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Faction Icons

Do we have icons somewhere for the faction images? I'm talking the arachnos emblem and Statesman star that are a quick visual of hero vs villain status. You can see larger versions of these images in the background of a couple of the images cycling through The Paragon Wiki logos in the upper left-hand corner of the page. I'm envisioning using such icons for the Faction column of this page. - Sister Leortha 09:37, 13 December 2006 (PST)

Send Tony a PM, since that's his work, he probably has the base files someplace. -- StarGeekTalk page 13:14, 13 December 2006 (PST)
Actually, I stole the background images for those logos mercilessly from the fansite kit[1]. (Actually, stole is kind of a harsh word, I suppose, since they specifically put them out there for us to use.) icon_biggrin.gif All I did was scale it down, put the lettering, the characters, and a drop shadow on the front of it. --TonyV 19:18, 13 December 2006 (PST)

Other fields

Does anyone have any ideas for other useful fields in this thing? Fields should be reletively short (no lists of enemies), and subject to varience from zone to zone. - Sister Leortha 10:31, 13 December 2006 (PST)


Since the Hero and Villain ones are Separated, Maybe they shouldn't be displayed as Hero AND Villain on each List. Also maybe someone could make Three lists, Hero Only, Villain Only and Both? Just and Idea :) --Murf 23:29, 12 May 2008 (UTC)

The orinial display was all one chart. I decided to go with a hero/villain breakdown, because most players I know concentrate on one side at a time... and too many different breakdowns can be just annoying in IMHO =].BayBlast 00:25, 13 May 2008 (UTC)


I noticed that neither chart listed Cimerora so I added it. Also I see no reason why a third chart just listing the zone both Heores and Villans can access isn't available. LOL I don't think it could possibly be that annoying. Here's what I came up with:

Zone Levels Zone Type Alignment Notes
Bloody Bay 15 - 25 PvP Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg
Cimerora 35 - 50 Special Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg
Ouroboros 25+ Special Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg Ouroboros portal power can be obtained as low as lvl 20, but only works at lvl 25
Pocket D 1+ Special Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg
Recluse's Victory 40 - 50 PvP Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg
Rikti War Zone 35 - 50 Special Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg
Siren's Call 20 - 30 PvP Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg
Warburg 30 - 38 PvP Hero side icon.jpg Villain side icon.jpg
Hey I am just a humble minor contributor/editor adding what I can and fixing stuff I see that needs a bit of fixing but WHY not? LOL Taxibot Sara2.0 17:17, 5 September 2008 (UTC)Taxibot Sara2.0

Praetorian Zones

Since all of these are co-op, should:

  • they all be in Co-Op, and Praetorian Zones is no longer a section?
  • a note be added to Praetorian Zones specifying this?
  • some third otpion?

Thirty7 Talk-Icon.jpg 06:27, 25 December 2011 (UTC)

Depends on how you view it, I suppose. Is it still true that Praetorian-created characters can only access zones in Praetoria until level 20? If so, then I think it's worth leaving those zones listed under "Praetorian Zones." We might add a note stating that Primal characters at any level can also enter the zones and return to Primal Earth at will, but Praetorians are confined to those zones until 20. --Eabrace Healthbar notify phone.png 06:53, 25 December 2011 (UTC)
I just added such a note. I hadn't really thought about it that way. —Thirty7 Talk-Icon.jpg 07:23, 25 December 2011 (UTC)

List of Zone Maps

Map Zone
maps/City_Zones/City_00_01/City_00_01 Outbreak
maps/City_Zones/City_01_01/City_01_01 Atlas Park
maps/City_Zones/City_01_02/City_01_02 Kings Row
maps/City_Zones/City_01_03/City_01_03 Galaxy City
maps/City_Zones/City_01_04/City_01_04 Echo: Galaxy City
maps/City_Zones/City_02_01/City_02_01 Steel Canyon
maps/City_Zones/City_02_02/City_02_02 Skyway City
maps/City_Zones/City_02_03/City_02_03 Paragon Dance Party
maps/City_Zones/City_02_04/City_02_04 Pocket D
maps/City_Zones/City_02_05/City_02_05 Faultline
maps/City_Zones/City_03_01/City_03_01 Talos Island
maps/City_Zones/City_03_02/City_03_02 Independence Port
maps/City_Zones/City_03_03/City_03_03 Croatoa
maps/City_Zones/City_03_04/City_03_04 Cimerora
maps/City_Zones/City_04_01/City_04_01 Founders' Falls
maps/City_Zones/City_04_02/City_04_02 Brickstown
maps/City_Zones/City_05_01/City_05_01 Peregrine Island
maps/City_Zones/City_05_02/City_05_02 Kallisti Wharf
maps/City_Zones/City_06_01/City_06_01 Ouroboros (hero)
maps/City_Zones/City_06_02/City_06_02 Fort Trident
maps/City_Zones/Coop_02_01/Coop_02_01 Midnighter Club
maps/City_Zones/Coop_06_01/Coop_06_01 Dark Astoria
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_01_01/Hazard_01_01 Perez Park
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_01_02/Hazard_01_02 The Hollows
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_01_03/Hazard_01_03 Tunnels of the Trolls
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_02_01/Hazard_02_01 Boomtown
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_03_01/Hazard_03_01 Echo: Dark Astoria
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_03_02/Hazard_03_02 Striga Isle
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_04_01/Hazard_04_01 Crey's Folly
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_05_01/Hazard_05_01 "Elysium" map fragment
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_06_01/Hazard_06_01 Firebase Zulu
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_06_02/Hazard_06_02 Cascade Archipelago
maps/City_Zones/Hazard_06_03/Hazard_06_03 The Chantry
maps/City_Zones/N_City_00_01/N_City_00_01 Destroyed Galaxy City
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_01/P_City_00_01 Nova Praetoria
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_02/P_City_00_02 Imperial City
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_03/P_City_00_03 Neutropolis
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_04/P_City_00_04 First Ward
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_05/P_City_00_05 Precinct Five
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_06/P_City_00_06 Underground Nova
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_07/P_City_00_07 Underground Imperial
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_08/P_City_00_08 Underground Neutropolis
maps/City_Zones/P_City_00_09/P_City_00_09 Night Ward
maps/City_Zones/Trial_01_01/Trial_01_01 Abandoned Sewer Network
maps/City_Zones/Trial_01_02/Trial_01_02 Sewer Network
maps/City_Zones/Trial_02_01/Trial_02_01 Faultline (Pre-Issue 8)
maps/City_Zones/Trial_03_01/Trial_03_01 Terra Volta
maps/City_Zones/Trial_04_01/Trial_04_01 Eden
maps/City_Zones/Trial_04_02/Trial_04_02 The Hive
maps/City_Zones/Trial_05_01/Trial_05_01 Rikti Crash Site
maps/City_Zones/Trial_06_01/Trial_06_01 Storm Palace
maps/City_Zones/V_City_00_01/V_City_00_01 Breakout
maps/City_Zones/V_City_01_01/V_City_01_01 Mercy Island
maps/City_Zones/V_City_01_02/V_City_01_02 Port Oakes
maps/City_Zones/V_City_02_01/V_City_02_01 Cap au Diable
maps/City_Zones/V_City_03_01/V_City_03_01 Sharkhead Isle
maps/City_Zones/V_City_03_02/V_City_03_02 Nerva Archipelago
maps/City_Zones/V_City_04_01/V_City_04_01 St. Martial
maps/City_Zones/V_City_05_01/V_City_05_01 Grandville
maps/City_Zones/V_City_06_01/V_City_06_01 Ouroboros (villain)
maps/City_Zones/V_City_06_02/V_City_06_02 The Crucible
maps/City_Zones/V_PVP_02_01/V_PVP_02_01 Bloody Bay
maps/City_Zones/V_PVP_03_01/V_PVP_03_01 Siren's Call
maps/City_Zones/V_PVP_04_01/V_PVP_04_01 Warburg
maps/City_Zones/V_PVP_05_01/V_PVP_05_01 Recluse's Victory
maps/City_Zones/V_Trial_04_02/V_Trial_04_02 The Abyss
maps/City_Zones/V_Trial_04_03/V_Trial_04_03 Monster Island
maps/City_Zones/War_05_01/War_05_01 Rikti War Zone