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Power Missing.png Latest 50 level is Solaris Vantu Ill/Thermal Controller Jan. 23, 2009
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Archetypeicon controller.png Taxibot Sara2.0 is member of the Paragon Taxi Service Super Group on Virtue Server. An Illusion/Empathy/Fire Controller Sara is the very first character I have that has acheived security level 50.

Taxibot Sara2.0


Archetypeicon scrapper.png Mia Mioshi is a 50 Level Martial Arts/Regen/Body Mastery Scrapper who is the leader of the KFKA Two Super Group on Virtue. One of my oldest characters she love to team but is also a very good soloist.

Archetypeicon tanker.png Tia Anker is a 50 Level Will Power/Dual Blades Tanker on Virue and also a member of KFKA 2. Dual blades, along with her Vet reward (Sand of MU) make her a very dangerous Tanker. She can herd and hold aggro but deals damage at the rate of a scrapper

Archetypeicon controller.png Mishu Gia is a 50 level Illusion/Empathy/Fire Controller on Virtue who also belongs to KFKA Two. Her ability to stealth and confuse makes her a natural to combat Malta. She approaches a group while invisible and then simply turns any Sappers or Gunslingers into unknowing pets before unleashing her Phantasm and Phantom Army on the rest. She can solo and with her heals/buffs can always find a team.

Archetypeicon defender.png Tia Amat is a 50 level Empathy/Dark/Dark Defender on Virtue and also a member of KFKA 2. She is not the best soloist I have but a very good team support character providing heals, rez, buffs, debuffs and holds.

Archetypeicon scrapper.png Kimiko Mioshi is a 50 level Katana/Regen/Weapons Mastery scrapper on Virtue and also a member of KFKA 2. Her bio explains that she is Mioshi's kid sister and sort of an "Indiana Jane" type hero. One of her costumes even has her wearing a fedora. Runs solo missions on Unyielding and loves to team.

Archetypeicon defender.png Radiant Raven is a 50 level Radiation/Electric/Dark Defender on Virtue. I love to team with her and recently helped take down Adamastor, Jurrasik, Eochia and Jack in Iron all in one afternoon (I do love RAD). She solos effectively but I prefer to team with her.

Archetypeicon defender.png Def Bot One is a 50 level Radiation/Radiation/Dark Defender on Virtue and runs the Sisterhood of KFKA. She solos quite well but rarely has to since it seems a Rad/Rad Defender is almost as popular as Fire/Kin Contyroller these days and she usually has one or more offers to team shortly after logging on.

Scrapper.png Agent M1 is a 50 level Dual Blades/Regen/Body Mastery Scrapper on Virtue. His (Yeah that's right I created a MALE character lol) bio explains he was once a Mutant hero captured by Crey and stripped of his powers. With the help of Manticore he has since returned to the ranks of the heroes as a Natural orign usig his new skills as a blade master to fight crime.

Blaster.png Lt. D. Simms VCO a 50 level AR/Devices/Munitions Blaster on Virtue and a member of the Sisterhood of KFKA. My first blaster to ever survive past level 20. Not much of a solo artist but awesome firepower and a definate plus on any team. Her bio explains she is a member of the Vangaurd Special Operations Unit (VSO)and assigned to help curb crim in paragon so more heroes have time to battle the Rikti in the war zone.

Defender.png Ema 1.1 a 50 level Emp/Ener Defender on Virtue and a member of KFKA Two. She can solo but I prefer to team with her as often as possible.

Blaster.png Lorien Sinaderi" a 50 level Arch/Ice/Cold Blaster on Virtue and a member of KFKA 2. My second Blaster to last past the early 20's. I've found archery to be a very accurate power set and ICE is proving to be amazing. Thanks largely to Ice Patch and Chilblain I am still able to solo with her.

Controller.png Solaris Vantu a 50 level Ill/Thermal/Fire Controller on Virtue and a member of the Sisterhood of KFKA. Good solo or on a team and my first try with thermal rather than Empathy .. I like the shields but do miss the auras providing quicker End recovery and healing.

latest character projects

Scrapper.png Mishu Gia a 41 level MA/regen Scrapper on Virtue. She is a member of the Sisterhood of KFKA and one of its founders. able to solo or team.

Archetypeicon tanker.png Ragin Rebel a 40 level Shields/SS Tanker on Virtue. A member of the Sisterhood of KFKA and does a good job holding aggro.

Archetypeicon defender.png Sara 1.0 a 39 level Emp/Eneg Defender on Virtue. Another member of KFKA Two and a former Taxibot.

Warshade.png Taxibot RaSheen a 35 level Warshade on Virtue and a member of the Paragon Taxi Service. A little squishy and even at 35 I am still learning how to play her but she teams well.

Controller.png Zatara Z a 35 level Ill/Emp Controller on Virtue and a member of The Sisterhood of KFKA. Yeah I know another one but I can't help myself I love the way they play.

Controller.png Goddess Quan Yin a 33 level Ill/Thermal Controller on Virtue and a member of The Sisterhood of KFKA. I seem to have switched from Defenders to Controllers of late and love the versatility of Illusion. Like the others I now have Quan has no problem teaming or solo.

Archetypeicon defender.png Kimiko Gia a 30 level Emp/Eneg Defender on Virtue. Another member of KFKA Two.

my poor neglected Villains

V archetypeicon mastermind.png Wicked Wendy is a 43 level Merc/Gadgets MasterMind on Infinity that runs the Shadow Stalkers Elite Villain Group. I have several MasterMinds but Wendy was the first and along with here sisters she is awesome solo or on a team.

V archetypeicon brute.pngBam Bee is a 33 level Super Strength/Invulnerable Brute on Infinity that also runs the Shadow Stalkers Elite.

I suffer horribly from altitis and have numerous other characters mostly Defenders and Controllers along with a few more Scrappers on COH and several other Masterminds and one Stalker on COV. All are somewhere between level 19 and level 30 at the moment.

My MMORPG History

I first started playing City of ___ back in December or 2006 and at the time was only on the villainous RED side. My Ex had bought the game but didn't like it while I found it a lot of fun so it became mine! I experimented with the different Archetypes and the different severs for a while before settling on Infinity and Masterminds (I have 5). Eventually I joined a Super Group and had a great time teaming with my SG mates and chatting, flirting and joking which just made the game more enjoyable. Eventually, as happens, most of those people either left the game completely or their playing time dwindled due to real life issues and I found myself all but a Super Group of ONE. About this same time my aging PC decided it couldn't handle the increased graphic that arrived with Issue 7 and it got to a point where my poor Masterminds could barely move let alone battle.

At that point a friend told me the lag wasn't nearly as bad on COH so I created my first hero and happily discovered my character could function and team. Once again I experimented with different archetypes and initially decided on Scrappers. I'd joined a Super Group and Mia Mioshi eventually became one of its leaders. At some point our founding leader sort of disappeared and I found myself running the place! AT that point I was a complete Altoholic treating each of my many, many, MANY, characters like my children and doing all I could to make sure none were neglected. I'd level one from, for example, 21 to 22 and then move on to the next. As you can guess this meant I was very slowly moving upward while friends that concentrated on 0ne or two characters quickly pasted me by.

Then several incidents occurred in my SG that soured me on the game. First a new character I'd invited to the group stole a lot of the hard earned salvage we'd acquired over time and then a misunderstanding between myself and one of the few remaining members (when the former leader vanished without a trace or explanation a lot of the members moved on to other groups) led to a second theft of salvage. The invention system didn't exist yet so I suppose she either sold it to another SG or used it to form her own. This second theft in a relatively short time was devastating and I took a long break from playing.. about 6 months to be exact.

During that "vacation" I tried a few other things to see if they would spark my interest including Second Life (SL). While I found that interesting I also found it very expensive since you had to pay for everything from the skin and hair you wore to the clothing and accessories you chose to wear. It quickly became obvious you either had a JOB in SL to earn spending money (SL Dollars), made do with what you had or could get for free (mostly cheap tacky stuff), or spent a lot of real cash buying things. I chose to work and made some friends along the way. The problem was in order to have the nice things I wanted so desperately I found myself working constantly and never actually had any time to PLAY. Then a few of my SL friends decided to give COH a try and after my 6 month break I returned. BTW while I still have my SL account I almost never go there anymore ... too boring and too expensive.

Three of us from SL started playing on Virtue and I volunteered to set us up with a base and the Sisterhood of KFKA was born. We added a 4th and 5th member, one from SL another that had never even heard of the place (LOL). That was in June of 2007 and by September we had a 9 room 8 X 8 base completely equipped and had reached a point where we either 1) went to the next sized plot or 2) started a new base. During my 6 month absence my old SG on Infinity had vanished because after I left no one bothered to pay the rent so I was determined not to have that occur again.. plus by not having a rent payment no one felt any pressure to play JUST to keep the lights on. I formed KFKA Two and as of now (a little over 1 year later) the 2 bases offer us teleport to all 21 zones that have beacons, both have infirmaries, personal storage vaults, Invention worktables, Pillars of Ice and Flame and all of the usual base energy, control (both have Super Computers) and storage items.

When I was still mainly of Infinity I met Taxibot Brimstone, who I still consider my dearest friend in the game, and eventually joined the Infinity Garage of the PTS. In December of 2007 I decided to return to the garage and created Taxibot Sara2.0 (the original Taxibot Sara, version 1.0 had been renamed and moved from Infinity to Virtue) At that time I also realized I'd been playing, with my 6 month vacation, for 2 years and didn't have a single 50 level on either COH or COV. I decided to play Sara to level 50 exclusively and within 6 weeks of her birth I finally had my very first Five OH! I finally realized that by constantly switching from one character to the next I was cheating every character because any friends they made quickly out leveled them so I either had to SK constantly or find new team mates. By sticking to one, or 2, characters I could find good teammates and play with them all the way to 50. DUH.. and this only took my college educated brain 2 years to figure out *giggle* As of today I have 6 Fifty levels with two more closing in on that magic number and I thoroughly enjoy playing the game.


Emblem Shield 02.png Paragon Taxi Service

On the Virtue server (COH) The Taxibots provide teleport for lower level heroes that have no permanent travel power yet in zones like the Hollows. We run Badge Tours in various zones by placing a member at each badge marker and quickly, usually within less than 2 minutes, teleporting heroes to every marker in a zone.

Emblem Wreath.png Sisterhood of KFKA

On the Virtue server (COH) A small group comprised of several friends with a lot of alts. Established on June 18, 2007 the base has teleport to 12 zones; an Infirmary; an Invention System workshop with a personal storage vault (for INV salvage). two invention work stations (for crafting IOs) , and enhancement bins (for storing any type of enhancement); Inspiration collectors (for stored inspiration to use during TFs or anytime one or more are needed), and a Pillar of Ice and Flame for time travel mission. Coalition exists with KFKA Two for additional teleport capability. Def Bot One (not listed above under other characters) is the Leader and Base Designer.

Emblem Ornate 02.png KFKA TWO

On the Virtue server (COH) By September of 2007 the Sisterhood of KFKA had no more room to expand without going to the next sized plot and paying rent. On September 9th KFKA Two was formed and additional teleporters became available without anyone feeling pressure to "earn prestige to pay the rent. It provides teleport to the other 9 zones in the game and also boasts an Infirmary, Invention work stations, personal storage vault, enhancements bins, and inspiration collectors. Mia Mioshi, along with several other of my alts, serve as the base's Leader and Base Designer. Recent additions include a Pillar of Ice and flame so that time travel is available at either base

Emblem Bird 01.png Shadow Stalker's Elite

On the Infinity server (COV) A very small Villains Group these days with only my 6 villains as members. Once a fairly active VG but gradually all other members moved on leaving me with my own Villain's lair so to speak. LOL The base offers teleport to every zone in the game, infirmary, Invention work stations, personal storage vault, and everything else I need to play the game... so why go anywhere else?


I love making it to level 25 and heading off to Croatoa. After 20+ levels of COT, Council, Clockwork, and a variety of others this is a great change of pace. I enjoy taking on Jack in Irons, Eochia and all the villain groups located there. The Katie Hannon TF is fast and grants not only a good power but a great temp in Amy's ward and best of all every mission you get from the contacts takes place IN CROATOA so no constant zoning to accomplish missions!

I love the Rikti War Zone (RWZ) and spend probably way too much time there with every character that reaches 35. Like Striga and Croatoa it allows you to run numerous missions without having to leave the zone and has a hospital, store and trainer so until your ready to depart you really don't need to leave unless you have to craft of sell stuff at Wentworths. Its also allows heroes and villains to run missions together which was something I enjoyed about the Valentine's Day and Winter Events in Pocket D. Let's be honest while there are some players that only play COH or COV most of us play both and have friends on both ... this zone offers us the chance to team up a favorite Villain with a favorite Hero and you don't have to watch your back for invisible Stalkers (lol).

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love fighting Giant Monsters and make it a point to try for every GM badge on every character as soon as possible. Favorites here include Eochia and Jack in Irons (in Croatoa) because they both offer a good challenge and are a requirement for the Geas of the Kind Ones Accolade. I also enjoy taking on Jurrasik in Crey's Folly mainly because the first time I fought him I was listening to Split Infinity Radio and the song "I Need a Hero" was playing as we took him down. It just seemed so appropriate and made the battle even more exciting.

The Freakshow are my favorite Villain's group. They offer a good challenge and I love when a Lieutenant or Boss decides to rez and I can defeat them again for twice the XP, Influence and prestige! Other favorites depend on the character but I also enjoy battling Rikti, Crey, any of the villain groups in Croatoa (okay the Cabal can be a pain since they tend to take off and fly away), and Nemesis. Nemesis present my ILL/EMPs with a unigue challenge since they resist confuse. I can confuse a Malta Gunslinger boss on 1 or 2 tries but even a Nemesis minion requires as many as 3 applications. Fortunately I have my Phantom Army and Phantasm and I usually just don't bother even trying to confuse them and just ATTACK!

When it first came out I was on an extended break from the game and at first I wasn't too crazy about the invention system. It seemed to me it was just another way to slow us down in our attempt to get to 50 level as I constantly found myself having to stop running missions to either craft enhancements at base or sell stuff at Wentworths. Then as I suddenly found myself with 15 levels that had millions in influence and powers that were enhanced to the max with DO or SO on higher characters my opinion changed dramatically. I have played the system both ways Sara has almost every slot enhanced with IOs now and as strong as she was with SOs she is even more powerful now while Tia Anker, my Tanker, has made exactly 1 enhancement (the one she crafted at the university in Steel Canyon enroute to getting her Inventor badge) and at level 47 (with 50 level SOs in ever enhancement slot) she has almost 30 million in Influence. I recently started playing my villains again after a long break because the lag was so bad on my old PC I couldn't play there anymore. I told one of my friends from KFKA that began playing after the invention system was in place that I had a prime example of how things used to be pre-Invention System. I had a 32 level Mastermind that still had 30 level "TRAINING" enhancements in a lot of her slots. NOT Dual Origin, NOT Single Origin .. TRAINING! I explained that this was normal before Wentworths and the Blackmarket existed. Characters didn't have millions in influence/infamy until they hit the high 40s or 50 and made due with what they could afford. EVERY hero I have, Infinty and Virtue, is a millionare and has more than enough to pay for their next set of enhancements long before they reach that level! OH YES I LOVE the invention system!

Double XP weekends because there are always tons of people looking for a team and it's possible to really fly through levels.

Issue 13 The change in pricing and rent on SG bases alone is wonderful. Both my bases went from 8 X 8 to 12 X 12 plots with teleport to all 22 zones and have 8 inspiration collectors (one for each type).. And my rent is 1800 on one and 1900 on the other which I can easily make in a couple og hours. The merit system .. I am quickly filling up all those inspiration bins with Teir 3s and I have to admit it has gotten a whole lot easier to find a TF (and even people interested in taking on a Giant Monster). The new story arcs at the Midnighter's club and in Cimerora are a welcome addition as well. I have a Shields tank and scrapper and while I quickly realized I NEED STAMINA with all those toggles I am enjoying both. Day Jobs (and Patrol XP) are a huge bonus... Every character I have below 50 logs in the Police Station and at times I am collecting as much as 175% XP while doing missions... sort of my own private almost DOuble XP weekend. LOL Looking forward to Issue 14 but extremely happy with the latest!


After almost 3 year I have to say I don't have many but....

Circle of Thorns - ALRIGHT ALREADY so they are a major Villain group! I think we all get the idea but especially at higher levels I HATE running missions against them cause their Cave/bases are a nightmare of twists, turns and hidden rooms. But I don't care which contact your are working and which villain group they specialize in at some point there is almost always a mission in there involving COT.

Council - Another of the designated major villains and I really don't mind them although their bases can be a pain at times as well but I think they get too much attention at the expense of other groups. At level 20 I like to hit Striga and after a few missions involving Warriors, Banished Pantheon, and the Family its almost exclusively COUNCIL. Moonfire TF, Hess TF, and Citadel's TF (originating in Talos) all revolve around them so after a hero does Sister Psyche TF beginning at level 20 all they face is Council, Council and more Council until they advance enough to do Manticore's TF against Crey. Anyone that wants the badges for Warriors or the Family needs to street hunt to get them most of the time.

Wentworths in Talos - I know in some developer's mind the placement made perfect sense. Its close to the train, the SG portal, Luminary (trainer) and Citadel (TF contact) so players can do all sorts of things in a relatively short time. The problem is THEY DO! Talos is a pretty small City zone to begin with and in that one spot they managed to clump everyone trying to level up, form a TF, get to their Base or another zone and buy or sell which has created on of the worst LAG spots in the game. Adding to the confusion, and the lag, is the fact that any time the Rikti invade we all know where they attack .. the hillside right across the street from the train station! I know it will never happen but why can't they, (WHY DIDN'T THEY) put Wentworths at that level in IP?

Cimerora - After the outstanding job they did in redesigning the old Rikti Crash Site into the RWZ I found myself a bit disappointed with the new Roman Zone. The Midnighters Club missions required to gain access are good, and I love how thy included actually crafting the Lost Curing Wand into that arc, but once inside Cimerora there just doesn't seem to be much content. You do a series of "talk to ___" missions before being shipped of to do the same type of short timed missions Borea gives out in the RWZ. I sort of expected the same sort of scenario as RWZ with a variety of contacts you unlocked at skill level 35, 40, etc and then the TF. The reality was a single contact that offered some short timed missions and a 4 mission long TF. I think the zone has potential, along with the Midnighters Club itself, but they need more contacts giving players more to do or this will quickly become just a place for high levels to run the TF over and over to build their influnce levels in support of their lower level alts.

Double XP Weekends and before you start yeah I know I listed it above. (giggle) While it is great being able to level faster and make more influence and prestige the weekend also seems to bring out some of the worst players in the game AND it turns into a nightmare, epecially in Peregine. During the one in February by Sunday evening the broadcast chat sound more like the stock market (and that is being nice compared to what it actually sounded like) with people making offers of millions in Influence to be PLed and others offering their services as Bridges, Anchors, Mentors, etc. A quick player search revealed there were more players at or below 20 level on the island than there were 40-50 levels. All looking, begging, to be Pled so they could get as high as they could before the time ran out. Fortunately I will miss that in July since, aside from Friday, I will be on the road and no where near my PC.

Okay enough crying .. let's go pound on some bad guys and take out our frustration :-D

The year in review

As I rapidly approach my 36 month Vet's badge I decided to look back at the past 12 months and I have to say I am quite happy with the results. A year ago I collected my vet reward badge and realized .. "I have been doing this for 2 years now and don't have a single 50 level!" Okay not completely unheard of but still you'd think somewhere along the line I'd have curbed my Altism long enough to have ONE. LOL

I made a decision to concentrate on one character and get my 50. Amazingly enough along the way I discovered I enjoyed the journey and one by one I started leveling up my characters and now as I sit one week or so from 3 full years in game I have 11 of them. Now I don't see that as a great feat. I am sure there are many with a WHOLE lot more. In fact I even know of players that admitted they have deleted 50 levels so they had room to create new characters.. back before we could buy slots and have as many as 36 on any server. Still it works out to making the big FIVE OH a little over once a month and that's not bad.

At this point I can say I have played at least one of every basic AT to the top level in the game. That would be Blasters, Controllers, Defenders, Scrappers and Tanks. And I currently have a Controller and Blaster in the mid 40s working toward numbers 12 and 13.

I run two small SGs .. Neither has a lot of "actual" members just a few of us with an awful lot of alts. I had 2 fairly well equipped 8 X 8 plots that combined gave us teleport to all zones, Invention storage and crafting tables, Time travel from base and plenty on inspirations for those Task forces and Trials. With the release of I13, and by stripping both bare for a while and relying on my coalition partner for TP, I now have 2 12 X 12 bases that each have Teleport to all zones, one with an auto doc and the second very close to having that as well, along with all the other services any base can offer its members.

I reunited with an old and dear friend when I moved from Infinity to Virtue and we team weekly. Also have made several new friends along the way so between them and my lack of fear over the dreaded PUG I rarely find a time when I have to solo unless I simply feel like it.

I quickly learned to use the invention system... I took about a 4-6 month break just about the time that hit so it was all new to me. I now have a host of characters with millions in Influence and none of my characters ever goes a second without the best SOs influence can buy. I tend to wait until 47 to slot IOs so I can put 50 level ones in there .. If you are going for the max you may as well have the max.. Right?

So.. I have almost a dozen 50 levels since last year, a ton of rich characters, and 2 bases that offer up every possible service a heroine could possibly need. In addition I have a really good on line family of sorts that I can laugh and joke with while we tackle hordes of Nemesis troops, pound on the Embalmed, or just hang out and chat. A very good year and when I get my next badge it will have special meaning.. the best year in COH ever!

The 50 levels Club

50 club 2.JPG


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