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Few Questions

Hey Thirty7, the last time we talked, you told me to get the code on existing badge images and just edit them from there, but I can't get to the code. How do I do that?

Also, what I meant was the Category: Places Images. I'm trying to upload screenshots for the zones, and I'm not having much luck. Fescu 19:29, 24 June 2012 (UTC)

Code from badge images? I thought you were asking about this: {{Enemy Link}} templates. I guess I'm not sure what you mean precisely about that. As far as getting images into that category, when you click the Upload file link, just put [[Category:Places Images]] in the Summary box, and it will be automagically included on that page. Does that help? Also, if you want to link to a specific category, you have to include a colon (:) after the double bracket to keep it from adding the page you use it on in that category, if that makes sense (look at the code for your message to see what I mean). — Pill-37.png Talk · Cont 04:02, 25 June 2012 (UTC)
Well, actually I did mean {{Enemy Link}} templates. I don't know why I said badge images. Sorry for the confusion. Based on what you said, though, I did go and try to get the code for a badge image, and this was all I got was: Category:Badge Icons As for uploading images of zones, I succeeded, so thank you for all your help. Fescu 17:41, 25 June 2012 (UTC)
Yes, there will be exactly zero useful "code" or Wiki-markup on a Badge Image. However, if you are looking to make Enemy Link templates for more enemy groups, try going to one like Template:Enemy Angry Citizens and simply copying the markup from the Edit page. Then, you can create a new page, say Template:Enemy Crazy Morons and copy in the text. Then change 'Angry Citizens' to 'Crazy Morons' and update the file link and all should be well, methinks (assuming I am understanding what you want to do...). — Pill-37.png Talk · Cont 02:05, 26 June 2012 (UTC)
I did what you said, and I got V badge CrazyMorons.png Crazy Morons
Considering how I started out not knowing ANYTHING, I'd say that's pretty good, heh. I just have one more question and I'll get out of your hair. How do I make the picture like V badge Warworks.png WarWorks
with the circular gold ring going around the picture of the robot instead of square? Fescu 23:55, 26 June 2012 (UTC)


Yeah, I'd say that does look pretty good! Smilies smile.gif As far as making them in a circle like that? Well, that involves a little bit of PhotoShopping. The gold ring is harvested from older defeat badges like Bonecrusher Badge. Once I isolated the ring, I use it as a layer and put it OVER whatever image I want in the center. Then, I make sure to cut off the excess of the lower image and save it as a PNG. Also, you'll note that I gave the Template you are testing a category, and added a custom image I slapped together. Smilies cool.gif (Oh, and PS, if you make those templates for real, the <br /> is important, so don't exclude that part.) — Pill-37.png Talk · Cont 23:45, 26 June 2012 (UTC)

I did it! I almost downloaded another photoshop tool before I realized I had gimp, but I did it! Thank you for all your help! Here is the final result...
V badge Nemesis Warhorse1.png Nemesis Warhorse
Fescu 00:54, 27 June 2012 (UTC)
Unfortunately, the sizing is a bit off... the icons need to be 48x48, but a very good first attempt to be sure. Smilies smile.gifPill-37.png Talk · Cont 00:59, 27 June 2012 (UTC)
I took the liberty of making one as if I had made the Enemy template, that's basically the type of image and sizing that I try to shoot for. I also try to edit out parts that refer to specific locations due to the fact that these templates are used on multiple pages referring to a plethora of missions, usually. Also, when possible they are based on existing badge art. Just a few tips as you get into doing it. Just as Blondeshell is a bit possessive of badge related stuff, you will find I am very exacting when it comes to Enemy Link templates. Smilies tongue.gifPill-37.png Talk · Cont 01:36, 27 June 2012 (UTC)
Oh, 48x48? Thanks! And don't worry, you two can have main action. Smilies tongue.gif To be honest, the only reason I'm trying to learn how to do it is because for a long time the Devouring Earth (Praetorian) didn't have an Enemy Link Template, and all I could figure out how to do was the hated V badge BattleDomeBadge.png, which I put in there completely by accident. I do, however, plan to start putting in images for speaking to people like the Hetman, so that should be fun.
Just to get the size right, I made another Enemy Link Template for if they ever add Warshades as an enemy group, V badge Warshade.png Warshades
... Why is it so small? I used the 48x48 dimensions and this was what I got.Fescu 16:05, 27 June 2012 (UTC)
Looks to me like you had a ton of whitespace around it... and then shrunk the width to 48px... making the actual image miniscule. — Pill-37.png Talk · Cont 16:52, 27 June 2012 (UTC)
Finally, success! I think I finally have it down how to do this. Thanks again for taking the time to help me with this. Fescu 01:28, 28 June 2012 (UTC)

SuperPack02 RoguesandVigilantes.png

>_<;;; that wasn't an unused file.. that was the icon for SP#2 that you had just uploaded earlier... its now a dead link on the SP2 page. --Sleepykitty 03:37, 2 July 2012 (UTC)

Well drat. I thought I had linked that page to the other icon I uploaded. It is fixed now. I had uploaded the same image twice, one in the naming convention of the defunct icon, and one using the naming convention for the icon that the game actually uses. If that makes any sense. — Pill-37.png Talk · Cont 06:24, 2 July 2012 (UTC)
*hands Thirty7 a pillow and blankie* --Sleepykitty 14:19, 2 July 2012 (UTC)
Heh, I work Third Shift, pillows and blankies will be unnecessary. Smilies tongue.gifPill-37.png Talk · Cont 23:45, 4 July 2012 (UTC)

Incarnate Story

Nice work! I never really played them, so it's good to know what the later ones are about. I made what I think are some needed punctuation edits. I do have 2 things to address:

1. BAF line says: "They make a report to Mother Mayhem in which they will spin the infiltration as an unprovoked attack, and in the meantime, release brainwashed members of the Resistance who will purport messages to authorities about the beneficence of the Praetorians." "Purport" is technically used properly here, but it just sounds weird, but I wasn't sure if changing it to "relay" would get the same message across. Additionally, what "authorities" are they sending these messages to? Resistance, Primal Earth, what? Can't be the Praet authorities since they're working against them...

2. Calvin Scott was never married to Aurora!? Whaaaaat???

Felderburg 21:45, 6 July 2014 (UTC)

Yeah, "relay" would be just fine. And the rationale there for releasing the mindwashed Resistance members is a bit fuzzy and seemed illogical even when I remembered it more clearly. I'll have to see if I can find some screen shots of the opening video somewhere.
Yeah, Praetorian Calvin was shocked too. Turns out she merely treated him while he was incarcerated at MoMPH. — Pill-37.png Talk · Cont 23:22, 6 July 2014 (UTC)