, Character. I thought we had everything figured out.
Jack Hammer injects himself with some Fixadine, letting out a relaxed sigh.
Ahhh...ahh...YEAH! Alright! We GOT this, Character.
You give me a few minutes... and I'm gonna RALLY up our boys... and we're gonna move this thing forward and take down all those smarmy Praetors on topside!
  • Let me know what's going to happen.

If you sold Jack the Fixadine

Part of me kinda wonders if you sold off the stuff you found, Character, given that whole little deal that went down earlier with you and me.
I kinda wonder, would you take all the stash for yourself and sell it to the PPD?
To regular citizens? To the Destroyers?
Just in order to make a profit?
  • I wouldn't do that, Jack. Nothing was there. -Nothing-
Alright... maybe that's right, maybe I'm just getting a bit ahead of myself. Just give me a sec to figure things out, get some of my crew ready for our next move.
  • Alright.
  • We'll never know what I would've done, because nothing was there.
Yeah... guess we'll never know, huh?
Look, Character, I might not trust you too much, but I'm gonna still need your help on finishing this up. Talk with me in a bit, I'm gonna get some of the boys ready for our next move.
  • Alright.
  • That depends on how much they were offering. But nothing was there for me to sell.
You're lucky I need yor help, Character, or else I'd throw down with you here and now.
Things go south again, I might not be so nice about just forgettin' all this and moving forward, yeah?
So why don't you just back off and let me figure things out for a bit?
  • Someone's a little touchy. I'll be back.

If you gave Dr. Arvin the Fixadine

What?! He's not the source?! What did we do all that work for?! You ain't lying to me, are you, Character?
'Cause guess what I just found out from Tunnel Rat? Seems like Dr. Arvin mysteriously got himself some Fixadine.
From you. You wanna explain what's up with that? Why you were holding out on me? I offered you good money for that crush, any you just gave it away to Arvin!
  • Arvin was the best choice. He's actually doing something with it.
Doing domething with it?!
I'm DOING something with the crush too, Character, I'm using it to motivate this people down here!
You got some nerve givin' it to Arvin when WE need it to help win this war of ours.
But whatever, I'm just gonna keep this whole little deal in the back of my mind, yeah? So why don't you just back off and give me some space.
We'll figure out what to do next, since this guy wasn't our big ticket out.
  • Alright then.
  • You're just an addict, Jack. I'm not fueling your addiction.
I ain't addicted to the stuff, Character. You hear me?? I got complete control over this thing!
I use the stuff, I control it, I COMMAND it!
You got no right tryin' to decide whether or not I don't need it!
Just back off me, I need some time to calm down, figure this stuff out, what we're gonna do next. Got a lot of people relying on us to get this stuff, and I ain't gonna just let this stop us.
  • Alright.


Alright, Character. So I sent some guys over to investigate that place that Mr. Fixadine told you about. We're gonna get to the bottom of this as soon as we can.

I gotta say though, you and me, we're working this thing out pretty well. Mr. Fixadine might've been a bust, but this time, THIS time, we're gonna go straight to the source!

"Destroy or Not Destroy, That is the Question"

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Scent of Fixadine

You're easily able to smell when even the smallest amount of Fixadine is in the air - a helpful trait to have when dealing with Destroyers. You gained this ability after being exposed to a large amount of Fixadine in an experience you call...

Destroy or Not Destroy, That is the Question

You and Jack Hammer were working together to find Mr. Fixadine and the source of the drug in Nova. Mr. Fixadine 'informed' you of the location where he gets all of his supplies. You went in ahead of the Resistance, only to discover that the PPD were guarding the stash! You plowed through the PPD and defeated a guard appointed by Praetor White himself.

Jack Hammer and the Resistance arrived to help confiscate the supplies of Fixadine, but it was at this moment that a choice was presented. You could help Jack Hammer bring this Fixadine back... or you could turn to give the Fixadine right back to the Loyalists, in return for a very high position in the party, not to mention other various rewards. The choice was up to you - did you choose to aid the Resistance in creating their own army of soldiers addicted to Fixadine, or aid the Loyalists to increase your own wealth and power?

Finale: Skeleton in the Closet


We got ourselves a big lead, Character.

Bad news is, all the guys I sent out to find the main source of this stuff are dead.

Good news is one of them gave me a report of where they found the main stash. They didn't give me any numbers or whatever about what they were facing, which is why it's gonna have to be you that goes down there first to secure the situation.

I know you're not someone who minds jumping in and getting their hands dirty, so this last bit should be a piece of cake for you, yeah?

This arc is a SINGLE PLAYER MORAL CHOICE story arc. You will not be able to have other people on your team assist you with this story arc.

  • I'll handle it.

Great! Once you get down to the place, we'll follow in. I get a feeling there's gonna be a LOT of Fixadine down there... we're gonna have to set ourselves up some sorta system to move everything over here. But first, we'll focus on actually getting to the Fixadine.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We're all ready on our end here, Character, you just give the word.

Mission Objective(s)


You descend into the deepest part of the tunnels to hear... the PPD?

  • Secure the Fixadine Stash (Single Player)
    • Defeat the PPD guarding the Fixadine

You've accomplished your goal down here within the tunnels!


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

You've secured the Fixadine stash, what choice will you make now?

Jack Hammer: Awh man Character, we hit the JACKPOT! Check all of this out!
Jack Hammer: We got enough Fixadine here to keep an entire army of Destroyers under our thumb! Jack Hammer: We can pump a ton of this into our soldiers, make'em tougher, stronger than ever! Jack Hammer: We just need your help in getting this stuff outta here and into our own place!